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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anglican Use Ordinariates Become Refuge For Roman Catholics Seeking Renewal


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: For all the talk of the new English translation of the Roman Missal, many US Catholics will still be faced with some daunting liturgical problems even after the vernacular reform is put into place in Advent of 2011.

Above we have a side-by-side comparison.  Sadly, YouTube did not have a complete Anglican Use mass on file so I was forced to provide two different formats.  Hopefully, they will both show up on your computer and you can run them side by side.  If not, I'm sorry.  Formatting problems leave me just as helpless as you.

As you can see the video on the left comes from an Anglican Use mass, while the video on the right is of a more typical Roman Rite mass according to the ordinary form.  Which one do you think a growing number of Catholics are interested in?

Roman Catholics, of the general Roman Rite, will likely be free to join Anglican Use ordinariate parishes without being under the ordinary bishop.  They can maintain their diocesan status, under the diocesan bishop, but actively participate as a member in the Anglican ordinariate parish.  My guess is, the way things are being run in the US Catholic Church, a whole lot of them will.