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Sunday, January 9, 2011

FRAUD! As Many as HALF of all Sex-Abuse Claims Against Priests Are False

(NewsBusters) - In a stunning ten-page declaration recently submitted to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, veteran attorney Donald H. Steier stated that his investigations into claims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have uncovered vast fraud and that his probes have revealed that many accusations are completely false.

Counselor Steier has played a role in over one hundred investigations involving Catholic clergy in Los Angeles. In his missive Mr. Steier relayed, "One retired F.B.I. agent who worked with me to investigate many claims in the Clergy Cases told me, in his opinion, about ONE-HALF of the claims made in the Clergy Cases were either entirely false or so greatly exaggerated that the truth would not have supported a prosecutable claim for childhood sexual abuse" (capital letters are his).

Mr. Steier also added, "In several cases my investigation has provided objective information that could not be reconciled with the truthfulness of the subjective allegations. In other words, in many cases objective facts showed that accusations were false."

Mr. Steier's declaration is a stunner. He is as experienced as anyone in studying the claims of abuse against Catholic clergy in the Los Angeles area.

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So where is the press? I mean where is the outraged press? Where is the media frenzy and news extravaganzas? Where is the live coverage of the next bishops' conference? What's that? Not a peep from the news media? Not even a single report on the national evening news? Why does this not surprise me?

If you've been reading this blog for the last few years, you would be one of the few people in America who has actually been educated on this matter. Only THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT blog, and other similar Catholic media outlets, have bothered to report the truth in perspective. If you're a regular reader here, congratulations, your knowledge has just been vindicated by NewsBusters. But don't expect the anti-Catholic mainstream news media to report a word of it.

Just to review, The Catholic Knight has consistently reported that less than 5% of Catholic clergy had credible accusations of sexual abuse made against them over the last 50 years. That means 95% of Catholic clergy have had NO credible accusations made against them - none, nill, zip, nothing! So the untold story is that 95% of all Catholic clergy are completely innocent, but of course, you would never know that by watching the mainstream news media.

Now let's move on. This recent report from Los Angeles confirms what many of us have suspected all along. No less than half of all credible accusations against Catholic clergy are fraudulent. This type of fraud may be due to mental illness on the part of the alleged "victim," or it could be as insidious as deliberate fraud in an attempt to extort money from the Church. In both cases the accused priest becomes the real victim here, but in the latter case, what we have going on is nothing less than criminal activity on the part of the alleged sex-abuse "victim." Does the mainstream news media report any of this? Of course not.

So what this means is our statistic of less than 5% can now be safely reduced to less than 2.5%. What I'm saying here is less than 2.5% of Catholic clergy are likely guilty of sexual abuse, while about 2.5% have been falsely accused, and the remaining 95% of clergy have had no credible accusations made against them at all. These are the statistical FACTS, as best as we can ascertain them, and they are considerably different than what the mainstream news media has been reporting for the last seven to eight years.

Once again the evidence shows that if you get the lion's share of your news from any of the syndicated television news outlets (CNN, FoxNews, ABC, NBC & CBS) you remain considerably and consistently uninformed. Perhaps even the word "indoctrinated" might be a better fit. If you want good news, you have to work for it. Cruse the Internet to find independent news outlets, and blogs like this one.

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