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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sola Scriptura Leads To Moral Relativism

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Okay it's time for "The Catholic Knight" to stir the pot again, so here it goes. I'm going to make the assertion that Martin Luther's heretical doctrine of Sola Scriptura is largely responsible for the moral relativism we see in the secular world today.

Here is the problem. Go to any Protestant church, particularly one of the newer Evangelical nondenominational types. There you will be taught that there is no religious authority outside of the Bible. Now aside from the fact that this assertion is not only unscriptural, but also illogical, it is nevertheless the foundation of most Protestant organizations in the world today. Now the premise that there is no religious authority outside of the Bible inevitably leads people to believe that the Holy Spirit of God is directly responsible for their own interpretation of the Bible. Talk to a good number of Evangelicals and that is exactly what they'll tell you. They'll say they don't need the Catholic Church, or any church organization, to tell them what the Scriptures mean, because they can read the Scriptures for themselves, and the Holy Spirit will automatically lead them to the right interpretation. If we go through Protestant history, we will see that this kind of attitude has been present since the very beginning - even with Martin Luther himself.

Now as we span the panorama of Protestant history, we quickly see where this attitude has led. It's led to division after division after division. What happens is this. Two Protestant pastors come up with mutually contradiction interpretations of some Scripture passage(s). Both believe they are inspired by the Holy Spirit to the correct interpretation and the other is wrong. They can't both be right, and because they both believe there is no religious authority outside the Bible, there is no one to judge between them. So they end up going their separate ways, each taking part of their congregation with them. This is how denominations and affiliations are created. In the 16th century, there were only a few Protestant denominations which could be counted on one hand. Today there are literally thousands. Some say tens of thousands.

Now once we have accepted the notion that the Holy Spirit leads people to contradicting theology because there is no religious authority outside the Bible, it's only a small step to say that the Holy Spirit leads people to contradicting morality for the same reason. Indeed, this is EXACTLY what has happened. In the early 20th century, all Christian denominations agreed that artificial contraception (birth control) was morally wrong and sinful. That changed in 1930 when the Protestant Anglican Communion challenged this Christian moral standard. That was the first major crack in the dam. It wasn't long before others developed. By the end of the 20th century, less than 500 years after Luther's Sola Scriptura revolution, nearly all Christian denominations accepted artificial contraception as morally licit. That's not all though. Many of them accepted divorce too. It gets worse. Some even accepted homosexuality as "part of God's plan" even going to the point of celebrating homosexuality, blessing gay-marriages and ordaining homosexuals to the clergy. Though it seems inconceivable, some of these Protestant denominations even went so far as to say that abortion (a type of infanticide) was morally acceptable under certain circumstances.

Western Christianity had long been divided on theological issues, but now for the first time in modern history, it was divided on moral issues as well. This opened the door of Pandora's Box. With Western Christianity divided on moral issues, it became increasingly easy for morally destructive groups (militant feminists and homosexuals) to begin taking over society, each one insisting that morality is relative, and some of them using Sola Scriptura is their religious excuse.

Catholics need to understand this. One thing really does lead to another, even if it takes centuries. Luther's heresy has played a huge role in bringing Western civilization to its present point of moral decay. Protestants are stuck in a quandary. Those who are honest with themselves will have to reexamine Sola Scriptura in light of what's happened over these last 500 years, and in context with the ancient Christian tradition of episcopal authority. Sadly, most will not. Most will ignore the last 500 years of history, and the moral disaster that has resulted from it. Most will continue to repeat the mantra that there is no religious authority outside the Bible. They will treat Sola Scriptura as the highest authority. There is of course a small problem with that. Sola Scriptura is not found in the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does it actually say the Bible is the only religious authority. Therefore Sola Scriptura is itself an extra-Biblical tradition! Which means that when Protestants fall back on it, they are falling back on a man-made tradition that is not found in the Bible. So when they say there is no authority outside the Bible, that very notion itself is an authority outside of the Bible. It's a contradiction and an oxymoron. Sadly, few of them will ever see that.

As we approach the 500th anniversary of Sola Scriptura (2020), let us reflect on the doctrinal chaos and moral relativism it has made a significant contribution toward. Granted, I will concede that a large portion of our moral decay has been the product of Godless atheism and Marxism. Some of it has been the result of Humanism, both secular and religious. Nevertheless, Sola Scriptura has taken it's toll and made it's contribution - a significant contribution I might add.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anglican Exodus To Catholic Church Begins

(National Catholic Register) - As 2010 gets under way, many in the Church are anxious to see how last year’s apostolic constitution inviting disaffected Anglicans into the Catholic Church will play out.

While the expectation is that more significant numbers of Anglicans in Britain, Africa and India will accept the offer outlined in Anglicanorum Coetibus, observers say that the decree will impact traditional Anglicans in the United States, as well.

The Traditional Anglican Communion includes approximately 400,000 Anglicans worldwide. The American province, known as the Anglican Church in America, includes approximately 5,200 communicants in four dioceses. Over the next few months, all of the provinces will be holding synods to put forward the question of how they will be responding to the apostolic constitution.

“The expectation is that our general synod will accept the Holy Father’s offer,” said Christian Campbell, senior warden of the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Orlando, Fla., and a member of the Standing Committee of the Anglican Church in America’s Diocese of the Eastern United States. “It is not so much a question of whether or not we desire to avail ourselves of the offer — inasmuch as it is a direct and generous response to our appeal to the Holy See. The question now is how the apostolic constitution is to be implemented. We have practical concerns, and we are presently working with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to resolve any outstanding questions.”

Campbell said that the first Traditional Anglican Communion provinces will be entering the Catholic Church within the next six months.

One example of a parish that stands ready to enter en masse is suburban Philadelphia’s Church of the Good Shepherd, an “Anglo-Catholic” parish.

