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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Middle East Revolution - Phase 2

The United Muslim States (or Caliphate) as Envisioned in the Near Future
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT has been warning about emerging trends in the Middle East, and before I go into this further, let me say there is nothing the United States, Europe or the United Nations can do to stop this now.  A united Islamic caliphate in the Middle East and North Africa is about to rise, and the chain of events needed for that to happen has already progressed so far that it is irreversible.  The only question that remains now is how long?  How long will it be before these riot-revolutions destabilize all (or most) of the Arab governments and result in a call for a new order.  We are still in the early stages of this revolution and we have no idea how quickly it will proceed.

The problem with these riot-revolutions is that the majority of the people involved in them are not necessarily bad people.  In the case of Egypt the people were economically and politically oppressed by Hosni Mubarak's regime.  Their anger was justified, but so is the anger of those oppressed by the Iranian regime, and many other oppressed peoples in the region.

To date (2-16-2011) the following countries are in various stages of upheaval...

  1. Egypt
  2. Bahrain
  3. Iran
  4. Iraq
  5. Libya
  6. Tunisia
  7. Yemen
  8. Algeria
  9. Jordan
  10. Sudan

For now there is no end in sight.  Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are becoming increasingly isolated, and while there are things the Saudi monarchy can do to appease the masses, there is nothing Israel can do but sit and wait for the inevitable.  This is backing Israel into a corner with no way out but through military action - eventually.

This brilliant cartoon captures the reality of the situation
in Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations.
Sadly, though the anger of the demonstrators is understandable, the results will likely be against their best interest, and especially against the best interest of Israel and the West.   The problem of course is culture.  The word culture comes from the Latin word cultus meaning "religion," and all culture is based on religion.  It is no accident that the Muslim Brotherhood occupies a dominant position in Egyptian politics and while the intentions of the demonstrators may have in many cases been pure, the result of their action will put them under a regime far more harsh than anything Hosni Mubarak dished out during his thirty year reign.  There simply aren't enough pro-western, pro-democracy advocates in Egypt to make a democratic revolution stick.  With the backing of the military, and a little luck, they might achieve a democracy for a short time, but the Muslim Brotherhood is already preparing to field political candidates for those elections, and once their boys are elected, you can expect Egypt's budding democracy to give way to theocratic rule rather quickly.

When the Caliphate is established, it's land mass will
dwarf Europe and possibly surpass the size
of the United States.
So what happened in Egypt is now happening in other nations around the Muslim world, and what we are seeing in the 21st century is the fruition of Muslim fantasies in the 20th century.  To accomplish this dream the current autocratic regimes must be toppled, or else made to do the bidding of the people, and the people will soon be manipulated to do the bidding of the religious leaders.  (That's not hard in Islamic regions.)  This is inevitable you see because it all comes back to culture.  There is no distinction between religion and state in Islamic culture.  Secularism and multiculturalism are viewed as inventions of the West and that is correct.  In the West, particularly in Europe, those inventions are failing miserably, to the point where even the leaders of Britain, Germany and France now admit that multiculturalism has failed Europe and must be abandoned to save Europe.  Secularism will likely be the next admission of failure, but I imagine they'll hold out on that until the last minute.  The new Islamic Caliphate will not likely want to repeat the errors of the West, and the religious leaders of the Muslim world will not permit it.  So the Caliphate will be staunchly Islamic in law as well as culture - i.e. "Shariah."

The official position of the United States in all of this is eerily familiar.  Back in 1979 when pro-democracy students overthrew the Shaw of Iran, the Carter administration likened the return of the Ayatollah from exile in France to the "return of Gandhi."  Americans were assured the Iranian student protesters were "pro-democracy" and would never allow the creation of a radical Muslim state.  Within months the Ayatollah took over Iran and turned it into an Islamic theocracy.  President Carter was then quickly reduced to a mere hostage negotiator.  Strangely enough the former president is repeating the same mantra again in regards to what is going on now, and the current Whitehouse administration is echoing it.  It's as if our leaders continuously miscalculate over and over again.  As for the American press, they are largely the fourth branch of government.  Whatever the official position of the Whitehouse is, the news media just repeats it.

The Islamist short-term plan for a regional Caliphate, followed by a
long-term plan for worldwide domination.
We cannot know how long it will take for the Caliphate to be created, or how long it will be before the "United Muslim States" emerge as a singular entity, but it's eventual creation is almost assured. When this happens the State of Israel will be in the most immediate danger and Europe shortly after that.

There is not much we can do to help the Israelis.  The Zionist pipedream of creating an exclusively "Jewish State" in the middle of the Islamic world was shortsighted and insane.  Since it's inception into law it has resulted in multiple wars and countless acts of terrorism.  Granted, it is Israel that is primarily attacked, but it is also Israeli policy of maintaining and enforcing a strictly "Jewish State" that aggravates the situation.  All that aside, it's about to become ancient history, as Israel's main problem now will be it's very survival.  Israel now has three problems to face and all three spell it's eventual political demise.  The first is the military threat from the emerging Caliphate super-state.  The second is a potential internal Egyptian-style uprising of the Palestinian people.  The third is demographics, as Israeli Jews do not maintain a birthrate high enough to sustain the nation for longer than thirty years.  Meanwhile the Palestinian birthrate continues to rise.  Even if Israel manages to beat the odds on a military threat and a popular uprising, it still must face down the harsh reality of biological mathematics.

So what (if anything) can America do to help Israel?  There isn't much.  We cannot afford to fight their wars for them, and supplying them with more weapons and money will only turn the Caliphate's wrath toward us.  All we can do is urge the Israeli's to make peace with the Palestinians, by either creating a separate Palestinian State immediately, or else annexing the territory and granting full Israeli citizenship to all Palestinian Muslims and Christians.  This is their best bet at maintaining peace with their Arab neighbors and the emerging Caliphate.  Aside from that, the only thing the United States can do is formulate a mass evacuation strategy for Israel citizens if or when the unthinkable occurs.  Should that happen, the United States had better be prepared to absorb millions of Jewish and Christian refugees not only from Israel, but also the entire Arab world.

The United States can do nothing to help Europe.  Only the Europeans can help themselves, and that can only be done by abandoning both multiculturalism and secularism entirely.  Restoring Europe to it's Christian roots is the only solution, as only a healthy and robust Christianity stands in between Europe and an Islamic revolution.

All America can do to help itself is return to it's Christian roots, disengage from the Middle East, and start using our own energy reserves.  Word has it we have enough oil to become the Saudi Arabia of the 21st century.  When you look at the crisis posed by our national debt, it is high time we start using it to turn our situation around.