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Monday, October 18, 2010

Third Party Rises In Colorado

Constitution Party Candidate - Tom Tancredo

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Here's a little prediction from your friendly neighborhood crusader. Tom Tancredo is going to win the Colorado gubernatorial race. That's right, you heard it here first on 'The Catholic Knight' blog. I know I know, all the polls show that the split between Tancredo and the Republican nominee is giving victory to the Democratic candidate. However, the election hasn't happened yet, and there is a factor the polls don't take into consideration. That factor is the grassroots motivation of the TEA parties. Tancredo has seen a surge in recent days, blowing away his Republican rival, and inching closer to the Democrat candidate. The most recent Rasssmussen Poll put Tancredo within a four-point striking distance of the Democratic nominee, and a double-digit lead over his Republican rival. On election day it will be obvious that the Republican can't win, and a good number of the votes currently polling for the Republican candidate will end up going to Tancredo in a surprise election upset not seen in American politics in a VERY LONG TIME. If the Republican candidate had any dignity at this point, he would realize his race is lost and his own party base is rejecting him. He would drop out of the race for the sake of the people of Colorado. That's not going to happen though, because the Republican candidate is an establishment candidate who represents everything that's wrong with the Republican Party. These people would rather risk throwing the race, and let the Democrat win, than allow a grassroots movement like the TEA Parties to prevail. As I've said before, the Democrats and Republicans are working together, and this gubernatorial race in Colorado is one more piece of evidence.

As of November 2nd, 2010, Tom Tancredo will be the Governor-Elect of the State of Colorado. What the story above doesn't tell you is that this "third-party" Mr. Tancredo happens to be a member of is the CONSTITUTION PARTY! Here's the link to the Colorado Constitution Party homepage listing him as their candidate. His name also appears on the ballot as a candidate for the "American Constitution Party," which is the official name of the Colorado branch of the national Constitution Party.

What's hysterical is the mainstream news media absolutely WILL NOT MENTION the name of this third-party. They'll simply refer to it ambiguously as a "third-party," or even better, they'll refer to Mr. Tancredo as an "Independent" even though he is clearly running as a party candidate. Nowhere is he registered as an "independent." There is a reason for this. The mainstream news media works for the government and the two-party system. In some ways you could refer to the government-media complex as the fourth branch of government. These people have sold their souls to the two-party system which for decades has given the media unprecedented power of influence over national elections. In just two weeks now, those days will come to an abrupt end, Governor-Elect Tancredo will give his victory speech and the Constitution Party will officially be America's mainstream Third Party. The 2012 election will in many states become a three-way race on state ballots, and we may even see it on the national level as well, so long as the Constitution Party nominates serious candidates like Tancredo who have a shot at delivering the vote.

So now that you've read the news here on "The Catholic Knight" blog, which virtually no media outlet outside of Colorado will report, let me cut to the chase. If you're a Catholic (or any Christian) who is sick and tired of the two-party political monopoly that has brought this great nation to it's knees economically, than now is your opportunity to change the game. The Colorado gubernatorial race is poised to put the Constitution Party on the map as America's mainstream third-party. By that I mean a third-party that can actually get real candidates elected to big offices in local, state and even national elections. I'm talking about a real and credible challenge to the Republicans and Democrats at all levels of government. Yes, this is real. Yes, this can really happen. Yes, it's about to happen! So what does this mean for you? It means you can help make it happen. There is absolutely NO CHANCE the Republican nominee (Dan Maes) can win this election. The Republican nominee is only pulling 12% of the popular vote according to Rasmussen Poll. In many ways this is already a two-way race between Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo with 38% of the popular vote, and Democratic Party candidate John Hickenlooper at 42%. Some 6% of the poll responders were undecided, and the poll has a 2% margin of error - a statistical dead heat between Tancredo and Hickenlooper. Support for the Democrat candidate is stationary with little change in the last week. Support for the Republican candidate is in free fall. Support for the Constitutionalist candidate (Tom Tancredo) is the only one rising. It is evident now that the Republican candidate is effectively working together with the Democratic Party to help get the Democrat candidate elected. Why? Because the Republicans and Democrats know neither one of them can maintain power if a third-party ever breaks into the national mainstream. That is literally 4% points (give or take 2%) from happening in just two weeks! At this point I wouldn't be surprised if elements from the Republican Party started giving money to the Democratic candidate! They're desperate! and they would rather throw the race to a Democrat than let a true conservative third-party grassroots campaign get the governor's mansion. So, the time has come to get the word out, and I'm calling upon all of my faithful readers to do just that. Please forward this blog entry to every patriotic Christian you know using the share icons below. Then follow this LINK to make a small donation to the Tancredo campaign. Any amount will help. Making a donation to the Tancredo campaign will help him win the race. Helping him win will put the Constitution Party on the mainstream map, effectively bringing more money into the organization and mobilizing them for the 2012 and 2016 elections. So you've been saying all these years that you're sick and tired of the two-party system, and want to see a real change? Well, now is your chance. What are you going to do with it?

Here's that LINK again.