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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why Democracy Will Fail

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: While we're still enjoying the calm after the storm of the 2010 congressional election, leave it to "The Catholic Knight" to reintroduce a healthy dose of reality. I absolutely LOVE the above video because it points out the fallen nature of man and the inevitable demise of our own man-made self governing system called "democracy" or "republicanism." This video has already caused a lot of Liberals to cringe. They fail to see the subtle irony in Michael Voris' conclusion that only faithful Catholics should be allowed to vote. He doesn't really believe that literally. He's trying to make a point, which is completely missed on Liberals (both on the Left and Right) who are blind to see it. The nature of man, specifically the fallen nature of man, dictates that democratic self-governance will ultimately fail. Historically the shelf life of a democracy is about 200 years. The United States hit it's expiration date in 1976, two-hundred years after the revolution that gave us independence. Our current government hit it's expiration date in 1988, two-hundred years after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Historically speaking, based on the precedence of democracies and republics that have gone before us, we are spoiled goods sitting on the shelf waiting for the clerk to notice we've passed our expiration date. Every day we continue to exist is borrowed time. We should rejoice in the pro-life victory of this last election, and we should strive for bigger victories in the next election, but we must realize that all of these victories might possibly save some unborn babies, but they won't save this republic. They might postpone the inevitable fall of our nation, but only temporarily.

The modern world is headed toward a return to monarchy. It is as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. That's because monarchy is the default form of government. It is the natural state of man, and history bears testimony to this. It is also the most stable form of government ever devised, and history bears testimony to this as well. Someday, our democratic form of republicanism in this nation will fall, and I imagine other democratic nations will fall immediately thereafter as well. The reasons for this are clearly spelled out in the video above. When the fall comes, chaos will follow, but what will emerge from that chaos will likely be a return to imperial Christendom, with kings and princes ruling the provinces formerly known as the United States of America. A benevolent monarch rules by the principle of Subsidiarity, which means that forms of democracy will still exist, on the local level. However, on the national level this form of government will be dispensed with entirely. You say it can never happen? It's happened before - multiple times. There is no reason to believe that history won't repeat itself. Sorry, that's just how human history has always worked.