“We’ve been praying for this daily for two years,” said Bishop David Moyer of the Traditional Anglican Communion. Moyer was one of 38 bishops in the communion who signed a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and petitioned Pope Benedict XVI in October 2007 for a way for disaffected Anglicans to be united with Rome.

“The majority of our members will be on board with this,” said Father Aaron Bayles, assistant pastor at Good Shepherd. The parish has approximately 400 members who could come into the Catholic Church...

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Anglican exodus to the Catholic Church actually began about thirty years ago, with the Anglican Use Pastoral Provision established by Pope John Paul II. Those few pioneering spirits created the foundation and framework for the new Apostolic Constitution on Anglican Ordiariates decreed by Pope Benedict XVI last year (November 2009). Credible rumor has it that the first ordinaries will be installed within six months from now (sometime between April and September of 2010). Once this happens the mass exodus begins.

First in line will be the provinces of the Traditional Anglican Communion, a denomination of some 400,000 members. We can then expect the Anglican Use parishes (already in full communion with Rome) to be incorporated together with them. This will be the primary foundation of the new Anglican "Rite" Catholicism. Once established we will start to see serious consideration from Forward in Faith, and we can also expect to see a second look from the recently formed Anglican Church in North America or at least some of it's member parishes and diocese. Simultaneously, we can expect the final remnants those still within The Episcopal Church USA to muster the courage to at least consider their options. We shouldn't expect a mass exodus of U.S. Episcopalians, because the majority of those who had any Catholic sense about them fled years ago. There are of course a few stragglers who have not yet been personally effected by the changes in the Anglican Communion, and may have found a modestly conservative parish for refuge, but their days are numbered. The Episcopal Church is currently engaged in a war of attrition, and it's the feminist lesbigay progressives who have the upper hand. What remains of the conservatives is scattered, demoralized and dwindling in numbers.

The Episcopal Church USA is not going to get any better. The same goes for the Church of England and the Anglican Church of Canada. It's over. The liberal feminist lesbigay innovations have now become part of the establishment and cannot be undone. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Conservative Episcopalians cannot rationally expect the situation to improve in The Episcopal Church USA. To expect that, or even hope for it at this point, is insanity -- by the very definition of the word. As time passes The Episcopal Church will only become more progressive (liberal) if that is even possible. It won't be long before militant feminism and acceptance of homosexuality will be required teaching in The Episcopal Church USA and those who refuse to conform to that will be considered "sinners" in need of repentance. Mark my words, that day will come.

Anglicanism might have died out completely this way, were it not for the intervention of Pope John Paul II with the Anglican Use Pastoral Provision, and Pope Benedict XVI with the Apostolic Constitution for Anglican Ordinariates. Now the contrast has been made clear. There are two forms of Anglicanism: Protestant Anglicanism and Catholic Anglicanism. Of course Catholic Anglicanism (or Anglican Catholicism) is now fully embraced by the Holy See of Rome, while Protestant Anglicanism is the ward of the Archbishop of Canterbury. I realize there are many in the Protestant Anglican Communion who would like to consider themselves "catholic," but catholicity doesn't work that way. Participating in a catholic style liturgy isn't what makes you "catholic." Just because your priest wears vestments and mimics catholic ritual doesn't make you "catholic" either. Even being under the authority of a man who wears a pointed hat doesn't make you "catholic." What makes you "catholic" is fidelity to the historic theological and moral teachings of the Catholic Church. You don't have to always follow them perfectly, but you do have to try, and you can never ever change them to accommodate your sinful habits or unnatural lifestyle.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Anglican Priest Turns Catholic And Starts Blogging About It

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A local friend recently called my attention to a trend we're probably going to be seeing a lot more of in the near future. All over the world, Anglican priests are reconciling their faith with the Roman Catholic Church, and many of those priests are going on to be ordained as Catholic priests. Of course, just as soon as the Personal Ordinariates are set up by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), we're going to be seeing them cross the Tiber en masse. One of them is Father Chori Johnathan Seraiah of the Anglican Church in America, the U.S. province of the Traditional Anglican Communion. He's started blogging now, and I think my readers will find his story interesting. You can read his blog "The Maccabean" here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Archdiocese Of Los Angeles Is LIBERATED!!!!

(CatholicVoteAction.Org) - I am hearing, on reliable authority, that the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Mahony, has approved a coadjutor bishop recently selected for him by the Holy See. This news – and the name – will be publicly announced “soon.”

This new bishop, once announced and appointed, will automatically succeed Mahony as the Archbishop of Los Angeles as soon as Mahony retires, presumably before Mahony’s mandatory retirement at age 75 (February 27, 2011). Mahony has said that the current class of seminarians will be the last one he personally ordains....

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I was going to title this blog entry "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead," but I thought that euphemism might be too harsh. Then again, maybe not. Let's just consider it a subtitle for now.

So it looks like God's Rottweiler, our beloved German Shepherd in Rome, saw fit to relieve good ol' Mahony from his duties as quickly as possible - more than a full year before his mandatory retirement age. It speaks volumes in the face of other bishops who are being kept on well beyond their mandatory retirement age, simply because the pope wants to keep the orthodox ones around for a while. If you ask me he couldn't retire this epic failure Mahony quickly enough. From the monstrosity of a "cathedral" he's built, to the New Age style of worship he's sanctioned, to the loss of faith of millions of Catholics under his watch, to the lack of good catechises throughout the area, to the assembly-line religion he's created, to the coddling of homosexual rights groups, to the largest sex-abuse and cover-up scandal on the North American continent; Cardinal Roger Mahony has sure left his mark on Catholicism in Southern California.

Harsh? I don't think so.

