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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Worldwide Paradigm Shift Underway

Riots in Egypt marked the turning point in the current paradigm shift.
(WND) - Islamists, in particular the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood, seem poised to take power throughout the Middle East as a result of riots that have already toppled one Arab regime and are threatening others, in what some are calling only the latest wave of an Islamic "tsunami" sweeping the globe.

In Egypt, members of President Hosni Mubarak's family reportedly have fled the country as a flood of violent, fatal street protests threatens the stability of this most populous Arab nation, a longtime U.S. ally and the only Muslim nation with a long-lasting peace agreement with Israel.

The White House has been championing the protests, calling for a transition to democratic rule in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood formed the main opposition to Mubarak....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I cannot begin to describe in words the absolute fundamental transformation that is underway in world politics. The mainstream news media is only now just beginning to comprehend the magnitude of a small fraction of it. Nothing this profound has happened since the fall of the Soviet Union. Not even the terrorist events of 9-11 compare to what is happening now. This is nothing short of a worldwide paradigm shift, and it's only just begun.

The riot-revolution in Egypt is just the beginning. Tunisia has already fallen. Yemen and Jordan are next. Turkey has changed it's political course to a more anti-Israel and anti-Western stand, so as to appease the swelling outrage in the hope of preventing riots. Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf States are becoming increasingly isolated. Even their regimes will likely become vulnerable in the months and years ahead.  Blame is steadily being painted on the United States and Israel, and sadly, it is not entirely unwarranted.

Allow me to elaborate on exactly what is going on. To understand it all, we need to back up a bit.  Let's go back to 1979.  Islamic radicals orchestrated a riotous revolution expelling the American backed Shaw of Iran, and replaced his monarchy with an Islamic theocratic republic.  Ever since then, Iran has become a thorn in the side of the whole Western world, and especially the United States and Israel, orchestrating and funding Islamic terrorism by working with Syria to take over the only Christian nation in the Middle East - Lebanon.  From Lebanon, Iran through Syria has created the terrorist organization Hezbollah.  The sworn goal of Hezbollah is to drive the State of Israel into the sea.  Furthermore, Iran has recently pursued nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them via intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICMs).  In response to the 1979 terrorist kidnapping of American embassy workers in Iran, the United States backed a rogue dictator in Iraq named Saddam Hussein.  Washington DC orchestrated the transfer of weapons - even chemical weapons - to Hussein for use in his war against Iran.  While at the same time Washington (during the Reagan administration) attempted to play both sides of the Iraq-Iran War by delivering arms to Iran as well.  It was only after Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons on his own people that the United States stopped all military relations with him.  It was at that time Hussein decided the real enemy was the Untied States and the Gulf Arab states.  So he signed a peace treaty with Iran and turned his guns south toward Kuwait instead.  In August of 1990 Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait - a U.S. ally and oil producer for American markets.  Kuwait fell quickly and Saudi Arabia realized it was next on Hussein's black list.  So the United States responded with the Gulf War, which ended in February of 1991 with the defeat of Saddam Hussein, the containment of Iraq, the liberation of Kuwait, and the presence of a permanent U.S. military base in Saudi Arabia.

Now let's fast forward ten years to the turn of the century. On September 11, 2001, the United States was brutally attacked by Islamic terrorists. The devastation in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania rightfully enraged the American people. Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian national, and American-educated radical Sunni Muslim of the Wahhabi sect, orchestrated and funded the terrorist attacks through his international terrorist organization called Al Qaeda. The attacks on the United States were celebrated in many places throughout the Middle East, and other Islamic nations, because of what many Muslims perceive as the American backing of Israel and Arab dictators.  Osama Bin Laden himself cited American backing of Israel, along with the presence of an American military base in his homeland of Saudi Arabia.  As a radical Islamic puritan, Bin Laden saw such American presence as profaning holy ground so close to Mecca.  In response, the United States, headed by President George W. Bush, formulated a "War on Terrorism" under which the United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, attempting to set up democracies.  In both cases democracies were organized, but they were Islamic democracies that continued to enforce various elements of Shariah Law, and are extremely vulnerable to the kind of political pressure that can push them into becoming Islamic theocratic republics like Iran.  In this new "War on Terror," as it came to be called, the United States continued to back dictators in multiple Islamic nations including Egypt and Pakistan due to their assistance in combating Islamic terrorism.  Simultaneously, the United States embarked on continued deficit spending to back the "War on Terror" and increased social programs, as well as bolstering economic growth by inflating a government backed credit bubble.

Now let's fast-forward ten years to today.  The government backed credit bubble popped in September of 2008, as a result the United States bailed out the banks and lenders with trillions of dollars of deficit spending.  The U.S. Federal Reserve floated this debt by monetizing it with trillions of dollars of printed funny money.  This injection of liquidity into the international markets caused inflation in the international markets, driving up the cost of food, energy, textiles and increasing poverty throughout all nations that use the dollar as their international trading currency.  These conditions hit the Middle Eastern nations hard, especially those that worked closely with the United States, causing food riots that escalated into full-blown political revolutions - Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and and now Jordan.  There doesn't appear to be any end in sight.  On the surface, the riots and demonstrations are understandable.  These people have been victimized by governments that have failed them and left them hungry and in poverty.  The problem with these revolutions is that radical Islamic groups have stood ready for years, poised to rush in and direct such movements toward the creation of more radical Islamic theocracies.  The momentum seems unstoppable now, and there is nothing the United States (or any Western power) can do to influence it.  The more the United States tries, the more frustrated civilians turn toward radical organizations such as the "Muslim Brotherhood" in response.  Again, who can blame them?  The United States backed many of these dictators that brought this ruin upon them in the first place.  Why on earth would they trust us?

To make matters worse, Washington has been attempting to play both sides again, by backing the rioters as well as the dictators they are rioting against.  Your guess is as good as mine as to why we would do this, but apparently we did, especially in Egypt.  Maybe this was to gain political capital with the opposition groups should such a revolution ever happen successfully.  However, as it's playing out, whatever political capital we hoped to gain is being spent fast and the whole thing seems to be backfiring on us as it did with our backing of Saddam Hussein in Iraq during the 1980s.

Now the entire Middle East is erupting in revolution, and as soon as one domino falls the next will follow.  What happened in Iran back in 1979 is now happening all over the Middle East in 2011 and it seems we are powerless to do anything about it.

From a Catholic perspective all of this was predicted centuries ago by our mystics and seers.  In the years ahead more political strength will shift away from the United States and Europe toward radical Islamic powers.  Together with Marxist radicals in Europe, they will eventually attempt the same kind of riotous revolutions there.  What follows is what many Catholic mystics have called "The Chastisement" which will result in another paradigm shift that will bring about the last great era in Christian history before the rise of Antichrist and the Second Advent.