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Monday, April 25, 2011

Banana Republic USA

Headlined on DrudgeReport 4/20/2011
Corsi's Book Hit Mainstream
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: It's either the ultimate publicity stunt in the history of book selling, or this is the biggest news of the century. Knowing the history of this investigative reporter, I suspect it's the latter. Jerome Corsi has a personal stake in this story. When rumors of Barack Obama's illegitimate candidacy hit the mainstream back in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Corsi (a Roman Catholic and member of the Constitution Party) went to Kenya to investigate. While there he not only uncovered evidence of Obama's birth outside the United States, but also his involvement as a US senator in the 2007 Kenyan presidential campaign of Raila Odinga. Enlisting Senator Barack Obama's support to gain over $1 million in donations, Odinga campaigned on the promise to establish Shariah Law in Kenya if elected. His failed election resulted in deadly violence that destroyed 800 Christian churches throughout the country. As a result, Odinga was later appointed prime minister after the tragedy to quell Islamic unrest. Corsi's findings were reported on WorldNetDaily by Bob Unruh.

Shortly after this Corsi was kidnapped by the Kenyan government and held illegally to prevent him from holding a news conference in Kenya to report his findings. Thousands of dollars were paid in bribes for his release according to WorldNetDaily. Considering the nature of Corsi's investigation, and the potential ramifications not only to the United States, but also dozens of governments around the world, it is likely that Corsi's life may be in danger. By reporting his findings in the form of a book, as opposed to series of press releases, Corsi may be attempting to secure his own safety and insure that the story is told to Americans in full and without government intervention. The sensational headlines on the 4/20/2011 morning-edition of the DrudgeReport are likely designed for this as well. When you have information that could bring down a US President, toppling an entire administration and possibly destroy an entire political party, the release of this sort of information must be carefully planned. Is this really the revelation of the greatest political scandal in American history? or just a publicity stunt? We won't know the answer until the book is released, and that answer will be revealed in the pages thereof. If Corsi's book sheds no new significant light on the origin of Obama's birth, than we know it was simply done for publicity. However, if it reveals something new, something explosive and scandalous, than we know the publicity was designed to protect the information and the reporter who exposed it.

Journalist Author Jerome Corsi
Now, the question arises, what if it's true? What if Barack Obama truly wasn't eligible to run for president back in 2008? Now what? Well, from a legal and constitutional perspective, he would have to resign or face impeachment and removal by the Congress. If Obama failed to resign, and the Congress failed to remove him, the United States would be tumbled into a constitutional crisis unparalleled since the Civil War. The United States would be governed by a KNOWN ineligible "president" and that will not sit well with the people, the states or the military. The US military would be forced to take action to defend the Constitution and forcefully remove Obama from office. Should any military leaders side with Obama, we will have a full-blown military civil war on our hands. That is the worst case scenario.

However, it's far more likely that what will happen will be denial from the Whitehouse entirely, while simultaneously attempting to smear the reporter and the information he uncovered as revealed in the book. I expect the Whitehouse's first move will be to prevent or delay publication of the book. When that fails, the Whitehouse will simply ignore it, and possibly try a smear campaign. Privately, behind the scenes Corsi and his publisher can probably expect an IRS audit as well as an FBI probe. Of course, such government actions will only lend to speculation that the information in the book is true. Should anything more come of it, we can expect nothing short of an army of lawyers to emerge defending Obama in the courts. That's where this is inevitably going to land you see. About that time we can expect Obama to finally, after years of stonewalling, produce his actual Hawaii long-form birth certificate. Who knows if it will be real, or if the CIA will be covering for him with a forgery to prevent a constitutional catastrophe. Whatever the case, I think one thing it certain. Somebody, somewhere in the United States government knows the truth. Unless that somebody does the right thing, and reveals that truth soon, we may never know where Barack Obama was actually born, or if he really is the president of the United States.

Is Barack Obama just playing with conservatives? Does he really have his long-form Hawaiian birth certificate stashed away somewhere? Is he trying to get conservatives whipped up into a frenzy so he can deliver a political death blow to them in the 2012 presidential election? Who knows? One thing is certain. Even if he ever does manage to produce a real Hawaiian long-form birth certificate at this point, there will always be doubts, from this time forth and forevermore. Whether he is just playing the political system, or if he really is ineligible, this whole mess (along with everything else going on) is slowly turning the United States of America into a banana republic that is clearly run by an faceless oligarchy.

UPDATE 4-27-2011...

The Whitehouse released what it claims to be Barack Obama's long-form Hawaii birth certificate today. In a rare press conference, Obama himself stated he hopes this will put the issue to rest. However, within hours of it's release problems were discovered. The certificate appears to have been altered and consisted of many "layers" upon digital examination, suggesting the possibility of a forgery. These observations have been reported by dozens of analysts with credible experience in such matters. Jerome Corsi has responded on WorldNetDaily saying that "Obama blinked" suggesting that the impending release of Corsi's book this May caused Obama to release the document in a panic, which is now creating more questions than it answers. He compared this to former President Nixon's release of the Watergate audiotapes, with vital information omitted, in an attempt to quell the Watergate scandal, but in actuality it only made it worse. Corsi claims the book, to be published this May, will reveal on multiple levels why Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be president of the United States. read more here