That hideous cathedral Mahony had built stands as a monument to the havoc he wreaked on the Catholic faith during his quarter-century long reign of terror. Resembling a Borg spaceship from the science-fiction television series Star Trek, this twisted box of a temple hosted some of the most bazaar worship services ever seen in Catholic history. "Resistance is futile!" became the motto of Mahony's administration, as any shred of traditional orthodoxy was cast aside in favor of the enigmatic "spirit of Vatican II," invoked by all the progressive advocates of "change" within the Church today. So long as that "cathedral" stands it will serve as a constant reminder of the wound inflicted by Mahony on the people of the Archdiocese. The best thing his replacement could do is sell it! Sell it to the Church of Scientology! Lord knows they've got the money, and it's architecture perfectly fits the convoluted religion they peddle. With the proceeds the Archdiocese could make a down payment on the multimillion dollar sex-abuse settlement which again happened under Mahony's watch. Beyond that I really wouldn't know where to begin with the reforms needed for the Archdiocese. Perhaps if the incoming Archbishop could take Los Angeles back to a simpler kind of old-fashioned traditional Spanish Catholicism everyone would benefit. Then the Archdiocese could, for the first time in a long time, get back the the business of just being Catholic.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Election Will Be Worthless Without Cultural Repentance

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Conservative Republicans are stoked about the 2010 mid-term election, and by the looks of things, they have a lot to be happy about. Public support for Obama and the Democrats is at an all time low. With TEA Parties and Town Halls erupting in cities all over the nation, the conservatives have created a base upon which to build a stunning political victory in 2010, and perhaps even unseat Obama himself in the 2012 presidential election.

It should be known 'The Catholic Knight' supports the TEA Parties and Town Halls, even though I do not support the Republican Party. The TEA Parties and Town Halls are the epitome of how citizens are supposed to mobilize in a free society, and I am proud to have participated in them. I will probably continue to do so, as long as they remain family-friendly events.

However, I'm afraid there is a problem in all of this. Political reform will not take without cultural renewal. The problems of the United States run much deeper than politics, and there is no politician or political party that can fix America now. Any Republican victory in 2010 will have its honeymoon of bliss for those conservative voters who delivered it. However, that ecstasy will be short lived, as America sinks deeper into economic and social turmoil in the years ahead, in spite of whatever reforms the Republicans enact. Republicans may be successful in unseating Obama in 2012 as well, but again that victory will prove disappointing as the reforms Republicans enact will turn up short.

By the looks of this blog entry so far, one would almost think I was a Democratic spin doctor. In some ways I wish that were so. Then you could just dismiss my words out of hand. Sadly, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, and while I am a conservative politically, I do not place my hopes in political ideologies. I am a realist, and I understand America's problems cannot be fixed politically. They are cultural. They are deep. Soon they will destroy us.

Part of the problem is the government itself, but at the same time, while government policies contribute to social decay, they are also caused by it. It's a viscous cycle; where social decay causes bad government policy, resulting in more social decay, resulting in worse government policy, and so on.

The United States of America is under the chastisement of God. We have been weighed, found wanting, and will soon pay the price. The cause of our chastisement is as follows...
  1. genocide - we have murdered children with over 1 million abortions per year
  2. eugenics - we have experimented on human beings via embryonic stem cell research
  3. euthanasia - we have killed the weakest among us (particularly in Oregon and Washington)
  4. sodomy - we have allowed gay marriage and homosexual civil unions
  5. hedonism - we have become a culture obsessed with fleshly pleasures
  6. idolatry - we have assigned the government the roll of the Church and made our leaders into "gods."
  7. contraception - we have valued money and material things more than children and family
We cannot recover as a nation so long as these cultural cancers are allowed to fester and grow. If you think a Republican victory in November is going to fix these problems - think again! The Republicans controlled the U.S. congress from 1995 through 2000. They controlled both the whitehouse and the congress together from 2000 to 2006. All to no avail. These social problems continued to grow under both Republican and Democratic control of government. That's because the government is only part of the problem. The rest of the problem is us. It's our culture. We've become too rich and affluent for our own good. We've become decadent! As a culture, we've lost sight of what the meaning of life is really about, and we've indulged ourselves to the point where we don't even know the difference between right and wrong anymore. No election can save us now. No politician and no political party can dig us out of this. Only one thing can save America now, (if indeed God still wants to save America), and that is hardship - real hardship. I'm talking a Great Depression kind of hardship. However, there are those who say America has lost too much of it's cultural decency to survive another Great Depression, and perhaps they are right.

I'm sorry. I know my fellow conservatives are excited about 2010, and they're eager to stick it to the Democrats this November. Frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing the Democratic clock get cleaned myself, but I won't throw a party if the conservatives win. Instead I'll be saying a prayer. Not for our leaders, but for our people. Our time is short, for the angels of mercy cannot hold back the torrent of wrath much longer. We will pay for our transgressions against God and nature. First, we will lose our economic might. Then we will suffer defeat militarily. I'm not sure how all of this will work out. I'm just going on history here. This is how the story usually goes with great world powers in ages past.

If we want to revive the culture, we must get back to the root of the word "culture," which comes from the Latin "cultus" meaning religion. If we want to revive our American culture, we must get back to the classical religion that gave us our culture in the first place.

Massive Election Fraud Expected For November 2010

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So begins the collapse and fall of western democracy. Once you open this can of worms in the world's oldest modern republic, it will validate what already happens in other republics throughout the third-world, thus insuring the eventual fall of modern representative government. The liberal Democrats may see this as a way to short-term victory, but in the long-term, it will mean the end of our way of government. Once this genie comes out of the lamp, there will be no putting it back in....
(CatholicCitizens.Org) - Poor Bill O'Reilly and Brit Hume. There they were on the O'Reilly show a few weeks ago, puzzling over why Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing so many things that are damaging to our country. Bill and Brit agreed that they couldn't possibly be harming the nation intentionally, because negative voter reaction would redound to them politically and electorally. Can't the Democrats see this? Did they suddenly get stupid politically? This is so unlike them. How to explain this anomaly?

