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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Crucified Rabbi

The Catholic Church IS Israel

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: As we prepare to celebrate Maundy Thursday, the date we mark the passover seder Jesus celebrated with his apostles, which we call the "Last Supper," it is appropriate to bring attention to the Hebraic origins of Catholic Christianity.  Therefore I would like to encourage my readers to get a copy of the book featured in the video above and to the right.  This book will not only help Catholics gain a better understanding of how the Catholic Church fulfills all of the messianic expectations of the Davidic kingdom originally promised to the Jewish people, but it will open the eyes of many non-Catholics (particularly Evangelicals) to the Hebrew origins of the Catholic Church.  This is particularly important to Evangelicals, and I would highly recommend if you have Evangelical family and friends you would like to see come into the Catholic Church, this book will be a valuable tool toward that end.  Evangelicals base a lot of their anti-Catholic beliefs on the notion that Catholicism is so far removed from the Jewish faith of Jesus and the apostles that it can't possibly be true.  However, a book such as this will shatter those false impressions.  In it they will see a simple transition from the early Christian Church (very Jewish in nature) to the rich tradition of Roman Catholicism.  If you want to shake an Evangelical down to the core, and then help him/her understand what Catholicism is really about, I highly recommend this book.

Rabbi Jesus the Messiah
teaches in the synagogue