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Monday, September 13, 2010

How To Save America

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The following is a checklist of things you can do to save America from total and complete demise. This checklist will work for any Western nation, including Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Italy, France and many more. However, those reading this in European nations will have to be much more aggressive in it's implementation - extremely aggressive! Please consider sharing this blog entry with as many people as possible.

Keep in mind, this is not a checklist for averting disaster. Western Civilization is now set on an irreversible course toward an economic and social crisis unparalleled in history. Nothing can prevent this. It is inevitable. What this checklist will do however, if implemented on a wide scale, is reduce the negative results of this crisis and increase the speed of recovery. Before we get into the checklist however, we must make sure a couple things are understood....

First, in order to understand the solution, we must first understand the causes of our current crisis. The crisis Western nations now face is the result of philosophies and ideologies implemented in the late 18th through middle 20th centuries. They are both economic and social. They are both interconnected. We must understand this. It started with the late so-called "Enlightenment" period, with the abandonment of Christianity in favor of a naturalistic "religion" (called "Deism") embraced by the social elites of Europe and North America. The Masonic Lodges played a huge role in this process. By the end of the 18th century, two revolutions took place that would shape the Western World for the next two-hundred years. The first revolution took place in North America with the British colonial War of Independence (1776-1783) sometimes called the American Revolution. The second revolution took place in Europe and was simply called the French Revolution (1789-1799). While the second war was far more violent than the first, and took things to far greater extremes, both revolutions were based on the Masonic-Deist principles of social egalitarianism and religious secularism. In America they kicked out the Christian king. In France they killed him. With the establishment of secular republics, wealthy tycoons were now able to control vast resources and influence economies, by influencing the governments in ways that were impossible under Christian monarchies. Capitalism was born, and for a while it seemed like a pretty good thing, especially if you were a white land-owner of European descent. However, within a hundred years, the majority of property and wealth concentrated into the hands of just a few people (monopolies). Small family farms collapsed in favor of massive agricultural plantations. People moved into the cities and were forced to scrape by on meager wages primarily in factories. In response, the people began to clamor for Socialism. Once Socialism was implemented in various countries, primarily in Russia through a revolution (1917-1923) that resulted in the Christian king's assassination (1918), people began turning away from Christ and his Church in massive numbers all over the Western world. You see, Socialism kills religion faster than anything. It turns the state into a "church" of sorts, where all charity becomes "welfare" and there is no material need for religion. By the end of the 20th century virtually every nation on planet earth had implemented some form of Socialism. It was at this time the populations of Europe and North America began to decline, due to the widespread use of artificial birth control and the loss of the Christian ethic against it. To maintain the Socialist systems of the West, nations needed more taxpayers to support the aging population in the absence of a growing native population. (Artificial contraception killed the birth rate you see.) In order for Socialism to work, you MUST have a growing population. So since the state could not force people to have babies, and refused to make artificial contraception illegal, it simply imported new taxpayers in the form of immigrants. Unfortunately, the overwhelming vast majority of those immigrants were Islamic Africans and Middle Easterners. Most of these people remained Muslim and continued to practice the Muslim sexual ethic of marriage with lots of children. As a result, the European Muslim birthrate remained at 4 to 8 children per household, while the Native (non-Muslim) European birthrate dropped below 2 children per household. Do the math! Within half a century, Europe had absorbed so many Muslims that its very historic Christian identity was threatened. Canada now faces a similar future, and the only thing keeping the mosques out of the United States is rampant illegal immigration from Mexico. Once that is shut off however, even the United States will need to import legal immigrants (primarily Muslims) to shore up the failing Socialist schemes of the government. This is not to mention the collusion that has gone on behind the scenes between wealthy mega-Capitalist tycoons and godless-Socialist politicians, to create in many nations (including America) what can only be called the Servile State. This is a system that is not fully Socialist and not fully Capitalist either, but rather a hybrid between them, resulting in the concentration of property ownership between big government and large corporations, and the impoverishment of as many people as possible who are forced to rely on the big government and large corporations for their very existence. Once again, with native birthrates curtailed, more immigrants (usually Muslim) are needed to keep the system afloat. The whole system came crashing down in the fall of 2008, and in spite of massive government (socialist) spending to prop it back up, it all threatens to implode anyway. This is the inevitable demise of the Servile State.

