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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where Credit Is Due

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows The Catholic Knight is not a partisan hack. I am disgusted with the American two-party political system. I can't stand the Republican Party and loath the Democratic Party. In the past I've compared them both to a two-headed monster, controlled by the same corporate, banker, union, and special interest cartel. I stand by that comparison now and what I'm about to say doesn't change anything.

However, with that said I must give credit where credit is due. As a practicing traditional Catholic, monarchist, distributist and TEA Partier, I must admit that the proposed Republican budget currently in the House of Representatives is a huge step in the right direction, and the willingness of the Republicans to allow a government shutdown to defend it shows a level of backbone we've not seen in the Republican Party in a very long time.

For the past four years, the Democrats in Congress have demonstrated an eager willingness to bankrupt the United States with unprecedented budget deficits and a soaring national debt. The only fix they've offered thus far has been inflation and crushing federal taxes that hurt the poor and working families. Washington DC does not have an income problem. It has a spending problem, and for the first time in a long time, the Republicans have actually broken character and proposed a real solution designed to fix it. It's impressive and unexpected.

So as we go into what looks like a looming government shutdown, please keep in mind the following questions. Do the Democrats want to bankrupt the country? Do the Democrats want to destroy the value of the dollar with soaring inflation? Do the Democrats want to destroy Social Security and Medicare? Do the Democrats want to increase unemployment? Because by creating new programs, expanding federal beaurocracies and increasing national deficits, that is EXACTLY what they are doing!

Look, I don't care how much of a big time "social justice" liberal Catholic you may think you are. If you believe destroying a nation's economy with irresponsible government debt is a good thing, than you're a blithering idiot. The gospel of Jesus Christ tells us to use our resources wisely to help the poor. It does not tell us to spend everything we have, and amass huge debt until we actually BECOME the very poor we say we're trying to help. The scriptures tell us to carry one another's burdens, but not to the point where we can no longer carry our own burdens. There is NOTHING in Catholic social doctrine that instructs us to burry ourselves in debt in the name of helping others, and I DEFY ANYONE to show me otherwise.

That's what this is all about. Our nation is buried in debt to such a point that we're having to print new phantom money just to pay the interest. That's why the value of our dollar is plunging, and that's why prices keep going up at the grocery stores and gas stations. Our nation is bankrupt. We can't pay our bills anymore. The Republicans have actually broken character and offered a solution for a change. While the Democrats are trying to play partisan politics with it to position themselves for the 2012 election. (Nice!)

Yes, the mainstream news media is about to have a stroke over this looming government shutdown and the Democrats are banking this will help them politically like it did in 1995. Well maybe it will, but who cares. This isn't about their stupid political party anymore. This isn't even about the ridiculous Republican Party. This is about The United States of America damn it! And whether or not there will be a United States of America anymore. The national debt poses the greatest threat to national security since the Civil War. The threat of a sovereign takeover is possible from our creditor nations without them ever firing a single shot. You simply cannot be free when another country owns you. That's what is starting to happen, and if Washington DC doesn't do something about it NOW it won't matter which party controls the government anymore.

So let them have a government shutdown already. Good! I look forward to it. I thank God for it. Because if it's not done now this nation has no hope for the future.