Poor Bill and Brit, and many others, indeed. It is time to think the unthinkable and speak the ineffable. Apart from the troubling question of intent, or whether Obama-Pelosi-Reid just have a novel view of the public interest, the national Democrats are unnaturally and mysteriously sanguine despite growing backlash by the American people. Why? One reason: The Dems don't believe they will ever have to face a real election again. Is their plan not becoming obvious? It is very straightforward:

(1) Grant amnesty to the illegal aliens (the correct term for lawbreaking invaders, regardless of their natural and rational motives) which will create up to 30 million reliably Democrat voters -- especially after being registered at least once each by ACORN. That is cushion enough to carry any national election. Why else could Dems be so fixated on this agenda item?

(2) Speaking of which, between ACORN and the SEIU, the Democrats will be stealing all the elections they really need anyway, starting next November. (The New Jersey and Virginia governorships aren't quite as big a prize as control of the U.S. Congress, are they? And one wonders what the real margin of Republican victory in New Jersey was, absent ACORN's intervention.)

Many laymen still don't understand how the ACORN scam works. To them, ACORN's excuse that they are merely committing voter registration fraud, not vote fraud, seems plausible. Here's the deal: Register 100,000 phony voters such as Mickey Mouse and the Seven Dwarves, thus expanding the nominal voter rolls, and the Democrat vote counters then have the latitude to create 100,000 extra votes out of thin air on election night. This is what "community organizer" really means, and Barack Obama is forever stained by his ACORN background. Not that it matters to him.

America should brace for the biggest vote fraud and election theft caper of all time on election night 2010 -- and in the months following. We now know as well that the Dems are guaranteed to win any statewide recount where there is a Democrat Secretary of State. And who, we must ask, is there to enforce the election laws now?...

read full story here

Monday, January 18, 2010

Liberal Catholicism is Dying

1970s Folk Mass
Precursor to the Modern Contemporary Mass

(WSJ) - Mary Daly, a retired professor at Boston College who was probably the most outré of all the dissident theologians who came to the fore of Catholic intellectual life in the years right after the Second Vatican Council, died on Jan. 3 at age 81. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, which might be called the golden age of Catholic dissidence, theologians who took positions challenging traditional church teachings—ranging from the authority of the pope to bans on birth control, premarital sex, and women's ordination—dominated Catholic intellectual life in America and Europe. They seemed to represent a tide that would overwhelm the old restrictions and their hidebound adherents.

Now, 45 years after Vatican II concluded in 1965, most of those bright lights of dissident Catholicism—from the theologian Hans Küng of the University of Tübingen to Charles Curran, the priest dismissed from the Catholic University of America's theology faculty in 1987 for his advocacy of contraception and acceptance of homosexual relationships—seem dimmed with advanced age, if not extinguished. They have left no coherent second generation of dissident Catholic intellectuals to follow them....

read full story here
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: What we're seeing here is the realignment of the 21st century beginning to take shape. After the turbulent cultural chaos of the late 20th century, the dust is finally beginning to settle, and what we see emerging is a very different world.

Here is how it breaks down. The cultural upheaval of the late 20th century (1960s - 1990s) was society wide. It effected just about every aspect of western civilization, and had a minimal influence on eastern civilization (Russia & Eastern Europe). Some say it was actually planned this way, as a communist plot to undermine the moral foundation of the Western allies during the Cold War. Perhaps there is some truth to this. If that were the case however, it seems to have backfired at least to some degree, as Russia and Eastern Europe are now having to deal with some of the same cultural rot our Western civilization has been dealing with for decades. Regardless of the cause, the ultimate blame lies squarely at our own feet. Nobody put a gun to the head of western civilization. We collectively embraced this garbage with open arms back during the 1960s and 70s. Now we pay the price for it on a social level and in the realm of government.

As for Christianity, the social upheaval of the late 20th century marked the beginning of the realignment of Western denominations, and the beginning of the collapse of Protestantism in general. What we are seeing in our time is the failure of the Reformation experiment, as Protestant denominations slowly work their way into the ash heap of history. It began in the late 1960s and continued throughout the 1990s. This was the rise of nondenominational and unaffiliated mega-churches. Their emergence marked a massive cultural shift in the Protestant world, which was the result of disaffected Protestants leaving their traditional mainline denominations behind. Why? The main reason for this was the influence of liberal Modernism. As Modernism crept into the mainline denominations, causing many of them to adopt more socially liberal views toward contraception, abortion, homosexuality and gay-marriage, a good portion of traditional Protestants just did what Protestants do best. They left their churches and started new ones. Some recreated their previous Christian traditions, as is evidenced by the emergence of the continuing Anglican bodies, and the International Churches of Christ. Some of them broke free of all denominational connections whatsoever, creating new loose affiliations, or else maintaining complete autonomy as individual free congregations. This largely become known as the "evangelical movement" and today popularly falls under the designation of Evangelicalism. These are essentially "spiritual refugees" from the old mainline Protestant denominations, made up of Protestants who refused to cave into the liberal Modernist trends permeating the culture and invading the mainline Protestant churches.

So now as the dust settles from the cultural chaos of the late 20th century, what we see on the Protestant side of Western Christianity as the fall of mainline Protestant denominations. The more heavily the denomination was infected by liberal Modernism, the more it struggles to survive as memberships dwindle. Liberal Protestant denominations have found a way to keep their influence over government and culture for a short time, by engaging in a false sort of ecumenism, which allows them to combine their churches together without dissolving their structure. This will work for a while, but in time their numbers will dwindle still more and within a decade we will begin to see the selling of properties just to pay the bills. If the Evangelicals can just hang in there long enough, they may soon be able to buy back their old church buildings.

