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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Culture War Is Lost - Now Prepare For Martyrdom

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Once sodomite (ahem, I mean "gay") marriage is legalized in all 50 states, and it soon will be my friends by the United States Supreme Court, the tables will have completely turned in the culture war. No longer will the Church be on the offense trying to turn back the tide of abortion on demand and sodomite ("gay") marriage. Now it will be on the defense, trying to hold back the tide of legal attacks against the teachings of the Church as "hate speech" and the existence of the Church as a tax-exempt organization.

What has brought this upon us is ourselves. Our own Church leaders have failed us. When it was time for our bishops to excommunicate pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians and public figures, they did nothing. When it was time for the priests to rail against the evils of society from the pulpit, they were silent. The time has now passed. The window of opportunity has now closed. Priests and bishops still need to DO THEIR JOBS for the sake of saving souls, but they shouldn't expect to have any cultural impact anymore. The culture is lost! It cannot be regained! It's over.

Western Civilization WILL FALL, it's guaranteed 100%. The end of our world (the Western industrialized world) is upon us. Before it does however, it will follow the pattern of every other culture and civilization throughout history that has failed to heed the warnings of the Church. It will lash out against Christians, persecuting them in every way possible within the scope of it's power. The governments of the West will be used against Christians, in one way or another, and this will be Western Civilization's dying gasp as it goes the way of ancient Rome.

The time has come for all good Catholics to come to the aid of their Church. We cannot save our society, but we can salvage what's left of the City of God. In the tabs above, you will notice one labeled "Report Heresy, Scandal and Liturgical Abuse." Follow the instructions there to work on fixing this mess within our own ranks. Get involved in your local parish, and/or diocese, in some way. Get on the parish board if you can, and start insisting the pastor make things more traditional again, and assure him he can speak freely against sin from the pulpit and the board will support him. (It's so sad that we have so many cowards as priests these days, that we have to do this to get them to do their jobs!) This is the reality we now live in. The same goes for our families. We must rally them for the fight, and talk about what is going on. THIS IS IT FOLKS! This is the final battle we will ever face in our culture. On the societal front we WILL lose, but on the spiritual front we can win, if we are faithful and zealous for our Lord Jesus Christ!