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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Proposed Alliance

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  A reader recently emailed an idea to me that I just had to share with the rest of my readers.  Now this is sure to be a controversial concept, especially to readers of this blog, but before giving in to a visceral gut reaction, read the whole article and hear me out.

We are all familiar with the Leftist fear of Muslims and Jews.  We know Leftist Liberals in the West will not dare attack Muslims or Orthodox Jews for their views on abortion, gay-marriage and religious rights.  We know Leftists fear that Jews will sue them and Muslims will (well let's just say they might not take kindly to such attacks on their religion).  So Leftists instead pick on Christians, particularly Catholics, because they know whatever fight they get from Christians will be muted if they even get a fight at all.  This is because for the last forty years Christianity, including the Catholic Church, has taken a defensive posture in society, and Christians are more apt to complain about wrongs committed against them than do anything about it.  In fact, the martyrdom tendency within Christian circles almost assures the Left that they can get away with any attack on Christianity with virtually no consequences.

Well, enough is enough.  The Catholic Knight is proposing an alliance that will surly be unsettling to any Leftist reading this blog.  Western Muslims frequently claim that they are misunderstood and do not share the radical beliefs of Islamists.  In fact, the separation of the words "Muslim" and "Islamist" is evidence that there are large Muslim groups who want nothing to do with the extremism popularized on the news.  Simultaneously, Orthodox Jews are almost always on the defensive against anti-Semitism.  Both groups claim they would gladly work with Christians to overcome harmful stereotypes if only Christians would work with them.  That being said, allow me to propose an unexpected alliance that is sure to scare the pee out of every Leftist in the Western world.

The Catholic Knight proposes the "Children Of Abraham Alliance" or COAA. 

Now before you get all bend out of shape, don't think for one second The Catholic Knight is proposing some kind of ecumenical syncretist society.  You should know me better than that.  No, the nature of this proposed alliance is 100% secular, having no doctrinal or religious dialogue other than how our respective faith morals should relate to the secular world.  The idea is to create a kind of NATO umbrella organization, in which an attack on one is an attack on all, kind of system.  When the moral values of one religious system are attacked by the Left, the other two spring into action, defending the moral values each holds dear.  Of course, any type of a COAA would have to agree in advance what sort of moral values all three major religions have in common, and it would be these values alone the COAA would act upon.

Here is how it would work.  Suppose an offensive city ordinance, like the anti-Catholic resolution in San Francisco for example, is passed by a city council.  The ordinance is a direct attack on the Catholic Church's teaching against homosexuality.  The local bishop puts a word out to his lawyers, the Catholic League and the COAA.  Within hours a press release is issued from the local chief rabbi and the head imam in the city, announcing that such an attack on one Abrahamic religion is an attack on all Abrahamic religions and each groups lawyers will rally to the side of the religion that has been attacked.  Then a few days later the protests begin, consisting of Catholics, Muslims and Jews protesting the assault on one which is an assault on all. 

The concept behind this is there is strength in numbers but it's more than that.  Leftists are cowards at heart.  They will not dare attack the religious moral values of Jews and Muslims for fear of legal blow back and enraged public demonstrations.  Catholics on the other hand, have a good record on defending the rights of others, but a very poor record on defending our own rights.  The creation of the COAA would give Catholics the opportunity to do what we do best, which is defend the rights of others in need.  Simultaneously, it would also give us some much needed legal and demonstration assistance in defending our own rights.   This is not to mention that it would probably scare the hell out of every liberal Leftist from coast to coast.  That alone is enough to make it all worth while.  I ask you to consider this proposal and think it over carefully before posting your response below.


badcatholicblog said...

That's a damn good idea, sir.

Muerk said...

Brilliant idea.

Kellee said...

I love it! I'd sign up.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Dinesh D'Souza has been saying this for years. Culturally, they are our natural allies.

scotju said...