On the Catholic side the dust is only beginning to settle. Catholicism suffered it's wake up call in 2003 with the clergy sex-abuse and cover-up scandal in the United States. Since then similar scandals have been emerging in the Catholic Church within other Western nations. All of this marking the fruit of liberal Modernism's influence on the Catholic clergy and institutions. Once again, Liberal Modernism within religion has proved to be a colossal failure of epic proportions. The difference between the Catholic world and the Protestant world is the way it's handled. Within the Protestant world we saw a mass exodus, from the 1960s through 1990s, away from the mainline denominations and into unaffiliated nondenominational mega-churches. In other words, the conservatives bolted. In the Catholic world however, we see a quiet behind-the-scenes cleanup detail which involves the early retirement of some Catholic bishops, the inquisition of various religious orders, and the emergence of new traditionally orthodox Catholic orders. Some examples of the latter include the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP), the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICKSP), Latin mass societies of all sorts, Opus Dei, accompanied by new socially conservative orders and societies backed by the pope and high ranking officials within the Church. The emergence of the Anglican Use Pastoral Provision in 1980 illustrated one way in which the rejection of liberal Modernism in the Protestant world resulted in convergence with those who rejected liberal Modernism within the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI's creation of the Anglican ordinariates (Anglicanorum Coetibus) within the Catholic Church in November of 2009 solidified this trend. Ordinariates operate a lot like diocese with their own ordinary bishop, and function in parallel to a regular Catholic diocese. In effect, the ordinariates create a kind of friendly competition with regular Catholic diocese, squeezing out the influence of liberal Modernist clergy. This combined with the pope's freeing of the old Latin Mass through his motu proprio entitled Summorum Pontificum, effectively creates a tectonic shift in the direction of the Catholic Church. Momentum is slow, but the course correction is unstoppable.

Now as we enter the second decade of the third millennium, the dust begins to settle from the cultural upheaval of the second half of the 20th century. The Western world that emerges looks something like this....
  1. The government institutions of Western republics and parliamentary democracies have been irreparably damaged, twisted, and have become the strongholds of liberal Modernism.
  2. Western entertainment and institutes of education have also been damaged beyond recognition.
  3. Mainline Protestant denominations are disintegrating, slowly, but with increasing intensity.
  4. The liberal Protestant solution to disintegration is more liberalism, proving they are unable to learn from historical mistakes, but are slowly attracting liberal Catholics disaffected by the traditional orthodox trends emerging in the Catholic Church.
  5. Evangelical mega-churches have emerged as spiritual refugee camps for disaffected Protestants, but promise little in the way of long-term spiritual development.
  6. Many Protestants are beginning to rethink the Reformation as new doors open up for reconciliation with the Catholic Church.
The death of key post-conciliar dissenters, coupled by their inability to regenerate themselves in the next generation, and the emergence traditional trends in the Catholic Church, signals the relegation to obscurity that awaits liberal Catholicism in the not-too-distant future. The majority of seminarians today are socially conservative. Many are outright traditionalists! As Summorum Pontificum is implemented throughout the world, many seminaries will begin teaching the extraordinary form Latin mass as part of their formation process. Along with this will come a greater emphasis toward traditional orthodoxy. This coupled with the emergence of the Anglican ordinariates creates a similar brand of English traditional orthodoxy emerging in the western Church. Liberal Catholics have already seen the writing on the wall, and have organized their own "councils" to circle their wagons and hold the line for as long as they can. One such example of this is the American Catholic Council, which according to their own website, seeks "reform of the governing structures in our Church so that they reflect the better aspects of the American experience: a democratic spirit..." This is the trademark of liberal Catholicism, because they know that only through a democratic process can they get the Church away from the moorings of apostolic leadership, and steer the Church toward total Modernist corruption. That's how they did it in the Protestant world, which is why they want to do the same in the Catholic Church. Their website goes on to quote the Late Archbishop Oscar Romero, a vocal advocate of Liberation Theology (i.e. Theocratic Marxism).

In actually, what we really have with these "councils" is the emergence of a schismatic movement, which will eventually find preservation of their liberal ideology impossible in the rising Catholic orthodoxy. When this happens, they will follow the Protestant model and break away. In other words, in the Catholic Church it is the liberals who will soon bolt. When (not if) this happens, we can expect to see the creation of some kind of "Progressive Catholic Church" which will stand in contrast to the Roman Catholic Church, and quickly absorb what remains of liberal Protestantism, or else be absorbed by some larger liberal Protestant coalition, depending on whatever group is larger at the time.

Within another ten years, as the dust of the late 20th century cultural revolution settles completely, what we will see will be much more clear....
  1. A revived Catholic Church that is traditionally orthodox, reunifying with the eastern Orthodox churches, and reviving the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of the early the middle ages.
  2. The emergence of a schismatic and heretical counter "catholic church" spearheaded by American and European liberals.
  3. The disintegration of mainline Protestant denominations and absorption of these remnants into the heretical and schismatic counter "catholic church," or else vice versa, depending on the size of the schismatic group coming out of the Roman Catholic Church.
  4. The stagnation and early signs of decay in the spiritual refugee camps of Evangelical nondenominational mega-churches, causing many Evangelicals to rethink the entire Protestant Reformation.
  5. Persecution of traditionally orthodox Christians by liberal government establishments as a last dying gasp of liberal Modernism in the western world.
  6. The rise of Islam in Europe and Canada as a result of Liberal Modernist influences, marking the epic catastrophic failure of Liberal Modernism in the Western world.
In the distant future, perhaps within 20 to 50 years, we can expect a final conflict between the forces of Islam within the Western world, and what remains of Liberal secular government establishments. This will mark the fall of Secular Western civilization, leaving the recovery and rebuilding up to traditionally orthodox Catholics.

