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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A New Constitutional Convention !!!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Over the last couple decades America's debt crisis has sparked an initiative among the states to call for a constitutional convention. Calls for the Balanced Budget Amendment have echoed in the chambers of the U.S. Congress ever since the Reagan administration (1980s), however when it came down to the wire, Congress failed to pass such an amendment regardless of which party was in control at the time. Because of this, many state legislatures felt the only way to get the job done was to do it themselves, calling for a constitutional convention creating the amendment, circulating it among the states without approval from the U.S. Congress and thus ratify it in spite of the Democrats and Republicans controlling our nation's capitol. Over the last two decades, a number of states have signed on to the idea by officially calling for a new constitutional convention. These states are...

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota

The magic number to legally make a constitutional convention happen is 34 states. There are 29 listed above that have already passed resolutions calling for one. Another 3 states have also called for one (Alabama, Florida and Louisiana) but they recently rescinded their call based on fears that convention may do more harm than good. However, those rescissions have not yet been challenged in court, and there is a good chance they may be invalid. If so much as two more states, anywhere in the Union, were to pass resolutions calling for a Constitutional Convention, a chain of events would be set into motion that would be virtually unstoppable. The rescissions of Alabama, Florida and Louisiana would immediately be called into court on the grounds that they are invalid. Regardless of the outcome of the cases, the news of this hitting the airwaves would spur at least a few other states to call for a convention too, causing a bandwagon effect, effectively making the previous 3 state rescissions a moot point. Just two more states is all it will take to set the ball into motion. Just two more states will have the opportunity to make history. Which states will they be?

It is ironic that the call for a Balanced Budget Amendment is what spurred so many states to call for a constitutional convention. It was the inaction of both parties in the U.S. Congress that made this possible. Their insatiable appetite to spend more money is what stopped them from doing what needed to be done. After decades of calling for fiscal sanity they would not deliver. Finally the states decided to take it upon themselves, and now after two decades, their actions are about to come to fruition. At the time of this writing the next constitutional convention floats in limbo, awaiting the final two states to put everything into motion. I predict it will remain in limbo for a little while longer, until the double-dip recession hits us. That will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. That, compounded with inflation, high energy costs, rising unemployment (again) and perhaps even a default on the interest payments on the national debt, will tip the scales. The states will demand action. The federal government will go into crisis mode, and the only way out for the nation will be for the last remaining two states to call for a constitutional convention.

When the time comes for the convention, Americans will have already witnessed just how tyrannical the American Republic has become. I do not know exactly what sort of measures the federal government will put in place in their attempt to restore order, but I do know they will be draconian, unnecessary and completely unacceptable to the American people. By the time the convention comes, all of America will have seen just how much the republic no longer represents us or our American values.

When that day comes, it will be more than a Balanced Budget Amendment the constitutional convention will be considering. History will again repeat itself. When the original 55 delegates of the original constitutional convention convened in 1787, they thought they were just attending the "Philadelphia Convention" as it was originally called. The purpose of the "Philadelphia Convention" was to just fine-tune the Articles of Confederation, and that's all everyone thought they were going to do. However, when they got to Philadelphia, it wasn't long before they threw out the Articles of Confederation and started over from scratch, creating what we know today as the U.S. Constitution. In all likelihood, history will repeat itself with this new constitutional convention. The delegates (however many there may be) will quickly come to realize that 200 years has demonstrated the current U.S. Constitution no longer works (indeed if it ever did properly at all), and that nothing short of scrapping it for a whole new document will be necessary. Again, I remind you this will come after the U.S. federal government has just demonstrated unprecedented tyranny in the name of restoring order. It is only in this context that the actions of the next convention will be fully understood. We cannot fully understand that until it happens, but mark my words, IT WILL HAPPEN. You're just going to have to take my word for it, because I'm afraid my family knows this government just a little too well.
The next constitutional convention will be marked by significant trial and error. It may be a fairly long convention, as several new plans will be floated and shot down. In the end, this is what I think will emerge...
  • a strong emphasis on states' rights, with secession options, and strong checks and balances from the states aimed toward the national government.
  • a mandate for a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility.
  • a significantly smaller and scaled back national government, less than 1/8 the size of the current national government.
  • a transfer of all social security and entitlement programs to the states.
  • a mandate to eliminate the direct taxation on the American people by the national government, national taxes will likely be limited to state tributes, tariffs on imports, and excise taxes. National income taxes and entitlement taxes will likely be eliminated and replaced with state revenue methods. Individual states will handle the bulk of the tax burden on the people.
  • a reform on the election process, probably eliminating the bicameral legislature, lengthening the terms of congressmen, and increasing the size of congress to keep districts small and closer to the people, effectively making it more difficult for "big money" to capture the government.
  • a lengthening of the term of the president to at least ten years, and perhaps limiting it to one term. This only gives him two more years than a current president can have, but it effectively eliminates his need to campaign once he attains the office. OR ELSE, the office of president may be eliminated all together in favor of a king who will be appointed by a process and called to serve a term of 25 years. Again, either measure would be designed to get "big money" out of the Whitehouse. The first option of a decade presidency merely limits it, while the second option of a quarter-century king eliminates it almost completely.
  • a new Bill of Rights will emerge, looking strikingly like the old one, but perhaps modernized and enhanced a bit. Yes, there will most certainly be a measure for individuals to keep and bear arms, as the delegates of the convention will know that nothing less will spark a civil war.
  • a measure of some kind will be included that at the very least recognizes the Christian heritage of the American people and Western civilization.
  • a measure of some kind will ensure the religious freedom of pastors behind the pulpit to preach as they see fit.
  • a measure of some kind will ensure that no state will be required to recognize a "gay marriage."
  • a measure of some kind will ensure that no state will be required to provide abortions.
Anything less than these items will not go over well among the states, likely resulting in a split of the nation upon ratification. To maintain the UNITED States, all of these measures will likely be produced and then some. Anything less will result in two, or more, countries that once made up the United States. This is because the necessary number of states will most certainly ratify the new constitution to put it into effect. New elections will be called for immediately, and those states that refuse to ratify it will simply have to hold their own elections and try to piece together what remains of the old Republic, or just start over and have their own constitutional conventions.

Yes, we are approaching the end game for the old Republic. A new national government will emerge from a new constitutional convention eventually, probably after the double-dip recession becomes reality and the dollar plummets in value. What we as Americans need to be focusing on right now are just two things -- our own prayer lives and our state legislatures. Pray that God will give our legislators the courage they need to appoint good Christian delegates to the upcoming constitutional convention. Then make sure we elect local state legislators that are worthy of that calling.