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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Church of England Disowns Traditional Anglo-Catholics

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Church of England today dispelled all doubt that it is thoroughly 100% Protestant...
(The Australian) - Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the leader of the world's Anglicans, and Archbishop of York John Sentamu, his No 2 in the Church of England, had put forward safeguards for objectors.

They received the backing of a majority of the houses of bishops and laity of the General Synod, but the concessions did not win a majority of the House of Clergy, meaning that the proposals were lost.

The archbishops proposed a scheme where a male bishop would share the role and responsibilities of a female bishop, to cater for objectors.

The vote almost guarantees the success of the Anglican Ordinariate, the new body announced this year by the Pope to allow disaffected Anglicans to convert to Rome while retaining key aspects of Anglican heritage...

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So another half baked idea by the Archdruid of Canterbury bites the dust, and as a result it now becomes perfectly clear Rowan Williams has lost control of not only the worldwide Anglican Communion, but of his own national province, the Church of England itself. Rome has made it clear, time and time again, that the consecration of female "bishops" will hamper ecumenical relations beyond repair. Rome has also made it clear that it will regard any Anglican church that does this as a totally Protestant organization without any connection to the historic Catholic faith. It's not just the pope who holds to this position, but every patriarch of every Orthodox Church as well. The Church of England is finished in the Catholic sense. It is now no better than the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. Today it's female bishops. Tomorrow it's gay bishops. That seems to be the established pattern. Any traditional Anglo-Catholic who rejects the pope's ordinariate offer now is either insane or else hopelessly in denial. The message of this last synod is perfectly clear. The Church of England is moving ahead with it's liberal modernist agenda, traditionalists be dammed, and Anglo-Catholics had better either shut up and take it, or else get the hell out of the way!

Meanwhile the pope waits with open arms, ready to establish an ordinariate system that will FOREVER preserve the historic Anglo-Catholic patrimony, fully reunited with Rome but not absorbed into the Roman Rite. When you think about it, this all makes sense from a historical and spiritual perspective. Once called "Mary's Dowry" it is completely unnatural for English Christians to be separated from the Roman Catholic Church. Before the schism of 1534 Rome had always made special provision for the British Isles. The Sarum Use is one such example of this. It only makes sense for Rome to once again offer the same type of provisions it has always historically done, only this time on a much grander scale. The ordinariate plan is designed to last indefinitely. It is not only designed for a particular church, but for an entire communion of churches spanning the globe. It is in every sense a church within the Church, and it will be thoroughly Anglican as well as Catholic.

It is time for Anglo-Catholics within the Church of England, and around the world, to wake up and smell the coffee. The entire Christian world is under assault by the new value system of the modernist world, who's agents within our churches are hell bent on conforming Christianity to their modernist immorality. It begins subtly with the rejection of historic Christian standards (such as an all male priesthood) and once Christians have compromised on this by ordaining women, they move in with the real agenda. Sexual values are skewed. Fornication becomes a matter of "private conscience." Contraception and abortion become a "personal choice." Homosexuality becomes a matter of "genetic inheritance" and of course if that's the case, any discrimination against it becomes a form of "racism." Once the initial compromise is made, the downward spiral is inevitable. The ONLY WAY to combat this modernist agenda is for Christians to unite behind the barque of Peter as he navigates this storm at sea. If your raft is sinking, and he throws you a life line, why on earth would you say "no thanks?" God has just provided a way out, a means of living to fight another day, how will you answer His "why" should you decide to refuse it?

This is it England! In a spiritual sense, this is the Battle of Dunkirk. You can either get on the flotilla the pope has sent you, to survive and fight another day, or you can stay behind and face extinction from the unstoppable force taking over your national Church. What will it be England? The ball is now in your court, the choice is yours.