In the mean time, let us enjoy the revival of traditionally orthodox Catholicism under the reign of Pope Benedict XVI and do everything we can to expedite the process of traditional orthodox renewal in our Catholic parishes and dioceses.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Illegal Aliens, Amnesty & The U.S. Catholic Bishops

Actual Road Sign Along
American/Mexican Border
Urging Motorists to Be Careful
of Illegal Aliens Crossing Highway

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: In the weeks and months ahead you're going to be hearing a lot of things about the U.S. Catholic Bishops, and their approval of an amnesty bill for illegal aliens before the U.S. Congress. Readers of this blog know 'The Catholic Knight' is not afraid to be critical of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, and has even urged his readers to completely ignore the USCCB when it contradicts just about anything that comes out of the Vatican. However, on this issue I'm afraid 'The Catholic Knight' must come to the defense of the bishops, in spite of how much it pains me to do so.

The problem with illegal aliens, particularly from Mexico, is complex. It shouldn't be, but it has become so. Here is why...
  1. Most illegal aliens are essentially economic refugees from a country economically depressed by socialism and corruption.
  2. Most illegal aliens are illegal because the United States does not provide enough work visas to Mexican nationals, mainly because most American voters would never approve of it.
  3. At least half of the Mexican economy is dependent on income from illegals in the United States sending money back to their families in Mexico. If that money supply were to stop, the Mexican economy would collapse overnight, possibly resulting in a civil war and perhaps even a communist revolution.
  4. Wall Street likes illegal aliens because they provide cheap labor to corporations, which strengthens their bottom line, thus providing greater profit margins to their shareholders.
  5. The Republican Party likes illegal aliens because the GOP is joined at the hip to Wall Street.
  6. The Democratic Party likes illegal aliens because it sees them as future Democrat voters once they're given amnesty and fast-track to citizenship.
  7. The U.S. Catholic bishops defend illegal aliens, and champion their cause, because the Church sees this as a humanitarian issue, wherein these people need our help, and the Church cannot turn a blind eye to them.
  8. The United States government has never done anything effective about illegal aliens, because the government understands that America is currently in a depopulation crisis due to rampant abortion and widespread use of artificial contraception.
The first seven issues are basically self explanatory. It's the eighth issue I would like to address, because it cuts to the very core of the problem in our own civilization.

Western civilization is dying.

That's right, I said it. Our modern industrialized world is dying. It will be dead within 50 years. Why? Abortion and artificial contraception are the reason. In effect, we're killing ourselves off retroactively. We're committing self genocide.

The government can't force people to have babies. At the same time, the government must prop up the welfare state, because if it doesn't it will face a revolution. All western governments are dealing with this problem. So in order to prop up the welfare state with more taxpayers in the face of a depleting population, the government must import new taxpayers. These new taxpayers can only come from places in the world were there is a surplus in population, and people who are able to immigrate. Those two places are Latin America and the Islamic World. See this video below for details...

So there you have it. The only thing keeping the United States from going the way of Canada and Europe toward Islamization is the massive influx of illegal aliens coming up from Mexico. Without them, our reproduction rate drops below the sustainable threshold. Illegal Mexicans are the only thing keeping America from becoming an Islamic nation, following in the footsteps of Canada and Europe.

A lot of things are going to be said about the U.S. Catholic bishops in the days ahead in regards to the amnesty for illegals issue. Some of it will come from outside the Church, some of it will come from inside the Church. I usually don't stick up for the U.S. Catholic bishops, but on this issue I have no choice. It pains me to do so, because I am a conservative at heart, and believe people who come into the country illegally should be deported. However, there is much more to this issue than meets the eye. Things are happening that nobody wants to talk about, and if they're not made part of the debate, the American people will be done a great disservice.

We need to step back and look at the big picture. America (like Canada and Europe) has a population crisis. We're not producing enough babies to shore up the tax base to fund the government's entitlement programs. As a result, the government is faced with no option but to import more future taxpayers from other nations. The short-term problem is the nature of the welfare state. It doesn't work in the face of a depleting population. A short-term fix would be to eliminate the welfare state entirely, but to do so will certainly spell trouble for the U.S. federal government. Nations seldom back away from socialism without violence. The long-term fix is to have more babies of course, but there is little any politician or political party can do to make this happen. It's a cultural problem, and it must be addressed on the cultural level. Until then the United States, as well as Canada and Europe, will have a population vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum, and all vacuums will eventually be filled, one way or another. Until Americans understand this, at a cultural level, we can expect our nation to be filled with more and more immigrants every year - both legal and illegal.

So I encourage you to share this blog entry with all your friends, family and neighbors. Email it to them. Copy it. Send links back to this address:

We need to get the word out. Americans need to know the truth. They need to know what's really happening. Will you do your part to get the word out?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jews Are Spitting On Christians In Israel

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Yes, it's true, but to be fair, both the religious and civil authorities in Israel have condemned this action...
(NCR) - Recently, the Jerusalem Post carried a piece quoting Rabbi David Rosen, a veteran of Catholic/Jewish dialogue, acknowledging that incidents of ultra-Orthodox Jews spitting at priests, nuns and other Christian clergy is “a part of life” in Jerusalem. Such incidents have been occurring for the last twenty years and are now on the rise, according to the story, although they appear to be limited to Jerusalem.

The piece quoted a Texas-born Franciscan, Fr. Athanasius Macora, who heads the Christian Information Center inside the Jaffa Gate, who said that he’s been spat upon by ultra-Orthodox Jews as much as fifteen times in the last six months – not only in the Old City, but also outside his Franciscan friary.

The Rev. Samuel Aghoyan, an Armenian Orthodox cleric, said he’s been spat upon fifteen to twenty times, most recently in November.

“I was walking back from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and I saw this boy in a yarmulke and ritual fringes coming back from the Kotel, and he spat at me two or three times,” Aghoyan said.

“Every [Christian cleric in the Old City] who’s been here for awhile, who dresses in robes in public, has a story to tell about being spat at,” Macora said. “The more you get around, the more it happens.”

