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Monday, March 28, 2011

World War III on the Horizon

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It would appear that World War III is on the horizon, and the principle players will be Iran in Israel, not the United States and Russia as has been the conventional wisdom for the last half century. While the two superpowers will likely play a supportive role, Russia with Iran and the United States with Israel, so it would seem this will be a war of surrogates and the people of the Middle East will be made to suffer.

What we have here are two extremist ideologies set to clash in the not-too-distant future. The first ideology is Zionism and it is the primary cause of this conflict. In the early 20th century, European and American powers grew friendly to the idea of "recreating" the Biblical Holy Land inhabited by Jews. The unChristian notion of Anti-Semitism (what Pope Pius XI referred to as the "superstition of race") was growing throughout the West during that time, and so support for "resettlement" of Jews in Palestine seemed like a logical solution to many. For the most part Jews and Arabs got along well initially. However in 1948, with the establishment of "Israel" as a sovereign Jewish state, the Muslim Arab world erupted with rage. Multiple Arab-Israeli wars followed, with countless acts of terrorism thereafter. The State of Israel is in a perpetual state of national defense both internally and externally, with no possibility of peace in sight.   Israel, and thus the Zionist agenda, is supported both politically and religiously by the United States.

Politically, the United States sees Israel as an "ally" in the Middle East. It's very presence prevents Arabs from uniting the region into an Islamic superstate, and keeps the old British district lines alive and well.  The Israeli peace accords with Jordan and Egypt help to drive a deeper wedge into Islamic unity. This allows the United States to exploit oil reserves in the Arabian peninsula and Europe to exploit similar reserves in Northern Africa (primarily Libya). The Arab dictators and monarchs in North Africa and the Middle East serve as oil puppets for the West, while the real threat of Islamic unity is kept contained to the north in Iran and Syria.  When the southern Arab dictators and monarchs fail to comply with European and American interests, their regimes are toppled either with CIA sponsored uprisings or Western invasions. Such was the case with Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has likewise been slated by the CIA for regime change. It is likely we will see other governments toppled in the region as well. All of this is designed by the CIA, and European intelligence agencies, to gain more control over the region via the creation of more Western-style democracies.

The nation of Israel is also supported primarily by the United States in a religious sense and this is through Zionism. Now Zionism is the idea that the Biblical nation of Israel should be "recreated" in the Holy Land (i.e. "Zion"). Zionism was originally a political idea, promoted by certain liberal Jewish rabbis and Protestant Freemasons in the United States and Europe during the last century. Gradually it came to be embraced by American Evangelical Christians. The largest Zionist supporters now exist in the United States, among Evangelical and Conservative Protestant churches. Zionism has two religious components which are considered extremist by traditional Christian and Jewish theologians. The Jewish idea of Zionism is the rebuilding of "Zion" (the State of Israel) with Jewish supremacy over the region, and the reconstruction of the Temple Mount, which will usher in the return of the promised Jewish Messiah who will lead the Jewish people into peace and safety among the nations, and lead the world into worship of the God of Abraham and obedience to the Seven Nohide Laws. Of course this also involves the re-establishment of the animal sacrifices in the rebuilt Jewish Temple and the re-institution of Torah Civil Law. From an Evangelical Christian perspective on Zionism, the support of these goals is only superficial, in that it is believed that once the Jews in Israel are successful in this endeavor, it will usher in the prophesied events of the apocalypse and the supernatural return of Jesus Christ. As I said, both views are considered extremist and heretical in traditional Christian and Jewish theology. However, these extremist heretical views are very popular and they are doing their part to drive events in the Middle East. Every time the nation of Israel builds a new illegal Jewish settlement on Palestinian territory (i.e. "theft"), and American Evangelicals blindly support it, we can see both Jewish and Evangelical Zionism on display.