Second, the purpose of the checklist below is to repair the damage done to our Christian culture, and address those problems created by both socialism and unbridled capitalism, which have both effectively manipulated and destroyed the free market for individuals and small family-run business. The solution is to restore social stability and the free market by returning to the Christian principles of family life, small business and cooperative ownership. In other words, we must return to the most widely distributed ownership of property possible. Only by doing this can we hope to lessen the effects of the economic crisis and restore the foundations of Western Christian civilization. This checklist is designed for individuals and families. It's something that can only be implemented on a personal and family level. There is no sense bothering government officials with this, as they won't do anything anyway. If ever any government gets involved to help, it will only be local city municipal governments or maybe county governments at the highest level. Expect no help from the state or national levels. These organizations are totally corrupt and cannot be salvaged. They are headed for collapse, and sadly, we're just going to have to let that happen. Perhaps in time the state governments will wake up, but it will be a cold day in hell before the national governments do anything to help. The way to kill the beast is to starve it to death, and the following checklist (if implemented widely) will do this...

  1. Go back to Church and practice the Christian faith in your home. This is absolutely necessary. If our Christian culture is not rebuilt all of this will be in vain. Stay-at-home (or television) Christianity is no longer an option. We need the Church (a real parish life) to teach us, challenge us and guide us.
  2. Network with people in your local church community for the exchange of goods and services.
  3. Get married and start making babies - seriously!
  4. Make no less than three babies, but it would be preferable to make at least four or five. (Yes, seriously! The Muslims aren't going to stop at two babies, so why should you?)
  5. Get your money out of the banks! (The banks are a huge engine of the Servile State.) Instead, try to get your money into a Credit Union or Savings & Loan. When you put your money in one of these you become a co-owner with voting rights and entitlement to profit shares.
  6. Boycott mega-capitalist superstores that destroy small business here at home and support communist economies overseas. Examples would include Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Sams Club and similar "big box" outlets. Every time we spend a dollar at one of these outlets, we contribute to the destruction of "mom & pop" stores nearby and in turn prop up communist China and other despotic regimes. We must understand that these superstores are the engines that feed the beast of the Servile State.
  7. Support small businesses instead, particularly those that are locally owned. This brings business back into the community, and increases local wealth through property ownership, thus depriving the Servile State of corporate capital and making more money available for church and local charities.
  8. Start your own family-run small business, even if it's just to supplement a little income on the side. This may help bring one of the spouses home from work to stay at home with the kids. (See item 10 below.)
  9. Use community cooperatives instead of large corporations whenever possible. This can often be done for electricity and utilities. There are even cooperatives for retail goods and services. Again, membership has it's privileges. You get voting rights and may be entitled to profit benefits. If it is possible to switch your employment over from a corporation to a cooperative than do it! Otherwise, if you must work for a corporation, than try to buy stock in it somehow, if it is available to the public.
  10. Consider private or religious school for your children (if you can afford it) and if not consider home schooling your children. Government run public school is another engine that drives the beast of the Servile State. (See item 8 above.)
That is the entire list. Ten items in total will renew our society and rebuild our civilization after it's eminent economic, social and political collapse. You'll notice that none of the items above involved politics or government. That's because they are simple things that individuals and families can do all by themselves, and these will make a big difference, far bigger than any political campaign or governmental policy could ever hope to accomplish. Don't expect to implement all ten items simultaneously. That just isn't possible for all of us. If you can't do all ten items, then do eight. If you can't do eight, then do five. Do whatever it takes. If you can only implement five, then rest assured in time a day will come when you can do six, then seven, then eight and so on. That's why it's called a "checklist." You check off the items slowly, as you go along, and are able to implement whatever items you can as your circumstances permit. Sadly, because of our current state of affairs, there will be plenty of people who will never be able to implement all ten items, but if those people could just implement half, our world would be a much better place.

Now you understand the crisis, how we got where we are today, and now you have the solution laid out before you in ten simple steps. These are things we can do all by ourselves, without help from any political or governing agency. It can be done, all we need do now is implement it, and spread this list to as many people as possible. Please consider forwarding this blog entry. You can use the "share" icons below, or forward the link manually. Here's the link: