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Friday, July 23, 2010

Gay Priests Are The Problem

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Well it's about freaking time! I see the mainstream (i.e. lamestream) news media is finally, after ten years, starting to break the REAL story. Of course, they're trying to spin it as if it were something new, but by breaking the story at all, they've just let the cat out of the bag, and it's what I (and others) have been saying for a very long time.

Ever since Michael Rose's book "Goodbye, Good Men" the truth has been out there, readily available for anyone to learn who was willing to do the reading. Now it's being televised for the whole world to see.

The Catholic Church does not have a pedophilia problem. It never did. The Catholic Church has a GAY problem!!!! And I can prove it. The mainstream news media has done a real number on public perception. The term "pedophile priest" was invented by the mainstream media to briefly describe the kind of sexual abuse perpetrated by some priests. The only problem is that the term is inaccurate. Pedophilia only involved a small fraction of the cases. The overwhelming vast majority (80%) of all sex-abuse cases in the Catholic Church involved male victims between the ages of 11 and 17. This is not pedophilia! The American Psychiatric Association defines pedophilia as sexual urges or behaviors toward a prepubescent child (roughly age 10 or younger) by someone who is over age 16. While this sort of thing did happen in the Catholic Church (as with every other organization on the planet) it was extremely rare. What did happen overwhelmingly was post-pubescent molestation. So what we have in the Catholic Church was an overwhelming case of predatory homosexual behavior of vulnerable adolescent boys starting to become young men. Make no mistake about it. This was a homosexual problem.

Of course there are those who will immediately object to this candid assessment and point to endless studies suggesting that homosexual men are no more likely to molest children then heterosexual men. That may be true, but we're not talking about child molestation here are we. Pedophilia is not the topic. I think I just established that above. We're talking about the sexual abuse of adolescent boys. That's different. So the "studies" on pedophile homosexuals are irrelevant. It seems to me there is a focused effort by some to distort the facts and muddy the waters when it comes to WHO actually was doing the overwhelming vast majority of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. This particular cover-up doesn't come from within the Catholic Church. It comes from the outside, specifically from the mainstream news media and homosexual advocacy groups. I wonder why? One would think they would be even more interested in rooting out the problem. Instead they cite irrelevant statistics to cover the identity (and orientation) of the real perpetrators.

Again, a few may object, saying there is no evidence that homosexuals abuse adolescent boys anymore than heterosexuals do. I would observe that as not only an unsupported claim, but a laughable one at that, once you stop and think about what the objectors are really saying here. Heterosexual men molest teenage BOYS just as much as homosexual men? Come on!  That doesn't even make sense! One would think heterosexual male abusers would be more interested in teenage GIRLS.

So the mainstream-lamestream news media has inadvertently blown the lid off the Catholic sex abuse scandal, and simultaneously undercut their own propaganda campaign against the Catholic Church. Way to go! I suppose if I were a homosexual activist I'd be a little angry at CNN right now. I suppose I would be hoping the lamestream news media never starts connecting the dots - at least not publicly.

Now the lamestream news media did make a good point. In their attempt to scandalize the pope by pointing out this sort of thing goes on in the Vatican, they have actually set the stage for the implementation of the next Inquisition, and that my friends, is EXACTLY the sort of thing the Catholic Church has needed for a very long time.

The pope has made it clear that active homosexuals (or homosexual advocates) are not permitted to serve as priests - period. Homosexuals are no longer permitted in the seminaries. (Sadly they once were but against the advice of the Vatican.) Now the Vatican has cracked down on the seminaries. In order for a homosexual to get in, he has to LIE, and then LIVE A LIE for the remainder of his vocation. Furthermore, any homosexual priest who is not celibate, and is currently serving as a priest, is LIVING A LIE. He is a disgrace to the Church, his vocation, his parishioners, his bishop and himself! The honorable thing to do would be to get out - that is if he is an honorable man. Sadly, it would appear that many of these men are not, and some of them are sexual predators of teenage boys.

The next Inquisition is coming. Thanks to the lamestream news media, the pope has been backed into a corner now. He has no choice but to use every faculty at his disposal to enforce the law of the Church. Therefore, the days of gay priests are coming to a close. I imagine much of this will be done quietly, behind closed doors.

However, some will argue this is unfair. Why should all gay priests pay the price for the sins of a few? In answer I can only say that not all gay priests will pay. Those who honorably remain celibate have nothing to worry about. However, those who break their vows of celibacy, and commit the SIN of homosexual sex, have effectively put themselves on notice. They will be outed - eventually - and they will be fired as a result, probably even laicized (defrocked). Having sex with minors is no longer the issue. (Those who do will obviously be prosecuted for it.) Now however, the pope is backed into a corner, and ALL active homosexual priests will have to be eliminated, regardless if they are a threat to minors or not.

As I said, the honorable thing for an active homosexual priest to do is resign and find another career. However, I'm sure there are some who (for whatever reason) feel they are "called" to the priesthood regardless of their active homosexuality. Of course there are religious organizations that accommodate such things. The largest is probably the Anglican Communion, which not only permits homosexuality among their clergy, but in many places actually celebrates it. I imagine while Rome publicly receives straight Anglican clergy into the Catholic Church, there will now simultaneously be a silent exodus of gay Catholic clergy into the Anglican Communion. The alternative for these men is to either resign the priesthood or live a lie. 
- After an Italian media report exposed sexual activity by gay priests in Rome, the Vicariate of Rome responded quickly by calling on all priests who are leading such "double lives" to come out and leave the priesthood for the good of the Church community....

read full story here 
In this age when so much public praise is given to those "coming out of the closet," one would think gay priests in the Catholic Church might grow a little weary of hiding in one.  The Catholic Knight echoes the admonition of the Vicar of Rome.  It's time for gay priests to "come out and get out!"  Stop being cowards!  If you're an active homosexual priest in the Catholic Church, then it's time to be a man for once in your life!  Come out of the closet, admit your sin, and leave the Catholic priesthood at once.  Turn in your resignation and ask to be laicized.  If however, for some reason you don't believe your homosexual behavior is a sin, and you still want to function as a "priest" then at least have the courage to do it within an organization where you can be open and honest about it.  Go to the Anglican Communion, or some other ecclesiastical body, that celebrates homosexuality.  There you'll find a community that embraces your sin, rewards it, and if nothing else, at least the pay is better.