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Thursday, November 18, 2010


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  First and foremost, I want to thank you all for the well wishes on my vacation.  I had not intended to blog again until well after the holy days.  However, during my flight to my warmer destination, I got to experience first hand the new TSA security guidelines.  Or maybe I should say I got to experience first grope the new TSA security guidelines.  After arriving to my destination, I was treated to Internet headlines and pictures that resembled my experience.  One that struck me as particularly disturbing was the religious sister being groped by a female Muslim.  So, as a result of all this I decided to break my intended silence for a little remote blogging.

As I stand on the warm shoreline of my winter hideaway, I am uploading via my iPhone some of the photos we've all recently been treated to on the Internet.  I want to stress something to my readers.  It does not bother me one bit that a female Muslim was groping a sister religious.  What bothered me was that she was being groped in the first place.  I wouldn't care who was doing the groping; be it a Christian, Jew, Buddhist or Hindu.  However, the fact that it was a Muslim has a poetic symbolism to it.  I thought, "shouldn't this be the other way around?"  But then I stopped myself, "No," I thought, "Neither one of these good women should suffer such indignity."  This is just wrong in every way.

The headline read across the DrudgeReport; "The Terrorists Have Won!"  I believe Matt Drudge is right.  You can bet these images have already been broadcast across Al Jazeera.  The Islamists are laughing their socks off right now.  They have won, and the United States has become the very thing we once hated.  Only a government on par with the Soviet Union, Red China, and Nazi Germany would subject it's own citizens to such an invasion of personal sexual privacy.  Just think of it; what the Catholic Church has been given so much grief for, because of just a tiny fraction of predator priests, the TSA now does to thousands of people (even children) EVERY DAY who go through their airport security check points.  Yes, we have become our own worst enemy.  We are the enemy now!   Our own government, in the name of protecting us, has actually become the very thing that violates us.  To make matters worse, it's completely unnecessary.  Israeli airline security has successfully averted terrorist attacks for over thirty years, and they've never implemented such invasive procedures.  Americans have been calling for the implementation of Israeli-style airport security for years now, and our federal government has responded with a deaf year.  Instead, the TSA prefers the ever more invasive "radiation or groping" method.  Stop and consider this for just a moment, the very same people who not long ago told us we couldn't even bring fingernail clippers or baby bottles on an aircraft, are now feeling up our husbands, wives and children!  If that doesn't bother you than either you're closing your eyes to it, because you haven't experienced it yet, or else your conscience has been seared.  There are some who have suggested that something even more sinister is behind all this.  Some have suggested that this is political payback for the November 2nd election results.  I don't know if that's true or not.  I suppose it could be, but it is speculation.  Regardless of the cause, there is only one word that can describe this federal government's new TSA "enhanced security" procedure -  "EVIL."

I am calling upon every one of my readers to do the following and spread the word.  If you should be pulled aside in an airport for "enhanced security screening," than do the following...
  1. Refuse the x-ray machines (They are dangerous!  Especially if you're pregnant, over age 60, under age 16, or suffer from any chronic illness.)
  2. Inform the TSA agent that you will submit to the frisking, but your religious beliefs will be violated if they touch your breasts or genitals.
  3. Request the badge number of the TSA agent before they get started, and try to have a friend or family member video tape the frisking (if possible).
  4. Do not make a scene or hold up the line anymore than it takes for you to do these basic things.  Be calm, cool and collected.  Make no fuss, just let them do their thing.
  5. If they violate you, quietly leave the area once they're finished, then call your lawyer and tell them you would like some help filing a formal complaint and a lawsuit.  Then ask your lawyer to help you call the District Attorney of the city in which the violation occurred so that criminal charges can be filed against the TSA.
  6. Write a letter to your U.S. congressman and U.S. Senators respectfully explaining your outrage at the TSA policy that violated your privacy and religious beliefs.
  7. Lastly, write a letter to your airline, explaining that the TSA is hurting their business by violating your privacy and religious beliefs, and you will change airlines to the first one that offers a non-TSA screening process for boarding.
I've already got the ball in motion in my case.  I do hope you won't be afraid to do the same.  I don't blame the poor TSA officer who was compelled to do this, but I do blame the federal government for compelling him in the first place.  If we let them get away with this, then we are letting them frighten us into silence.  Hmmm.  Isn't that what sexual predators do?