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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Homosexuals Taking Over Republican Party

(AIM) - The Palin book had called the Katie Couric interview a trap and she blamed Wallace for the debacle and questioned Wallace’s Republican credentials. Wallace, who insisted that Palin’s charges against her were false, had been a CBS political analyst after serving in the Bush-Cheney White House as an associate of Karl Rove. She has recently been promoting a novel, Eighteen Acres, about a White House sex scandal.

But the real-life scandal seems to be how many secret homosexuals and homosexual sympathizers have assumed positions of prominence in the Republican Party. In this regard, it is noteworthy that the heads of Republican congressional campaign committees, Senator John Cornyn and Rep. Pete Sessions, are scheduled to attend a national fundraising dinner of the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans on the same night, September 22...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: This disturbing news should not surprise us. Former governor and author Sarah Palin warned us about this in her book "Going Rogue." This fits the pattern of the homosexualist (sodomite) movement in the US and throughout the Western World. While Sarah Palin fights for the heart and soul of the Republican Party I think it behooves Catholics to look for answers outside of the present two-party system. While President Obama seems intent on accusing the TEA Party of attempting to take over the Republican Party, I think another course is far more likely.

While I commend Sarah Palin for her efforts within the Republican Party, and as much as I like her personally, I do believe she approaches the whole "gay problem" with a handicap. Palin was the successful governor of Alaska - a state that recognizes gay civil benefits to same-sex partners. In her 2008 Vice Presidential debate with Joe Biden, she was forced to acknowledge her political support for this, though one could tell by her answer she stayed clear of anything that sounded like support for gay-marriage. That being said, the best Sarah can offer on this issue is a compromised position, and sadly, that is probably the best any "Republican reformer" can offer at this point in time.

The national TEA Parties in contrast are beginning to take on a more "spiritual" side as evidenced by Glen Beck's 8/28 rally in Washington DC. As practicing Catholics the style of this supposed "spiritual awakening" may be unappealing but the underlying message of it is to admit that we are a nation of sinners, that we have wandered away from God, and we ask his forgiveness. That is a message no Catholic can disagree with. That being said however, we should not expect any of this to avert the economic disaster that is coming because we cannot expect God to rescue mammon - his competitor for the hearts of men. The economic crash of America is coming, and unless the TEA Parties can somehow wrestle the Republican Party from the hands of the homosexualists (sodomites) we can expect the TEA Parties to morph into their eventual inevitable outcome - a viable third political party.

It remains to be seen what shape and form the TEA Party third-party will eventually take. Currently, the Constitution Party, already the third largest political party in America, remains poised to fill the need for about 80% to 90% of all TEA Party participants. It is well organized and has been consistently broadcasting the same message as the TEA Parties for the last 20 years.  If you're wondering about the Libertarian Party, it has fallen to 4th place, behind the Constitution Party, even though it's been in existence for twice as long.  This is primarily because of it's radical (nearly anarchist) approach to social problems compounded with it's "pro-choice" approach to the abortion issue.  Even prominent Libertarian personalities (like radio talk-show host Neal Boortz for example) admits the Libertarian Party has been a flop and cannot be expected to ever perform well in national elections.  When it all comes down to the wire, only 10% to 20% of TEA Party participants would strongly identify with the message of the Libertarian Party.  So baring the creation of a whole new political third-party, it looks as if the Constitution Party will swoop in to snatch up the TEA Party demonstrators just as soon as it becomes apparent the Republican Party will not and cannot deliver.  Right now there are bigger fish to fry of course, and we can expect the Republicans to do extremely well in the November 2010 congressional election.  Stopping Obamacare will be #1 on the Republican to-do list over the next two years.  Restoring the Bush tax cuts and cutting deficit spending will obviously be #2.  We can expect Republican successes to be modest at best, as they will be facing a radical Marxist president with a veto pen in one hand and a fist full of executive orders in the other. Simultaneously, the Republicans will be saddled with the worst economic climate since the Great Depression and the threat of a currency crisis (hyperinflation) looming.  They will also be facing a national news media that will do everything within it's power to undercut the Republican agenda.  Meanwhile homosexualists (sodomites) within the Republican Party will do everything within their power to make the Republican agenda sound more "media friendly" and make the Republican Party more "gay friendly."  Of course, this will alienate the values-voters coalition within the GOP and ultimately 80% to 90% of the TEA Party movement as well.  Of course, that will make the Constitution Party far more appealing to values-voters and TEA Party supporters.  All of this puts the 2012 presidential election completely and totally up for grabs in what may very well become a three-way race.