Israeli authorities have taken these reports seriously enough that the Foreign Ministry convened a meeting with municipal officials in Jerusalem and representatives of the ultra- Orthodox Haredi Community. In a sign that the Israelis are worried about possible international repercussions, that meeting was announced in a press release issued this morning by the Israeli Embassy to the Holy See in Rome...

read full story here
The reason why 'The Catholic Knight' brings this up is to counter the pro-Judaism and pro-Zionist movement permeating the Evangelical Christian world, and trickling into the Catholic Christian world. Let me make this perfectly clear to every Christian who will listen (Evangelical or Catholic). Neither Judaism nor Zionism is compatible with Christianity, and religious Jews are not necessarily "friendly" toward Christians. I applaud the Israeli religious and civil authorities for condemning these actions, but the fact that they had to condemn them in the first place illustrates the prevailing bitter and hateful anti-Christian attitude of many Israeli Jews.

I have written of this in a previous entry, and once again it seems confirmed that the malicious attitude spawning such assaults is prevalent among the younger generation of Israeli Jews. It's hard to imagine the Holocaust generation, and Six-Day War generation, behaving in such an unsightly way. This new generation coming up in Israel is bitter, supremacist, inciting and militant. What we have here is the product of Zionism - a generation that thinks the world owes them. I fear what will happen when they are old enough to assume political control.

Christians of all types (especially Catholics and Evangelicals) need to understand something. God wants us to treat the Jews the same way we would treat any other ethnicity or group of people. God wants us to treat them with love and respect. He also wants us to evangelize them with the exact same effort as we would apply toward any other group of people, no more and no less, as if they are no different.

At the same time, Christians of all types (especially Catholics and Evangelicals), need to understand that the modern nation-state of Israel was founded by Zionism, a secular-political movement that is man-made with roots in Freemasonry. It has nothing to do with God's will, and opposes the Church established by Jesus Christ. That's because the Church is the "Israel of God."
"But far be it from me to glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. For neither circumcision counts for anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation. Peace and mercy be upon all who walk by this rule, upon the Israel of God." - Galatians 6:14-16 RSV
Christians are not supposed to support Zionism. Nor are Christians supposed to support Judaism, as the religion itself seeks to undermine Christianity by sponsoring a new religion for Gentiles called "Noahidism." Make no mistake about it, the purpose of this religion is to replace Christianity in the distant future.

Not all Jews are Zionists. In fact, I would dare say there are more Christian Zionists in the Western world than there are Jewish Zionists in the whole world. Zionism has found it's home mainly among American Evangelicals, but it's starting to spill into other Western Christian denominations as well. As I said, not all Jews are Zionists. In fact some vehemently oppose Zionism entirely. Some examples of Jewish organizations opposing Zionism are Jews Against Zionism, Neturei Karta and Jews Not Zionists.

This matter should be obvious. Sadly, it is not. Sadly, Christians all over the Western world (especially in the United States) are being conned into sending money to Zionists, and blindly supporting Israel both politically and militarily, all because some pastor or television evangelist told them to. To those Christians "The Catholic Knight" would just like them to know where their money and political support is going. For their monetary support of Zionism, Western Christians can be proud of having their brothers and sisters in Christ spat on in public, while their churches and shrines are defaced by militant Zionist youth. For their blind political support of Israel, Western Christians can be proud of the military conflict between Zionists and Muslims that has led to the impoverishment of their Christian brethren and destruction of their homes.

Listen, we all know Jews need a safe place to live too. The fact is however, that Jews were living relatively safely in Palestine long before the formation of the State of Israel. Furthermore, Jews continue to live safely in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and many other nations. Let us not forget that there are more Jews living in the United States than in the entire nation of Israel. The nation with the highest Jewish population in the world is the United States not Israel. If one were to look for a material city of "Jerusalem," New York City would qualify just as much as the Jerusalem in Israel/Palestine, by virtue of it's Jewish population alone. The point I'm trying to make here is that Jews have always had safe places to live, as well they should, just as any ethnic or cultural group should have. The notion that the State of Israel is the only land the Jews have left is positively absurd. The point I'm making here is that anti-Zionism does not equate to anti-Semitism. One can love the Jewish people without loving the Secular Nation-State of Israel. The two are not one in the same.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why America Cannot Survive The 21st Century

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Readers of this blog know "The Catholic Knight" has a very dispassionate and pragmatic view of the United States of America. The reason why is simply this. The foundation upon which modern (post Civil War) America is built is unstable and inherently weak. It will crumble, and the longer it exists the harder it's eventual fall will be. The United States is destined to be balkanized. There is no way around it. The necessary policies that would have galvanized American culture and unified the nation into a solid entity were not put into place when they should have been. What were those policies? They should have been...
  1. standardizing English as the nation's official language,
  2. securing our national borders to prevent illegal immigration,
  3. subsidizing private, religious and home education of children, to allow an organic development of English-American culture,
  4. decentralizing federal powers to give more control to the states over local matters.
Alas, none of these things happened at the most critical period (1940 - 1990) and as a result the window of opportunity has closed. It's too late to correct the matter now. No amount of legislation, executive orders or national "movements" can change America's long-term historical course. The nation that exists now, will not exist within a century. The only questions now are; how drastic will the change be? when will the demise come? and will state and local governing entities do what is necessary to preserve what little they have left?

The United States of America is destined to go the way of ancient Rome, and with the fall of Rome came the emergence of a new Europe carved into nation-states shaped by language and culture. So it will be with the former United States of America. Here is a map that illustrates the problem...

Take notice of the light blue and purple section of the map above. This represents the portion of America that is completely unrecoverable. What we have here is an overwhelming predominance of Spanish-Mexican language and culture. While most of the people living there now are content to remain within the political jurisdiction of the United States, it is unreasonable to assume this will always be the case. As time passes, the language and culture of this region will organically develop in opposition to the prevailing English-American culture. At some point there will be political rupture, and when it happens, a political schism will follow. It's as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. It will happen. Of course the political history of the United States leads many to incorrectly assume that such a rupture and schism can only result in war. While such assumptions may seem true from a historical perspective, there is no reason to believe the same will be true in this case for the following reasons...
  1. this is not 1861,
  2. the coming rupture will be over much bigger issues that what divided the North and South in the Civil War,
  3. any military aggression against the people of the American Southwest will be interpreted as racially motivated by the international world community, thus bringing down the condemnation of the United Nations and the alienation of America's allies.
In other words, the price of war will be hefty, not only in the resulting devastation of the American Southwest, but also in the international community.