Sir Knight, I'm afraid this idea is a big uh-uh to me.
One, neither Judaism or Islam are Abrahamic religions. Christ said to the Jews: If you be the children of Abraham, do the works of the children of Abraham. But now yo seek to kill me, a man who has spoken the truth to you, which I have heard of God. This Abraham did not. Jno.8:39-40 Neither Judaism nor Islam can be considered "Abrahamic" religions because they reject Jesus Christ the God of Abraham. They reject him as God coming in the flesh IIJno.7 and they both hate Christians. also, how would our breathern in the Muslim Middle East and Israel feel about such an alliance? I think they would feel betrayed by such an action on our part!

Anonymous said...

In a smaller, somewhat limited way, this is exactly what Bill Donahue of the Cathlic League has been doing for some time.

The Catholic Knight said...

Yes, and the Catholic League does a great job. However nobody is afraid of the Catholic League namely because it is Catholic. Leftist are terrified of Jews and Muslims, not Catholics, which is why it may be time for an alliance.

The Catholic Knight said...

...besides, Catholics are more prone to defend the rights of others (such as Jews an Muslims) than defend their own rights. So let's work on their behalf while they work on ours, because an attack on one is an attack on all. You know blog comments like this has got to be getting the Leftists quaking in their communist boots.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Sir Knight

This is great in theory, but practically speaking I do not see this as a reality. I have some concerns, though I'm sure you've thought about this COAA thing a lot in depth:

1) The more stricter sects/contingents of Islam and Judaism (orthodox) would likely not want to negotiate with us on this, more Islam vs the Orthodox Jews. Aren't there lines in the Koran saying, paraphrased, "non-Muslims are infidels"? I hope that's a gross misinterpretation so please do correct me!!!

2) If we were to team up with the more welcoming parts of those religions, how would the movement be able to weed out memebers who are "X in name only" and embrace the modern heresies that have poisioned all our faiths, especially secularism, modernism, feminism and liberalism? Clearly there would need to be tight leadership in this so the initial movement doesn't evolve into something grotesque or dissipates into another blip in social history.

3) I guarantee you would have extreme diffficulty getting the average Catholic to even care on this as they are CINOs or just happy with their Sunday Mass and leaving to get to whatever Mass disturbed them from.

4) I think this will also cheeze off the right wing/ultra traditional side of Catholicism too. Between the more moderate or semi-liberal, and the right wing blogs and sites of the Catholic blogosphere, the general idea I get of the right is that "no salvation outside the Church" is upheld in the right, so I'm not sure how much right wingers will be able to reconcile that belief of the Church with the COAA.

Not to mention between SSPX and other traditionalists seem to frown upon ecumenism or downright oppose it and even the Church is criticized for what it's done in that regard. As an example, Sir Knight and those who read this blog daily, you probably recall me having to defend (with Dave Armstrong's site as help) a month ago against someone who used the Koran kissing incident to attack JPII and ecumenism with reagard to a posting on his Canonization.

5) Won't the more serious members listed in 1, plus the right wing Catholics in 4) be trying to convert each other in the process?

I can forsee a lot of problems sir Knight. However, I personally like this idea. You combine the power (in the eyes of the secular world) of the "lawyer-toting" Jews, the "radical" Muslims, and the anti-secularistic/liberalistic Catholics, the world and the Devil will really have a menace to contend with when it comes to attacking monotheism and true (not select) religious freedom.

The Catholic Knight said...

Young Canadian, actually I have thought about all these things, and you are very correct in your assessments. I have no solutions for any of these problems and I do realize the the whole idea is highly unrealistic. Nevertheless I think it's a good idea, even if it is highly unlikely that it will ever be implemented. In spite of that however, I think it's something worth talking about even if it's just for talking's sake.

Anonymous said...