Saddam Hussein welcomes Donald Rumsfeld to Iraq in 1983.
Shortly after the establishment of the Nation of Israel in 1948 the Arab Muslim world reacted viscerally with an extremist interpretation of the Koran not used in a thousand years. This barbaric interpretation, which has been dubbed by the West as "Islamist" is best represented in the radical views of the mullahs who run the Islamic Republic of Iran. Shortly after their coming to power in 1979, the United States sought to contain the Iranian radicals by propping up a Secular Iraqi thug named Saddam Hussein. He did America's bidding for a decade by making war against Iran, while the United States supplied him with the weapons he needed to do it.  Later, Hussein discovered the United States was also supplying weapons to Iran (the "Iran-Contra Scandal"), in an attempt to keep the two powers contained in perpetual warfare.  So Hussein changed his mind, made peace with Iran, and immediately turned around to attack America's interest in the oil puppet state of Kuwait.  In response, President George H. Bush ("papa-Bush") ordered the invasion of Iraq and the liberation of Kuwait in what has come to be called the Gulf War.  A decade later, his son President George W. Bush ordered the job complete with total regime change in what is now called the Iraq War.  These events had the effect of galvanizing Islamist powers in their resolve to overturn Western influence in the region, and have caused many oil puppet regimes to question their relationship with the United States and Europe.  In 2006-2007 the oil puppet states went along with all the members of OPEC and decided to reduce the production of oil.  Gasoline prices surged around the world, and the United States economy, artificially inflated by the government-created real estate bubble, found itself in a very vulnerable position.  American homeowners, overstretched by rising mortgage payments and high gasoline prices, began defaulting on their home loans,  This caused the housing real estate bubble to collapse in 2008 during the middle of a U.S. presidential election.  Of course, this enraged the Bush administration, and so according to diplomatic cables released on Wikileaks, G.W. Bush ordered the CIA to begin work on toppling the regimes of the Arab powers responsible for this.  The CIA, along with European intelligence agencies, infiltrated Arab universities and education centers to provoke and encourage riots and demonstrations calling for regime change.  Again, according to Wikileaks, the Obama administration continued the plan started by G.W. Bush, and was aware the riot-revolutions would begin in January of 2011.  Barack Obama did nothing to stop it, and indeed expressed his support for it at every turn.   His latest action, using American forces to bomb Libya, began when Gaddafi attacked the rioting demonstraters instead of resigning like Mubarack did in Egypt.  This demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama and G.W. Bush are on the same page in this.  The objective here is for the the Muslim people of the Arab world to overturn their regimes (which have displeased the United States and Europe) and install new regimes that will hopefully be more friendly to American and European interests.  The United States government, and European powers, believe they can control the chain of events now unfolding to produce a desirable result.  There is only one problem with this plan.  The ideology that fueled the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979 has been unleashed throughout the Middle East and many of the people the CIA have been working with are now turning to extremist organizations (Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda) instead.  The supreme rebel leader in Libya has just admitted that he fought alongside the Taliban during the American incursion into Afghanistan and that most of his rebel fighters are connected to Al-Qaeda.  These are the people we are helping with the NATO bombing of Libya!?!  What we have here is a tremendous miscalculation on the part of American and European intelligence which has resulted in us helping our sworn enemies overthrow the dictators and monarch we originally propped up in the Arab world.  As bad as these tyrants are, at least they owed a debt to the West for their power.  Now that we're trying to topple them from within, they owe us nothing.  The end result is, the Islamist genie is now out of the lamp and our CIA sponsored revolution is being hijacked by Islamic radicals.

As President Barack Obama attempts to explain to the American public tonight why he decided to use American military forces to help radical Islamists overthrow a cruel dictator, let us keep in mind that he is only continuing a strategy employed by both Republican and Democrat administrations over the last two decades.  It is a strategy of intervention that has backfired on us at every turn.  This sort of thing might work well in Latin America or even Southeast Asia, but it doesn't work well in the Arab world.  The problem with the Arab world is that a radical ideology has been unleashed that infects the minds and hearts of millions of Arabs.  It's an ideology over a thousand years old, resurrected to deal with the emergence of Zionism, and it is a cruel and barbaric mindset that is SURE TO SUCCEED so long as the West remains hostile to it's own Christian heritage.  The last time this radical ideology was employed by the Arab world it manifested in centuries of jihad against the Christians that once owned the region.  These jihads carried on into Europe where the were met by a force of retaliation they never encountered before - CRUSADES!  The crusaders defeated the jihadists at their own game, and pushed them back as far as the Holy Land, even occupying Palestine for some time, before finally retreating back to Europe.  The Islamic threat was effectively contained for a time - about 1,000 years.  The bloody and barbaric jihadism would not be known again until the 20th century, when the West abandoned it's Christian heritage and Zionists became entrenched in the Middle East.