There is more, the United States faces a similar chance of rupture in the American Southeast. Ironically, this may actually happen first, before the Southwest schism, because of the hot political and social nature that will ultimately drive it. This schism will also be driven by a clash of cultures, but the catalyst will be centered around religion more than language. See the map below for an explanation...

The above map represents the religious demographic makeup of the United States. It's the red area that is of particular interest. This is what is primarily called the "Bible Belt" of the United States, and this map represents it as the "Baptist Belt." It's not just Baptists actually. Though the Southern Baptist Convention does hold a majority in the number of active religious congregations, the area is also heavily populated by non-Southern Baptist churches, as well as Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, and Pentecostal churches. All of these have similar social traits. They are staunchly conservative on social issues (abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, etc.). They are fairly conservative on fiscal matters as well. However, what makes them most volatile is their autonomous nature. These are what you call "free churches" governed primarily by the local pastor rather than an episcopal hierarchy. In other words, these people have a strong independent streak, and that independent streak is powered by religious fervor. These are the descendants of those who already broke with the United States 160 years ago, in what is popularly known today as America's Civil War. While historically they have been relatively content to live within the political jurisdiction of the United States, there have been periods of history when this contentment was more of a toleration, and even then the bonds of that toleration have been strained. Since the turn of the millennium, those bonds have been strained to new levels, and with the Liberal takeover of Washington DC in the last year, those bonds that unite the South with the North have never been so strained since the years just before the Civil War.

Southern Secession groups are quick to point out this fact, along with the historical fact that the Confederacy never did surrender in 1865. The only thing missing is a government in exile. The political imposition of abortion-on-demand will in itself drive the Southeastern states out of America within a decade or two. That issue alone is enough to expedite a political rupture. Compound that with the imposition of gay-marriage, euthanasia, and "political correctness," the resulting schism is almost assured.

As if social abominations imposed by Washington DC were not enough, there also exists fiscal matters relating to government run healthcare, NAFTA, along with cap and trade, and excessive federal spending. All of this resulting in higher taxation, inflation and a lower standard of living, undermining the Southern economy. Economics was the prime ingredient of the first secession movement in 1860 resulting in the Civil War. There is no reason to believe it won't play a primary role in the second secession movement, probably occurring within the next five to twenty years.

Of course then there is the issue of culture. The American Southeast has a unique blend of Afro-Celtic culture that is evidenced by the rich music, dance and cuisine that has historically originated from this part of the nation...

The above map illustrates the ancestral heritage of the United States, the Southeastern states demonstrating the most interesting blend. Those identifying themselves primarily as "American" are usually of Scottish descent. The blending of these Celtic people with the remnants of African culture imported by the English slave trade some 200 years ago, has given the American Southeast the rich cultural "flavor" that it's known for around the world.

The exodus of the entire American south is inevitable, both in the east and the west. The fate of Texas remains uncertain, as it finds itself on the battlefront of both cultural divides. Texas is where the Southeastern and Southwestern schism meet, and it's long term effect on Texas is unknown.

The fate of New England, the Great Lake States, and the Northern Frontier is also uncertain. While Alaska will soon find itself under Russian control again if it's not quickly annexed by Canada during the political breakup of the lower 48 states. The United States cannot afford a military conflict with Russia, especially while it's preoccupied with political turmoil in the lower 48 states. Who knows what becomes of Hawaii and Puerto Rico?

These are the primary factors driving the political breakup of the United States. They are centered primarily in the Southern states, both east and west, and they will power the demise of this nation as we know it. They are the result of culture and demographics, and the populations of these areas cannot be blamed. It's not their fault. It was, is, and will be, the fault of an overly centralized federal government in Washington DC that has ruled the nation incompetently and fleeced the people of their wealth and national identity. The outcome is certain. It will happen. The only question is when? Historical precedence, culture and demographics mandate it.

Friday, January 1, 2010


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The following is an open letter from 'The Catholic Knight' to all European governments. Please feel free to copy and distribute this open letter as you see fit...
Your Excellencies,

By now you are well aware of the demographic crisis your nations will soon face. The very cultural identity of Europe is threatened. If you will indulge me for a moment, I believe I have a solution to this crisis which may reverse this trend within just a few short decades. This concise plan has only three points.

First, examine the laws and policies of both your national governments and the European Union, with the intent of eliminating all restrictions to the free exercise of Christian religion. Attempt to structure these laws in such a way that encourages the free exercise of religion in general. This should be coupled with laws that strengthen the rights of parents to educate their children according to their religious beliefs.

Second, examine the laws and policies of both your national governments and the European Union, particularly laws related to taxation and entitlements, with the intent of encouraging traditional marriage and the procreation of children within the traditional family.

Third, liberalize your immigration policies to give a most favored immigration status to the direct descendants of European settlers on other continents, and simultaneously tighten immigration laws on applicants with no ancestral ties to Europe. Consider this a "right of return" policy for the descendants of Europeans. For example; provide immediate relocation packages, with fast-track citizenship eligibility, to any non-Euopean who can provide proof of a direct European ancestor having emigrated within the last 100 years.

The third point will not work as effectively unless the first and second points are also addressed. There is no reason to believe these three points, working together, wouldn't provide an immediate resurgence of European culture and stabilize European demographics within a few decades. I encourage you to implement these emergency steps as quickly as possible, to save what is left of Europe before it's too late.


'The Catholic Knight'
An Anonymous Internet Blogger