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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TEA Party Puts GOP On Notice

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Something remarkable happened last Tuesday (November 2nd, 2010), and it's something the national mainstream news media WILL NOT report, nor will the Republicans publicly acknowledge.  Even the Democrats are hush about it.

Last Tuesday the nationwide grassroots TEA parties fired two opening salvos in what has become the turbulent waters of the Second American Revolution.  The first shot was aimed directly at the hull of the USS Democratic Party.  A direct hit was received, and the ship was heavily damaged.  She is now taking on water and beginning to list.  Her captain, Barack Obama, is publicly denying the severity of the damage.

Now here's the part nobody wants to talk about.  The second shot was fired directly over the bow of the USS Republican Party, and it happened in the choppy waters of Colorado's gubernatorial race...

CandidatePercentage    Count
Hickenlooper (Dem)
Tancredo (AmC)
Maes (GOP)

That's right, take a good look at this three way race.  The Democratic candidate, Hickenlooper, won by a fairly good margin, but look who came in second.  That would be Tom Tancredo, former Republican congressman, running as a candidate for the American Constitution Party in Colorado.  The Republican candidate was left with only 11% of the vote.  The two way race here was between Hickenlooper and Tancredo.  Maes, the Republican, was the third wheel in this whole thing.  In this race anyway, the Republican Party was relegated to third-party status.  While the American Constitution Party became the real contender.

A few weeks back I predicted Tancredo would actually win the race.  I was wrong.  However, he did steal the conservative vote - virtually all of it!  What does this mean?  It's simple really, and it's a shot across the bow of the USS Republican Party fired by none other than the Colorado TEA parties.  The message to Republicans is plain and clear.  If I may paraphrase it goes something like this...
"Okay Republicans, look over at your rival ship the USS Democratic Party.  See that big hole in her side?  See how she's taking on water?  Well if you don't perform the way we expect you to, that will be your ship next.  We don't need the USS Republican Party.  We can field our own candidates if necessary and run them on whatever party ticket we want - be that Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, whatever is available.  First we'll sabotage your races, until your party is defunct, then we'll take what's left of your base right out from underneath your nose.  By the time we're done, there won't even be a Republican Party anymore.  So this is your last chance to impress us and you better make it count."
Tancredo's race was the beginning.  It was a loud and clear message sent directly to the Republican Party courtesy of the TEA parties.  Shape up!  We can sink your ship even faster than the Democrat's ship.  So keep that in mind.  This is not your grandmother's tea party.  This is the wrath of the American voters made manifest for all the politicians to see.  That "R" behind your name no longer protects you.  It just means you have two years left to prove yourselves worthy.

The war is far from over.  Already Catholics from around the nation are beginning to rally to the call of The Catholic Knight made last month.  They are constructing the signs I suggested in their own creative ways and preparing to show up to the next wave of TEA Parties.  One creative version comes to us from Steve Mueller and family...

Materials and paint cost less than $10.
As requested in my previous blog entry on this subject, these faithful Catholics have created bright yellow signs with the word "SUBSIDIARITY" written across it.  (Learn more about this here.)  In my original post last month I imagined hand written signs on yellow construction paper.  Mr. Mueller has taken this to a whole new level.  Using discarded window blinds he cut them into the shape of submarines, spray painted them yellow, and stenciled the word SUBsidiarity across them.  The catch phrase being: "Sink communism, save the family!"  You gotta love it!  There is a deep symbol of irony to all of this.  I'll let you amateur historians figure it out.

So let the Catholic SUBmarines sail out of port this coming year, and let "phase two" of the Second American Revolution begin.  You thought last year's TEA Parties were a spectacle?  Just wait until the Catholics come out.  You haven't seen anything yet!