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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Slaying The Political Orthrus

Orthrus: A Vicious Two-Headed Dog From Greek and Roman Mythology
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Two-hundred and twenty-three years ago the United States Constitution was ratified. It remains to this day as founding document of the world's oldest republic. Today our republic is threatened, and the reason why is because our nation's constitution has largely been ignored by our governing politicians and judges.

Now personally I am a monarchist. I don't believe republics work so well and that they often produce more instability and unnecessary bloodshed than a more traditional form of governance. That's not to say that monarchies are perfect. History is littered with examples of what happens when kings (and queens) go bad. Nevertheless, when we step back and look at the big picture, we find that overall, monarchies produce more good than bad, with far more stability and they are, for the most part, far less intrusive to the daily life of the common man. Monarchy is the most natural form of human government and most in line with the natural law. It always has been and always will be. I am also a monarchist for religious reasons, as God himself rules his Church through monarchy, with Jesus Christ as the King of kings and the pope as his prime minister. In the history of ancient Israel and medieval Europe we see plenty of examples of how God blesses and chastises his people through the instruments of his appointed royalty.

That being said however, the United States of America threw off it's colonial monarchy two centuries ago, and for good reason, to create an idealized republic of our own design. Comparatively speaking, it hasn't worked so well. In less than a hundred years the republic was plunged into civil war. What emerged from that was a highly politicized president that increasingly looked more like a dictator in the decades and century to follow.

We can go through the panorama of American history to explore the benefits and drawbacks of a democratic republic but these things are better left to the professional historians. Suffice it to say, the American republic has been aptly named "The Great Experiment" and indeed it has been just that.

The origins of the modern breakdown of our republic can be traced as far back as the Civil War, but the economic catalyst that has brought us to the brink of chaos can be specifically traced back to the year 1913. This was the year three things happened that created the mechanism for America's economic implosion. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913, as was the income tax (16th amendment) and the popular election of senators (17th amendment). These three changes created a recipe for disaster that would not be fully realized until the second decade of the 21st century. By that time the annual federal deficit had reached $1.5 trillion with a national debt of well over $14 trillion. To ease the burden of this staggering debt, the Federal Reserve ordered the U.S Treasury to print money for the sake of buying up it's own government bonds, resulting in the deflation of the US dollar, and the rest is history (or soon will be).

The two-party political system (Republican and Democrat), has become the status quo in this country, but it is really a one-party system. It's a two-headed Orthrus, designed to herd the masses into voting the way a faceless oligarchy would have us to vote. The two heads of the Orthrus bark at each other, so as to convince the masses that they are in competition, but regardless of which head wins the vote, the same body benefits. The Democrat head appeals to those who don't take their religious faith very seriously when it comes to the affairs of public discourse. While the Republican head is designed to appeal to those who do take their faith seriously. However, they're both working together toward the same end. Whichever head eats the spoils of political victory, the same belly gets to digest it. Social issues like abortion and gay-marriage are designed to be a distraction. The Republicans have had it within their power to allow states to ban abortion as they see fit, simply by removing the jurisdiction to hear abortion cases from the federal courts, rendering Roe v. Wade a toothless paper tiger. Yet, every time they have gained control of Congress they did not do this. Why? Could it be that the issue of abortion works too well at garnering conservative Christian votes? Could it be that the Republicans really don't want this issue to be solved, because they would no longer be able to use it for their political gain? Would it disrupt the competing illusion of the political Orthrus? On the issue of Pro-Life itself, what does it say of a political party that preaches the sanctity of human life, and then authorizes the senseless bombing of human life over in the Arab world? Meanwhile, Democrats attack Republicans for their hypocrisy and war-mongering, but then when they get into power, they engage in the same sort of war-mongering. Why is it that the largest individual contributors to both political parties often happens to be the exact same people!?! Am I the only one who sees this? Am I the only one who can call the system what it is -- a two-headed Orthrus! -- a political illusion designed to control us!

So if the two-headed political machine really is an Orthrus, designed to manipulate and herd voters to do the will of the body, than what is the body of the Orthrus? If the Left head is the Democratic Party, and the Right head is the Republican Party, than what is the singular body that benefits from their activity? Who's singular belly is fed when one of the Orthrus' heads eats the spoils of political victory? It certainly isn't the American people. None of us benefit from this. We cannot know for sure because it's identity is hidden from us, but we can know for sure that it isn't us. We can know for sure that it does not have our best interests in mind. This is what I call the "oligarchy." It is likely a cartel of large international corporations, banks, labor unions and Marxists. These are working together to enrich themselves and enslave the populations of the world to a hybrid socialist-capitalist (class system) hegemony that the Christian philosopher and economist, Hilaire Belloc, referred to in 1912 as the "Servile State." In other words, the United States political system, the belly of the Orthrus, is actively using the United States government to recreate a two-class system not seen since the ancient world, wherein only two classes will exist. One will rule and the other will serve. Marxist Socialism is simply being used as a temporary tool to counter Laissez-Faire Capitalism, which in turn is being used to counter Marxist Socialism. It's an artificial tension created by the oligarchy and designed to move the world into the Servile State. What exactly is the Servile State? In a nutshell, it is a legal system in which the rich ruling class are charged with the social care of the working poor class, and the working poor class is totally and utterly dependent on the rich ruling class for their very sustenance and survival. Debt is the tool through which this new system will be leveraged into existence. The laws of this system force the poor to work for their rich whether they want to or not, and refusal to do so will result in the denial of food, clothing and shelter. It may even result in criminal prosecution and debters' prison. In this new world order, the state and big money are one in the same, each working together to manage the new system. If you want to know who's involved, follow the money trail. You will see it winding through all the major governments of the world, including our own government, which is run by the oligarchy -- the belly of the Orthrus.

