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Monday, June 14, 2010

Pope Tells Bishops To Discipline Wayward Priests

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The happy-go-lucky care free days of the post-conciliar era are over. The fact is, they've been over for some time, but you would never know it by the way most Western bishops miserably FAIL to shepherd their flocks with the rod of correction. The pope has just condemned this, and insisted that bishops start doing their jobs again! The Western Church is now literally saturated with wolves in sheep's clothing. There are nearly as many wolves as there are sheep now. Is it any wonder why Western Catholics are losing their faith? The pope's message is a call to orthodoxy and traditional Catholic values....
(Rorate Caeli) - The Church too must use the shepherd’s rod, the rod with which he protects the faith against those who falsify it, against currents which lead the flock astray. The use of the rod can actually be a service of love. Today we can see that it has nothing to do with love when conduct unworthy of the priestly life is tolerated. Nor does it have to do with love if heresy is allowed to spread and the faith twisted and chipped away, as if it were something that we ourselves had invented....

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The bishops need our help in this. There are now so many wolves operating under the bishop's nose that it is difficult for any one bishop to keep track of them all. Therefore, sadly, it's up to us to make sure each and every local bishop knows of heresies, liturgical abuse and moral scandals unfolding around him. Here is how you can help. When you see, hear or read something that is an obvious heresy, liturgical abuse or moral scandal, write an email (or letter) to your local bishop and make sure you forward a copy to the Vatican CDF. Sometimes the bishop will provide his email address on the diocesan website. If not, you may have to go trough his secretary. If all else fails, get the P.O. Box (or mailing address) off the diocesan website and simply use snail mail. The letter should always be addressed directly to the bishop. Here is an example of the type of format you should use....

Your Excellency,

Make a short, concise and polite statement of your concern. Provide details in a short and concise way. Conclude by requesting his episcopal assistance in this matter.

Sincerely in Christ,

Your name
Your contact information

As I said, the contact information for your local bishop can usually be obtained from your diocesan website. The email address for the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) is:

Be sure to place the CDF email address into the "CC" header of your email, so your bishop knows the CDF was contacted about this. It will help solicit his immediate action. If you have to use snail mail for your local bishop, just email a copy of your letter to the CDF, then at the bottom of your snail mail letter to the bishop write: "cc: Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith". This will again let your bishop know the CDF has been contacted and thus solicit his swift response.

I'm afraid this is what it has come down to. The pope is calling on all of us to be his eyes and ears for him. Let's get these bishops doing their jobs again, and if they refuse to, then let's pray for their early retirement.