Sir Knight, i have to agree with Young Canadian. First, there is still too much animosity toward catholicism from both the Jews and Muslims. Pope Benedict's recent "exonorating" the Jews for the death of Christ merely brought forth the usual "what took you so long" comments from Abe Foxman and his ilk. My second point is that the church hierarchy itself speaks with a weakened voice. Even fundamentalist protestants, who would be much more a natural ally in opposing gay "marriage" and abortion, have been dismayed by the wishy washy attitude of the church. For example, Mr Knight, there is a bill pending in FL to give personhood to the unborn. The drive is spearheaded by a protestant minister, but has received only tepid support from the Catholic bishops of FL (granted, not exactly the most orthodox group of prelates). This has caused many protestants, who would be our allies, to react with dismay. Finally, the church's own internal problems with abusive/gay priests (as recently exploding in Philadelphia) has created a severe credibility question. The church has squandered much of its moral and spiritual capital in recent days. And, I really dont see Jews or Islamists rushing to the defense of the church, given their own innate hostility towards it. Good idea on paper, Mr Knight, but it wont fly in the real world. Pete Frey

communion gifts said...

Sign me up!

Burg Family Blog said...

I'm a member of the SSPX (right wing/ultra conservative.. didn't know we were called that). I think the idea that the Catholic Knight proposes is a good one. I don't think such a group would be any more detrimental to the faith of Catholics than being a citizen of the U.S. has been. It really could fly under the banner of our first amendment rights to Freedom of Religion as in the Constitution. However, I have a hard time believing the Muslims would work with us, but who knows? How could we get this up and running?

The Catholic Knight said...

I honestly wouldn't know how to propose the idea to the Jewish and Muslim community, maybe if some of my readers know some Muslims and Jews they can direct them to this blog post and they can get the ball rolling on their end. As for we Catholics, I suppose the only thing we can do is write letters to our local bishops and the president of the USCCB.

The Catholic Knight said...

I suspect that maybe, just maybe, there might be a lot more support for this idea that some of us suspect. Both Jews and Muslims regularly feel like persecuted minorities in this country. We can debate whether or not that's true all we want, but if the feeling is there, that definitely has influence over people's lives. Creating a secular alliance between these groups and Catholics would certainly give the Muslims and Jews a greater feeling of security, and it helps Catholics too.

An attack on Catholicism is most certainly an attack on Orthodox Judaism and Islam as well, because we share many of the basic moral principles being attacked by radical Leftists in this country and elsewhere. Likewise an attack on Jews and Muslims by Right-wing nutcases is an attack on Catholicism as well, because everyone knows if those lunatics ever had their way with them they would come after us next.

Together we have the means to defend ourselves. United we stand. Divided we fall. A secular alliance between Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox Jews would scare the pee out of every radical Leftist and racist in the country, making the "Children of Abraham Alliance" (COAA) a political, legal and social force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...

I've had thoughts along this line for several years. The children of Abraham should have some degree of visible unity. I've considered Catholicism in particular, Christianity in general the fulfilment of the Jewish faith. There should be a very strong and vocal bond there.
However, in regards to the Muslim faith, I have doubts. Are not many of its' core tenets in direct contradiction to Christian and Jewish beliefs? How can we be supportive of a faith that is in direct conflict with ours? Deep down I question the legitimacy of the founding of the Islamic faith.
On a pratical note, I have problems with the Ground Zero mosque, which this alliance sounds like it would support.
Mark Carney

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how an alliance can be forged with an attitude of "You guys are extremist terrorists and greedy Jews, so everyone's afraid of you. HEY I have a great idea, let's be on the same side so you can protect my interests!"

This is a great idea - the thing is, many alliances like this exist, and most of them are unofficially affiliated with "leftist" ideals... because most leftists won't label a vast group of people with offensive generalizations. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Rightist ideals like the Pro-Life movement and the right to free practice of their faith, protected by state laws. But unless we learn to genuinely respect the other Children of Abraham and unify under common traditional values, the "cowardly Leftists" will unify them under progressive values.

We've reached a point in postmodern society where it can no longer be religion versus religion, but faith versus secular atheism. The best possible option is to find common ground with other faiths, to protect our common rights. And the first step in finding common ground is learning to respect individuals of other faiths.

This is a great idea, and I'm glad you thought of it - now let's work on actualizing it first in our souls, and then in our organizations and relationships.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this basically what the recent Manhatten Declaration was all about?