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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Great Modernist Schism of the 21st Century

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Great Modernist Schism in the Catholic Church will most probably occur sometime between 2011 and 2020. It's ironic that this time period will mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Schism in Europe. However, the Great Modernist Schism of the 21st century will be much bigger than anything the Catholic Church has experienced in the last millennium. The closest thing that could compare would be the Arian schism of the 4th century, in which at one time there were actually more Arians than Catholics. This Modernist schism may not likely be that big, but it will be comparable.

The players in this schism are primarily in the United States, though Europe will most certainly have a significant influence as well. However, since the founding of Catholic Christianity in the Americas five-hundred years ago, there has not been a significant schism on these shores. That is about to change. The United States leads the way and will be the principle player in this latest (and possibly final) schism of the worldwide Catholic Church. European countries such as Austria, Germany, France and England may also play a significant (but supportive) role to the primarily American led schism. The highest principle player is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which has for years been duped into supporting liberal causes and has generally been a very weak advocate of the traditional Catholic faith. The USCCB, as it is called, will ultimately play a sucker role as it will continue to be inadvertently used to promote the very schism that will ultimately tear it apart. Behind the scenes is a subversive player called the American Catholic Council. This is a liberal front group, designed to rally dissident Catholics in the years ahead in what may become direct opposition to the USCCB and the Vatican. In the opinion of this blogger, the American Catholic Council will most likely serve to replace the USCCB as THE primary consulting body for the majority of US Catholic parishes. The stated goals of the American Catholic Council are taken from their own website here, and are listed below in black. My commentary is in blue...
  • We seek a Church that is inclusive, compassionate, trustworthy, and representative. (It sounds nice, but the key word here is "representative." This is code for ecclesiastical democracy. These people want to be able to "elect" their leaders, perhaps even their priests or bishops. I suspect that the term "inclusive" in this context may be a reference to female clergy.)
  • We seek a Church that actively listens to the Spirit in its people and that worships and evangelizes in the fullness of that inspiration. (Again, this is code for a Church that tells the people what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear.)
  • We seek a Church that addresses the spiritual hunger of all Catholics, including marginalized and former Catholics. (The term "marginalized Catholics" is code for dissident Catholics, meaning those who oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church.)
  • We seek to multiply the bread of the Eucharist so that a malnourished Catholic Community can encounter Christ with all the healing power of his sacramental presence through the preservation of parish community and a radically inclusive theology of ministry. (The term "radically inclusive theology" in relation to the Eucharist is almost universally recognized in religious circles as acceptance of homosexuality. The term "multiply the bread of the Eucharist" is a way of saying that communion should be open to all, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and especially those who oppose the Church's teaching on Christian sexual ethics.)
  • We seek reform of the governing structures in our Church so that they reflect the better aspects of the American experience: a democratic spirit, concern for human rights, freedom of speech and assembly, and a tradition of participation and representation. (Once again, this summarizes the above stated goals of changing the structure of Catholic parishes, and perhaps even dioceses, into a democracy, where leaders are elected based on what the people want to hear, rather than what they need to hear, making room for dissidents to become leaders and the Church's moral teachings to become subject to collective opinion.)
Further investigation of this group's website will reveal latent influence by homosexual and radical feminist sub-groups. The collective gathering of various dissident Catholic sub-groups, under one umbrella organization, can only spell a recipe for schism. The first meeting of the American Catholic Council is scheduled for June 10-12 of 2011. I expect more will follow.

The next big player in the Great Modernist Schism is none other than President Barrack Hussein Obama. This liberal American president has been playing the weakness of the US Catholic Church for a political angle. He knows this will be one of the largest organizations standing against his reelection campaign in 2012, and therefore in order to crack its influence over Catholic voters the organization itself must be cracked. To do this Obama has systematically been taking advantage of liberal dissidents within the US Catholic Church, by appointing as many of these dissidents as possible to the highest offices of the land. Simultaneously, Obama has accepted invitations to be awarded with honors at various dissident Catholic organizations around the nation - including the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. These public acts create confusion among the general Catholic population in the United States, presenting the image of a divided Catholic Church, which is EXACTLY what the president wants.

The final big player in this Great Modernist Schism is none other than the mainstream news media fueling the sex-abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and forming public opinion about it. Though statistics indicate that sexual abuse of minors and subsequent cover up is no higher in the Catholic Church than any other denomination or religious organization, the mainstream news media continues to focus it's spotlight on Rome. There is a reason for this and it is intentional. Because the Catholic Church is the largest Christian Church in the world, and because the players in the mainstream news media hate Christianity in general, it only makes sense to attack the largest Christian organization first. The idea is to bring down the big boys, and then watch the little boys run for cover. Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. Destroy the Catholic Church, and all of the smaller Christian denominations will head for the hills. It will be much easier to take down the smaller Christian denominations once the largest is crippled. The United States is now leading the charge against the Vatican by allowing an illegal lawsuit to go forward that would implicate the Vatican (and the pope himself) as responsible for sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the United States. This is under the ridiculous notion that the Vatican acts as an "employer" to these abusive priests. The premise of the lawsuit is absurd and has no basis in reality or common law but nevertheless the lawsuit will go forward, and the ensuing media flurry that will surround it will only bolster the position of dissident Catholics. It is highly unlikely the Vatican will win the lawsuit against it, even though the Vatican is right and the lawsuit is baseless. This is because public opinion of the Catholic Church has been so soured over the years by relentless reporting of sex-abuse, that it will be virtually impossible for the Vatican to receive a fair trial. Furthermore, just the image of a Vatican official in court itself, will be enough for the mainstream news media to put the final nails in the coffin of the US Catholic Church. In the public eye, all moral credibility of the pope, Vatican and US Catholic Church will be completely destroyed. Dissident bishops, priests and laity will increasingly see no need to follow the leadership of a seemingly defunct pope or an obsolete Catholic hierarchical system. All the conditions for schism will be ripe in 2011 and in that year the process will most likely begin. When it will be complete is up for debate.

The time for straddling the fence is over. If you're a Catholic who wishes to remain faithful to the pope then it's time to get out of the progressive Catholic parishes NOW. Beware of any parish or priest that makes reference to the American Catholic Council (or ACC). Beware of any parish or priest that makes reference to the language used in the ACC's agenda listed above. Find a relatively conservative, traditional and orthodox Catholic parish as quickly as possible and get your family involved there. Spread the word to your Catholic family and friends, notifying them of the impending schism and the players involved. Try to salvage as much of US Catholicism as you can, before it's too late. Finally, the only thing left to do is pray. Pray the rosary. PRAY HARD!