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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Full Election Results Here

The Boston Tea Party 1773
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Tonight the voters of this land sent a clear message to the immoral big-government tax & spend Marxists running this country.  "You can take your TEA and shove it!"  This is not your grandmother's tea party!  Tonight the Democrats were removed from power - (I predict for a very long time) - and the Republicans were just put on probation.  Pay particular attention to the Colorado governor's race, because that is the future of American Christian conservatism.  Tonight, the TEA Parties began to merge with the CONSTITUTION PARTY, as an example of what happens when the Republicans don't perform.  I'm afraid the Republicans are going to have to nearly walk on water in the days ahead if they want to get reelected.  Five years from now, it may not be the Democrats vs. Republicans anymore.  It may be the Republicans vs. Constitutionalists!

Lastly, I just want to add this.  A new trend is emerging with Catholic voters...

Take a look at this New York Times graph showing how, according to a poll for the paper, Catholics are planning to vote on Tuesday night. The red line indicates a 24 per cent lead for the Republicans among Catholics, who voted for Barack Obama 54-44 per cent in 2008. Read More Here
Something historic just happened here.  Perhaps we're starting to see the emergence of the ever elusive "Catholic Vote."  If the U.S. bishops will now just follow the lead of the Pope and Cardinal-Designate Burke that just might happen.  Here's the deal, and I do hope some U.S. Catholic bishops read this.  This election may just be a tidal shift of Catholics following the current trends, but in spite of that, it means that for the first time in a long time a sizable number of U.S. Catholics are voting on the Pro-Life side of the isle whether that really factored into their decision-making process or not.  That means that Catholic bishops in the United States now have an unprecedented window of opportunity not seen in a generation or more.  Now that the majority of U.S. Catholic voters are on the Pro-Life side of the isle, the bishops now have a grand opportunity to keep them there!  Its much easier to keep people where they are than trying to convince them to move somewhere else.  If the U.S. Catholic bishops will congratulate Catholics for seizing the opportunity to vote Pro-Life (whether they intended to or not), then come down hard on why it's so important to keep voting Pro-Life, backing their words with action, excommunicating Pro-Abortion politicians and the like, the message will get across.  U.S. Catholics will hear it and understand.  For the first time in a long time, they won't feel guilty about how they voted in the last election, and they'll be encouraged to keep doing the right thing.  In a way, the U.S. Catholic bishops have just been put on notice as well, but in a positive way.  Here's your victory on a silver platter bishops, now don't squander this great opportunity to get your message across.