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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Anglican Missal

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The Anglican Missal is an alternative to the Book of Common Prayer used by many Anglo-Catholics. It's based almost entirely on the pre-1962 Roman Missal (Tridentine mass), but revised slightly to reflect Anglican heritage. It is profoundly Catholic in form and style, as one would expect of a pre-1962 Roman liturgy. In many respects, the Anglican Missal is a perfect complement to the Anglican Breviary referenced in the previous blog entry. These in turn are prefect complements to the Roman Missal and Roman Breviary (pre-1962). It is widely speculated that these two texts (Anglican Missal and Breviary) will play a foundational role in the creation of a universal liturgy for the emerging Anglican ordinariates.

Various editions of the Anglican Missal are used by Traditional Anglican parishes throughout the world, this in conjunction with their older prayer books.  Roman Catholics would do well to at least skim over this particular version of liturgy, as it will likely be one major foundation for the future mass of the emerging Anglican ordinariates.  The Anglican Missal may be viewed online here should the iframe version below not function properly on your computer, or downloaded as a PDF here.

A Spanish version of the Anglican Missal has also been produced as well, and is used by some Traditional Anglican churches in Central America.  Interestingly enough, the Anglican Missal is also used by some High-Church Lutherans in various European nations.