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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Environmentalists Are Like Watermelons - Green on Outside and Red on Inside

 ( - A row has erupted after Cardinal George Pell of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia criticized the Green Party, which supports abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex "marriage," as "sweet camouflaged poison" that represents an "anti-Christian" point of view. The archdiocese stood strongly by the comments after Green leader Robert Brown implied that Pell lied about the party's position, and claimed to be more in touch with Catholic and Christian sentiment than the Cardinal.

When asked by young adults about how to vote in the upcoming elections, Pell recounted in a column Sunday that he did not endorse a specific party but encouraged his audience "to examine the policies of the Greens on their website and judge for themselves how thoroughly anti-Christian they are.....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Cardinal Pell just hit the nail on the head, and it's something The Catholic Knight has been saying for a very long time. The Greens are red! Red as in communist red. The problem centers NOT in their love for the environment, but in their proposed solutions to environmental problems. Sadly, most environmentalist propose solutions that involve bigger government, more government control, and less individual freedom. They almost NEVER take a free market approach to solving environmental problems, and often see big government socialism as the "best" solution to everything. This is in spite of the fact that every example of big government socialism (communism) has the worst environmental record in history.

To make matters worse, many environmentalists advocate draconian solutions to health and social issues. These include abortion on demand and euthanasia. They are often advocates of forced sterilization as well, putting them on the forefront of what Pope John Paul II called the "culture of death."

It is truly sad that most environmentalists fall into this category. Perhaps a few reading this might take it upon themselves to adopt a more pro-life and pro-freedom approach someday. Until then I think it's safe to say "The Greens Are Red!"