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Sunday, March 13, 2011


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: We are living in a very historic time. We have been warned, and many people believe we are already in the Chastisement of God prophetically foretold by Catholic saints and mystics in previous centuries. If indeed we are already in this Chastisement, it likely began in 1938 with the beginning of World War II and could last until 2038. The children of Fatima warned us that Our Lady foretold if the people did not repent, a greater war than World War I would follow, under the reign of Pope Pius XI, after a strange light in the night sky over Europe. On January 25th 1938, during the reign of Pope Pius XI, a solar storm produced an Aurora Borealis that was seen all over Europe and North America -- as far south as California in the United States. These lights were seen by Hitler himself and he took it as a "sign" to begin his war plans. On February 4th 1938, less than two weeks after the aurora was seen by the world, Hitler promoted himself to military chief in Germany. A month later he marched his army into Austria. This was one of the early aggressions that started World War II. At that point the Fatima prophecies cease to be conditional.

Did the Chastisement of God, foretold by our Catholic saints and mystics, begin in 1938? Is this the 75 to 100 year war of Satan against Christ's Church foretold by Pope Leo XIII in 1884, exactly 33 years before the Fatima apparitions? If indeed 1938 was the starting point, than the end point would be anywhere between 2013 and 2038. It is the last portion of this Chastisement (particularly the last four and a half years) which is prophesied to be the most bloody and the most terrifying. If the prophecies are accurate, this period will conclude with a cleansing of the Church, the fall of a good pope, the rise of a great pope in his place, and the coronation of a great Christian monarch in Europe that will mark the end of multiculturalism and secular republics. France is prophesied to produce this monarch.

As we look at the world around us it appears that many of the events that seemed so impossible in generations past are now becoming more of a plausibility. The three secrets of Fatima underscored a theme of apostasy for Europe.  That has already occurred, as Europeans turned away from Christianity in record numbers after World War II.  The whole continent is now "post-Christian."  As a result, Europe is now falling to Islam in a cultural sense.  Europe had already been plagued by Marxists for the last century. A Muslim-Marxist nexus seems inevitable now. The riotous events and civil wars now unfolding in the Islamic nations of North Africa and the Middle East mark the beginning of a new popular Islamic era that is sure to become increasingly unfriendly to the Western world. The multiculturalism in France, and other European nations, combined with the lack of Christian faith that swept the continent since World War II, is spawning a new wave of conservative nationalism, forcing European leaders in France, Germany and Britain to admit that multiculturalism is a complete failure. While we must say that recognition of the problem is a step in the right direction, we must also acknowledge that it's too little too late, and the events unfolding have reached the irreversible state. All of Europe will soon be plunged into civil war, likely to occur anytime within the next two decades, and the outcome will change the course of world history.

As for North America, particularly the United States, Canada and Mexico, there is only one defense. The only thing standing between us an a fate similar to Europe is a healthy and robust Christianity. Our governments need to stop attacking the values of our Christian faith, and our people need to turn back to Christianity in large numbers. This is the U.S. Catholic Church's grand opportunity to seize the moment and reclaim the majority of America's secular population for Rome. Sadly we don't see much effort in this regard coming from the general Roman Rite. Hopefully, with the grace of God, the emerging Anglican ordinariates in North America will do their part to pick up the slack.  If they don't, or if the general Roman Rite doesn't awaken from it's long slumber, the United States and Canada may soon be facing a similar fate as Europe.