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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Vision Of America's Near Future

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The video is not intended to panic you. It is intended to jolt you awake. This above account of the future is fictional, but it is based on real trends and historical examples. Yes, this is the trajectory the United States is on. Yes, this could very well become our future.

We cannot know if things will happen this fast. It is all together possible that such a chain of events could happen within a day, or a week, or even a month. Any one of these time tables would be a catastrophe. Or we could see a more controlled and managed decline of the dollar over a period of years. That's not good either, but it's a lot better than the above crash-inflation scenario. Slow and gradual inflation gives people a little more time to react, breath and make adjustments little by little. Crime will likely increase under gradual inflation, but widespread panic and chaos in the streets will not likely be the case. We can only hope and pray for the latter scenario, but we should likely prepare for the former just in case.

There are many things we cannot know about the future, but there are some things we can know and we do know. The United States dollar has declined rapidly over the last year, is declining right now as I'm writing this, and it will continue to decline considerably for a very long time. Before the end of the decade, our small children now will be dealing with American dollars that are on par with Mexican pesos by the time they are grown, that is if they're still using dollars at all by then. Yes, the American dollar is collapsing, and it will continue to collapse. This we know for sure. There is no doubt, no debate, no question about it. It is a fact. It is sure. So we better learn to deal with it.

We also know that with this dollar decline, the United States federal government is going to have to make some radical changes in the way it does things, or else it's currency decline will be followed by a political decline. In other words, if the American republic wants to stay in business for another generation or two, it's going to have to balance it's checkbook. The first thing to go will be the American hegemony overseas. Military bases will have to be closed. Troops will need to be brought home. Strategic bombing campaigns will have to be suspended. That is, if our leaders are smart enough to deal with reality. If they're not, and they think they can somehow bomb our way back into prosperity, than we're going to be in for a whole new set of problems. The second thing to go will be our current entitlement program. America's welfare state (which includes Social Security) takes up the majority of all federal spending. It will have to be seriously cut back, and this will come just as the nation's "baby boomers" reach retirement age. Seeking to meet it's obligations to America's senior citizens, it is all together likely that the nation's welfare recipients will be completely thrown under the bus. That is, if our leaders are dealing with real numbers. If they're not, and they think they can just use the crisis to expand the welfare state instead, than total political collapse will be just around the corner. The third thing to go will be the federal governments bureaucracy, as Washington D.C. will need to go through a massive down-sizing. Tens of thousands of government employees will be laid off. Entire offices and departments will close. Power will be shifted back to the states, where it belongs, as the federal government will have to learn how to live with less. That is, if our leaders understand what's happening. If they don't, and they think they can use the fiscal crisis to grow and expand government, than they're in for one hell of a surprise!

Politically a few things need to happen to make the best out of a bad situation. Any talk about avoiding the coming financial meltdown is fantasy land. It is coming, and indeed it is already here. The only question is how fast will it come, and will we have time to react and make enough adjustments to ease the pain. The first thing that we the people need to do politically is disassociate with the two-party political system (Democrat and Republican) that currently rules this nation. The second thing we need to do is call for an emergency constitutional convention to put forward the following amendments to the U.S. Constitution....
  1. The sixteenth amendment is repealed.  No entity of the federal government shall have the power to tax private income.
  2. The seventeenth amendment is repealed.  One of each state's two senators shall henceforth be appointed by the governors of the states.  The other shall be appointed by each state's legislature.
  3. The Federal Reserve System is abolished.  The value of the United States dollar shall be fixed to the measure of a commodity.  Congress shall enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  4. The office of president shall be extended to an eight year term, and shall be limited to one term per office holder.  This article shall go into effect during the term of the next president sworn into office following ratification of this article by the states.
  5. Congress shall not introduce legislation for a final vote until it has first stated it's constitutional authority to enact such legislation. 
  6. The federal government shall not intervene in a state's legal efforts to protect human life.
  7. The federal government shall not intervene in a state's legal efforts to protect the institution of marriage.
  8. No portion of this constitution may be misconstrued to prohibit the free exercise of religion on public or private property, and agencies of the federal government shall not manipulate the free speech of religious clergy through tax exemption or property liens.
  9. The size of the House of Representatives, and the number of members therein, cannot be limited without constitutional amendment.
  10. Each state shall retain the right of secession from this federal union, by means of popular vote consisting of no less than fifty-five percent of the voting electorate in said state, provided the registered voter turnout was no less than a fifty percent.
Assuming something akin to the above proposed amendments were added to the U.S. Constitution in the near future, they could insure the survival of the United States for another century, providing a significant level of political and economic stability, with real democratic representation and states rights.  There is a good reason for each of the amendments I've proposed above.  Feel free to ask about them, one at a time please, in the comments section below.