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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BREAKING: Modernist Schism Now Imminent !!!

An example of liturgical and doctrinal abuse in the Catholic Church
Masses like this are forbidden by Rome.
(Sydney Morning Herald) - The Catholic Church is facing open defiance over its new Mass, with at least a dozen Australian priests indicating they will refuse to use it when it comes into force later this year.

Hundreds more are angry about the lack of consultation for the new, more literal translation of the 400-year-old Latin text, which was heavily influenced by a Vatican advisory committee headed by the Sydney Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell.

What supporters say is a suitably elevated and poetic text more faithful to the original Latin is seen by detractors as an outdated, contrived and less inclusive version that ignores modern English and could further alienate Catholics from the church. It has become the latest battleground in the culture wars between progressive Catholics and traditionalists over the direction of reforms stemming from the 1960s Vatican Council, which allowed the faithful to celebrate the liturgy in their own language for the first time...

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A direct confrontation between the Vatican and the Modernists in the Church is about to come down - this year! That is unless the Vatican blinks and postpones the implementation of the new English translation of the Roman Missal. The question that arises is who's in charge here? Is this a Church still governed by the pope? Or has the Catholic Church become a mere collective, with nobody really in charge, sort of like the Anglican Communion. The message the Vatican sends over the next ten months will be crucial.

If the Vatican blinks, postponing the implementation of the new translation (which has already been postponed for years), it will send a clear message that the Modernists are still in charge of the Catholic Church, and the leadership in Rome fears threats of schism more than orthopraxy. Is Pope Benedict still our fearless German Shepherd? We will know for sure on November 27th, 2011 - the date the new English translation of the Roman Missal is set to go into effect.

Simultaneously, in the United States, a group of potential schismatics and heretics are meeting in Detroit on June 10th through the 12th in what has been compared to an alternate Church authority opposed to the Vatican and the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). The American Catholic Council is a potentially schismatic and heretical group that has already been condemned by the Archbishop of Detroit - His Excellency Allen Henry Vigneron. The intention of this group is to celebrate the post-conciliar liturgical abuses and doctrinal innovations, as well as promote them for future development. The group is also calling for a complete restructuring of Church governance, setting itself up as a potential alternative to the USCCB.

What we have here are the makings of a whole new schism in the Catholic Church, comparable to the Protestant Reformation some 500 years ago. Any attempt to reason with these people will result in failure and give them the credibility they need to spread their errors. We can only hope the Vatican, and the bishops in Australia and the United States, take a strong stand against this type of open rebellion.