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Thursday, November 4, 2010

BREAKING: Catholics Decided The 2010 Election!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  As exit polling data is analyzed a new trend is breaking.  As predicted by some pre-election demographic polls, there has been a seismic shift in the elusive Catholic Vote...
(Spero News) - For the past few decades, Catholics have decided who wins elections nationally. After the McGovernization of the Democratic Party in 1972, Catholics were left homeless: they felt betrayed by the Democrats and were leery of the Republicans; they have been up for grabs ever since. Last night they proved once again that of the three major religions in the U.S., they are the ones that count most: Protestants never abandon the Republicans, and Jews never abandon the Democrats.

Catholics voted 58-40 for the Republican candidates last night. This was a dramatic 20-point swing from two years ago...

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The poll includes cafeteria Catholics who have not practiced the faith in a while, so this is really good news for practicing Catholics.  The percentage is likely much higher among them, perhaps ranging from 80% to 90%.  The bottom line is this.  If you're practicing the Catholic Christian faith, you vote pro-life.  If you insist on calling yourself "Catholic," and yet you don't practice the Catholic Christian faith, you tend to vote with the Church's enemies.  It's an indictment of those who are called "cafeteria Catholics."

Regardless of skewed polls that include heretical apostates, who insist on calling themselves "Catholic," the data shows that a majority of those who identify themselves as such, whether they practice or not, are abandoning the Democratic Party.  This is good news no matter how you slice it.  As Cardinal Designated Burke put it some time ago, the Democratic Party is slowly becoming the "party of death" and those Catholics who associate with it are embracing the culture of death.  Likewise, the Democratic Party has increasingly become more anti-Catholic in recent years, from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's deliberate attempt to redefine Church doctrine on abortion in 2008, to President Barack Obama's repeated appointments of pro-abortion cafeteria Catholics to the highest offices of the land.  This is compounded by Obama's serious consideration of legislation and executive orders that would result in the closing of Catholic hospitals across the nation, and his divisive speeches at liberal "Catholic" universities which are clearly designed to drive a wedge of schism into the U.S. Catholic Church.  Furthermore, local and state chapters of the Democratic Party have been repeatedly caught running anti-Catholic ads during election seasons, often without remorse or apology.  Liberal Democratic states have adopted policies that have already shut down Catholic charities in those regions, while one of the most ardently Democratic cities in America, Speaker Pelosi's home town of San Francisco, has actually passed an anti-Catholic ordinance publicly condemning the Pope, the Catholic Church and calling upon Catholics in the city to disobey Church teaching.  As a result a class-action civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the city.  This is the NEW Democratic Party in action, and now that Catholics are leaving it by the truckload, it's only going to get worse.  The Democratic Party has become a liberal version of the "Know-Nothing Party" from ages past.  The unofficial "official" position of the party is that the only good Catholic is a bad Catholic, meaning one that does not follow the teachings of the Church.  Hence the reason why apostate Catholic politicians like John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi are the little darlings of the Democratic Party, while faithful Catholic politicians like Bobby Jindal and John Boehner are considered "dangerous" and a "threat."  The Democratic Party and the liberal establishment have become anti-Catholic to the core, and any Catholic who votes with them is voting along with the enemies of the Church, whether he realizes it or not.