Only a Christian monarchy can stand up to such a beast. Only a Christian monarch, which cannot be bought, because he already has all the material wealth he could ever want, and all the power he can wield; only he (appealing to Christian justice) could stand up to and stop such a beast from having it's way. However, the founders of the oligarchy have worked well for centuries to eliminate all royal influence over the Americas and destroy every vestige of monarchy in Europe. So here we are, under the political rule of a republic made by our own design, with all of the problems that faced previous republics throughout history, eventually to be ruled by the same Servile State and dictatorship produced by previous republics. I'm afraid that history is not on our side, and our trajectory is leading us toward a similar end, but we are not totally powerless to resist it -- that is if we're willing to think outside the box.

Even though I am a monarchist in principle, the fact remains that the United States is a republic, and so long as it continues to remain so, than by principle alone, I must insist that the United States federal government abide by the very Constitution that created it. Yes, so long as the Constitution exists as our ruling document, it can be used to our advantage. That's not to say it wouldn't be better to replace it with a new constitution, should one of better design ever be created, but for the time being however, what we have now is what we have to work with, and sadly, we the American people have done very little to use this resource at our disposal.

To save our nation from the international oligarchy we must break free from the Orthrus they've created. The Republican and Democratic parties are simply two heads of the same creature. They bark at each other, creating the illusion that they are in competition, but in reality the same belly is fed regardless of which head eats the spoils of political victory. No matter what, the Orthrus wins, the belly of the oligarchy is fed, and the barking goes on to continue the illusion. So long as we the people continue to support the beast, by voting for it's candidates (on either head) we continue to feed their common belly. We must break free of the Orthrus by abandoning the two-party system the oligarchy has created.

There are three viable political minor parties in the United States. They are only minor parties in the sense that they still hold only a minority of voters. Just as soon as they begin holding the majority, they become majority parties and effectively replace the Orthrus created by the international oligarchy. These three parties are...
  • The Constitution Party is based on the original intent of the U.S. Constitution and the roots of Western Christian culture. It is based on the principle that civil rights come from God not government, and that in order to preserve these rights, the U.S. republic must not only rigorously abide by the limits proscribed in the Constitution, but it must do so in fear and respect of the God that created western civilization to begin with, particularly as that relates to the moral laws of our Christian culture. The Constitution Party calls for the radical reduction of federal government, a transfer of power and money back to state governments, the elimination of the Federal Reserve, a strong national currency based on intrinsic value (gold, silver, or copper, etc.) and respect for the Christian roots of our civilization. The motto of the Constitution Party could best be described as "government governs best when it governs closer to the people."
  • The Libertarian Party is based on a more humanist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, wherein civil rights are derived not from government but from the sovereign self of individuals, and that human beings are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, provided of course that their freedoms do not infringe on the same rights of others. The Libertarian Party likewise calls for the radical reduction of the federal government, a transfer of power and money back to the state governments, and a radical reduction of the state governments as well. Libertarians are strong on national defense and policing of crimes that directly result in the violation of civil rights. However, they generally do not recognize "victimless crimes" meaning crimes of an ethical or moral nature that do not directly infringe on the civil rights of others. The motto of the Libertarian Party could best be described as "the government that governs best governs least."
  • The Green Party is based more on direct democracy than the tradition of a democratic republic created by the U.S. Constitution. However, the Green Party does plan to operate within the framework of the U.S. Constitution to accomplish it's goals. Decentralization does play a part in Green Party politics as it does advocate a transfer of power and money away from the federal government and back to the states. The major difference in the Green Party is based on the name. It appeals to the relationship between man and the ecology. The traditional Christian culture upon which our civilization and Constitution were built is not a factor in Green Party politics, and the Libertarian rights of the sovereign self come secondary to the health of the planet. The motto of the Green Party could best be described as "grassroots democracy is the government that serves our people and ecology best."
Now you can imagine which party The Catholic Knight would likely agree with the most. Yes, the Constitution Party is the party that best represents the interests of traditional Catholics and conservative Protestants. In fact, that is the party's base and core constituency. Yes, a surprising number of traditional Catholics have joined with conservative Protestants in creating this party and making it the third largest party in American politics. Charges of anti-Catholicism within the Constitution Party have proved to be false and are likely the product of accusations coming from the Orthrus that now rules America's political spectrum. In fact, the Constitution Party is not only promoted by high profile traditional Catholics, but the party itself runs Catholics for political office consistently. For this reason The Catholic Knight would like to encourage each and every one of my readers to review the political platform of the Constitution Party, pray about it, and join the party with a dues paying membership to help keep the party accountable to it's core constituency. Then start voting for Constitution Party candidates whenever possible. Perhaps even consider running as a Constitution Party candidate yourself!

The Hercules Project

Of course the question is always posed as to how we can possibly achieve victory when the Orthrus controls the national media and the political playing field.  Well, here is the secret and I call it "The Hercules Project."  (Hercules slew Orthrus in Greek Mythology.)  The Orthrus rules American politics from the top-down, not the bottom-up.  It relies on huge national presidential and senate campaigns to carry election wins for the two major parties down to the state and local levels.  That's where the oligarchy puts it's big money and resources.

So to slay the beast, we must literally go for it's soft underbelly by working from the bottom-up.  The national elections should be put on the back-burner for now.  We should let the economy collapse, as nothing can stop that from happening, and let the Democrats and Republicans take the heat for it.  After all, they caused it and so they deserve it.  Constitutionalists, on the other hand, should focus our money and resources on state and local elections almost exclusively.  Sure, we should run candidates for those big federal offices too, if for no other reason than to get names on the ballot for party recognition.  However, it should be the state houses, county government, and city halls that we should be focusing on and pouring nearly all of our money into.  Let the Orthrus continue to control Washington DC for now, but in the mean time we should rob it of every state capitol, county government and city hall.  Then, once we have a few of our people in the governor's mansions around the country, our time to strike will come.  It will be time to run our EXPERIENCED Constitutionalist state congressmen and senators for U.S. congressional and senate seats, while we simultaneously run one of our Constitutionalist governors for president.  I guarantee, any Constitutionalist in a three-way debate with a Republican and Democrat will make mincemeat out of both of them.  Victory will certainly be within reach.

Now as for the other two parties I mentioned above (Libertarian and Green), I am not not too personally keen on their views or positions. Nevertheless, I understand their necessity if we are to slay the political Orthrus that now rules this country. The seat of the international oligarchy's power rests in the two-party system, and that is why America's two major parties (Democrat and Republican) work together to keep the minor parties disenfranchised in minor party status. All three of the minor parties I listed above call for the decentralization of the federal government, each in their own way, and it is no accident that each of these minor parties happen to be the three largest of all the minor parties. There are literally dozens of minor parties in the United States, but these three have risen to the surface as the three largest of them all, and this is likely because of their call for federal decentralization while each appeals to their own different type of constituency. I believe these three parties represent the views and attitudes of most Americans today. They remain locked in minor-party position only because of the overarching media control of the political Orthrus. That Orthrus can be defeated however through Internet communication, which is why I am convinced that in the not-too-distant future both the Republican and Democratic parties (the two heads of the Orthrus) will end up supporting strict Internet regulations. It will be the dying gasp of the political Orthrus before it is slain.

Now the Libertarians and Greens work into "The Hercules Project" in this way.  Both the Libertarians and the Greens appeal to Liberals (Modernists) of different stripes.  The Greens appeal primarily to the radical Marxist types which are typically socially liberal and fiscally liberal.  While the Libertarians appeal primarily to the social liberals who may happen to be fiscally conservative for whatever reason.  Now many Republicans and Neocons have been attracted to the Libertarian Party over recent decades, but the allure rarely lasts if they have so much as a drop of socially conservative blood in them.  For these reason I believe the Libertarians present us with a tremendous opportunity to crack the Democratic Party wide open.  By pointing out the pure hypocrisy of the Democratic Party on issues like the environment and civil rights, we can portray the Democrats as simply the party of the labor unions, by the labor unions and for the labor unions.  Thus the Democratic Party will simply be known as the labor union party, while the true Liberals will find a real home among the Libertarians and Greens, depending on how fiscally conservative they may be.

Yes, we can do this! It can be done. All it takes is the Internet and word of mouth. Start sending emails out to your friends and families. Start talking about it. Refer to this article, and direct them to one of the three minor parties, linked to above, depending on their disposition. To slay the Orthrus we must first get people out from under it's influence. There needs to be a mass exodus from the Democratic and Republican parties. These three parties linked above are certainly not the only options available, but they do represent the most viable and available options at this time. As a general rule, we need to STOP voting for candidates with a "D" or an "R" behind their names. We need to abandon both political parties entirely. The designation of "Democrat" or "Republican" needs to become an anathema to any political candidate running for office. This can only happen one way, and that is with us, by spreading the word, getting the message out, and leaving the Orthrus behind for the junkyard dog that it is. The Orthrus is designed to herd us into slavery. It has already successfully done so to millions of Americans, and it will continue until all but the elite are enslaved. America has now hit it's economic and political brick wall. We the people can act now for the sake of our freedom, or we can just let the Orthrus herd us into slavery. Which shall it be? The answer lies within you. Now is the time for you to decide. So, which is it?