So what is likely to come now?  It would appear the Islamist zealots running Iran have seen the end game on the horizon.  They are interpreting the CIA sponsored uprisings in the oil puppet states as a "sign" that their time has come.  Their prophesied "12th Imam" or "Al-Mahdi" is seen as making his appearance sometime in the near future.  While mainly a Shiite belief at this time, it would appear the Iranian government is using current events to convince Sunni Muslims of it as well.  I suspect they will have marginal success.  Regardless of that, the unification of the Muslim world is coming, in some form or another, and that will result in greater hostility toward Israel and the United States.  It certainly doesn't bode well for Europe either.

Our own Catholic prophecies tell us of a future time when Muslims and Marxists will take to the streets in Europe together, overthrowing European governments much in the same way Arab governments are being overthrown today.  Perhaps this is a little of "what comes around goes around."  We did it to them, and soon they will do it to us.  (Maybe they'll do it in America and Canada too.)  Those of us who study Catholic prophecy also know how this will end up.  The Secular republics of Europe will fall (perhaps the North American republics too), and it will be up to the pope to save the day.  One pope will fall, and another will rise in his place, crowning a great Christian monarch who will launch another great crusade against the jihadists one last time.  Things will go differently this time.  Somehow in a way we cannot fully understand in this day and age, the fall of Islam in Europe will result in the fall of Islam in the Arab world too, opening the door to Christian missionary work.

There is a significant difference between the religious prophecies of Catholicism verses those of Evangelicalism, Judaism and Islam.  Catholic prophecies require us to do nothing but wait.  The only action required of us is prayer and personal holiness.  The Evangelical interpretation of Biblical prophecies, coupled with a whole lot of Zionist TRADITIONS, require Evangelicals to give unwavering and blind support to the Nation State of Israel.   This support can be moral support, financial support or political support, but it must be support of some kind.  Because, according to many Evangelical Zionist traditions, if you don't support the Secular Nation-State of Israel, God may curse you.  The Jewish interpretation of prophecy, as understood by most Jews under the influence of Zionism, requires them also to commit unwavering support for the Nation-State of Israel, and the rebuilding of "Zion" which includes Jewish supremacy over the region and the rebuilding of the Temple for animal sacrifice.  This is necessary for the Messiah to come, according to their beliefs.  The Islamist prophecies are certainly the most extreme, requiring them to believe in militant jihad and the killing of infidels to bring about the apocalypse needed to spur the coming of their Al-Mahdi or 12th Imam.  No matter how you look at it, no matter who's prophecies prevail, war is inevitable.

Tonight the President of the United States gave his reasons for the bombing of Libya.  My regular readers probably already know that I don't care what they are and I don't think anything he says really matters.  He's a puppet himself, who is told what to do by his handlers, just as our last president was told what to do by his handlers.  There are bigger powers working behind the scenes here.  We know some of their names, others remain in the shadows.  The United States no longer controls it's own destiny.  It hasn't for some time.  Our federal government is nothing more than a tool, and it is being used to enhance the power of those who are already powerful. 

I suspect what we are seeing unfold now is the slow decline of the United States and Europe.  I believe the CIA sponsored rioting-coups are going to backfire.  I believe the Arab world will unite under some form of Islamist caliphate because of it.  I believe the State of Israel will inevitably go to war as a result.  I believe the United States will be left in an economic quagmire with rising gasoline prices, mortgage defaults, inflation and another market crash.  America's days of intervention in the Arab world are numbered.  The same goes for Europe.  Israel's fate is up for grabs, and the Muslim world is setting itself up for its final destruction.  The Islamists are likely going to get what they want for a time, but in the end it will destroy them and their entire religion.  Yes, this is how I see things unfolding, and all we can do is pray the rosary for the conversion of Russia.  There really is no other option left for a faithful Catholic.  Here's some good news in all of this.  As of 2012, the Russian Federation will begin teaching religion classes in all of it's public schools.  This is not the "conversion" we've been praying for, but it is a positive step in the right direction.  Somehow Russia is the linchpin in all of this.  So let's keep praying the rosary.