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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Anglican Breviary

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  The Anglican Breviary is based on the old Roman Breviary (1962, Tridentine, Extraordinary Form), except is it slightly revised in accordance with the Daily Office from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.   All seven day-offices (plus Matins) are condensed into this one volume which is no larger than a standard personal Bible.  It is perfect for personal or family devotion.  (Official parish use of this book is not possible at this time.)

Both Anglican Catholics and (Traditional) Roman Catholics will love this Breviary.  The arrangement of the book is a little different than the usual breviary, and takes some getting used to.  However, once you've become accustomed to the method, it's actually more logical and reasonable than the usual Breviary.  Certain portions of the breviary ought to be committed to memory for ease of use, such as the opening and closing prayers for example.  One great advantage is that it's all contained into one book, as opposed to three, as is the case with the usual Roman Breviary.  However, all the elements of the (Traditional) Roman Breviary are present.  The language is set to Old English, and there is no Latin text.  This is how space is saved.  It's a highly functional book that is ideal for both personal and family devotion.   The typeset is excellent, and though it is relatively small, it is gentle on the eyes.  The book is currently priced under $70 U.S.D., which is considerably cheaper than most full breviaries of similar caliber.  You need not take my word for it though, here's the link: