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Monday, April 18, 2011

Unions and Marxists Confront TEA Parties

One Example of a Catholic Tea Party Sign or Flag
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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Even though I am a monarchist and a distributist, I know that so long as republics exist I am free to participate in them, and indeed the Catechism of the Catholic Church encourages me to do so if I am so inclined.  That being the case, I have frequently encouraged Catholic readers of this blog to participate in the nation's TEA Parties as I myself have participated in them.  Indeed, I encourage every practicing Catholic to go to the TEA Parties.  Bring your rosary.  Pray for our nation, and educate people about the governing Principle of Subsidiarity.  You can check out this article to see how Catholic TEA Partiers are coming up with some creative ways to get the message across.

After two years of demonizing the TEA Parties as "racist" and "hate filled" the Leftist Modernists in the USA got a wake up call.  Their favorite political party -- the Democratic Party -- was crushed in the November 2010 congressional election largely due to TEA Party activism.  As a result the Republican Party has been given a second chance, but has also been placed on probation while the grassroots TEA Partiers watch and wait to see what the outcome will be.  (Keep in mind the TEA Parties are not an organized political party, but rather a grassroots network of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are fed up with the current political status quo in America.  We want smaller national government, less taxes and an elimination of the national deficit with a balanced federal budget.)  So having realized that their demonizing tactics have largely failed, the Leftist Modernists have gone to their "Plain B" which is to take to the streets and confront TEA Party demonstrations with yelling, screaming, chants, drums, air horns and threats.  They are organized by unions and Marxist groups.  The only thing missing are the hired anarchists and professional rioters.

Below is a video of a TEA Party speech given by a fourteen-year-old girl in Madison Wisconsin.  Her name is Tricia Willoughby.  She is a homeschooler and a "veteran" of the TEA Party movement.  This speech, and the person giving it, is a perfect encapsulation of what the TEA Party movement is and represents.  Please watch it...

What you may have heard in the background are the chants, screams, drums and air horns of the Leftist Modernists. They really don't have any kind of message to convey, other than they hate the TEA Party and want to make things miserable for those who participate. Take a look at the video below, and there you will see what was going on at the edge of the crowed while this fourteen-year-old patriot was giving her speech....

So here we have the poster-boy of today's Democratic Party. This is the "best and brightest" the Left in this country has to throw at the TEA Party. As you can see, he really has nothing constructive to say at all. He has no positive message, no solutions, and nothing he really stands for, other than he hates the TEA Party and everyone associated with it -- even a fourteen-year-old girl who he describes as a "f***ing brat." He is visibly angry and defiant, hate-filled and bitter, perhaps even bigoted. No, this man is not a loose canon, nor is he off the Modernist reservation. No, this man is EXACTLY the sort of thing the Leftist Modernists want to see more of at the TEA Parties. He was likely encouraged to behave this way, and if anyone were to ask him that point blank, he would probably admit it. Since their slander and demonizing of the TEA Parties hasn't worked, this is the Left's "Plan B" for how they plan to deal with the TEA Parties from now on.

The time for straddling the fence is over. America financial crisis is now polarizing the nation into two clear groups. You either stand with the TEA Parties and this fourteen-year-old Tricia Willoughby, or else you stand with the unions, Leftists and that middle-aged, foul-mouthed screaming man in the crowed.  Who's side are you on?  As America's economy plummets, the dollar tanks and food and energy prices soar, the time for fence-sitting will come to an end.  Watch the two videos above again, and tell me, which one more represents the kind of demonstration and activism Jesus Christ would approve of?  Which one more represents the social teachings of the Catholic Church?   Which is it?  Who's side are you on?  Because the days of ignoring this will soon come to an end -- very VERY SOON.