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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  The whole world is divided between just two powers.

The first power is Western Globalism.  This consists of Western quasi-capitalist  nations owned and financed by communist China.  Sorry, if that bursts your bubble, but that is just the facts.  Modern capitalism is a ruse.  It has become, as Hilaire Belloc said it would be, "The Servile State."  It is an economy whereby the state, through positive law and monopolies, mandates that certain people must work for others, and their employers must "take care" of them.  It is not a true free market, whereby any man can take his life savings and invest in a business of his choice, thereby creating and owning his own job and his own destiny without the fear of being undercut, and run out of business, by a massive international corporation with resources far beyond what he could ever accomplish himself.  The Servile State in Europe and North America is indebted to communist China for it's very existence now, and so the Chinese now own the West.  The Servile State is also heavily dependent on oil, as is China, and in the face of an emerging "peak oil" economy, the West has taken it upon itself to invade and conquer the Arab world for it's oil supply.  This is how it works.  Remember, the Servile State is a quasi-capitalist globalist system, with elements of socialism and serfdom intermixed.  It depends heavily on large corporations, and an alliance between large corporations and Western governments.  In the United States we know this as the relationship between Wal Street in New York and K Street in Washington DC.  When Western nations need more oil, they attempt to contract with Arab powers in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  This is because of their abundance of "light crude" in that region, which means oil that is easy to drill and requires the least refinery process, thus maximizing profit for the oil company and reducing gasoline prices for Western consumers.  When Arab powers cooperate, they are rewarded with riches beyond their imagination -- think Saudi Arabia and the Arabian peninsula region.  Cooperation consists of freedom for Western corporations to drill there and the guarantee that all oil will be traded in U.S. dollars.  (This is the ONLY thing keeping the U.S. dollar afloat after leaving the gold standard behind in the 1970s.)  If, however, a particular Arab power refuses to cooperate in some way or another, than the Western corporations tattle-tale to Western governments, and those Western governments respond by sending in secret covert operatives to the problem Arab nation.  The idea here is to stir up a revolution, so as to effect "regime change," and replace the old leaders with new ones that are willing to deal with Western oil companies.  (Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain. etc.)  All of the attempted revolutions in these countries were spawned by the CIA, MI6, and other European intelligence agencies.  If these uprisings succeed, like they did in Egypt, then we go back to cutting deals with Western oil corporations.  If they don't succeed, as they didn't in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Libya, then the West responds with military force to effect "regime change."  Once that's done, we go back to cutting deals with Western oil corporations.  One way or another, the West gets it's oil, and oil continues to be traded in U.S. dollars.  You will notice that this new way of doing things seemed to come about in around 1990.  At around the same time the old Soviet Union collapsed.  The collapse of the Soviet Union was absolutely necessary to implement this new Western hegemony.  Prior to 1990 the Soviet Union stood in the way.  After 1990, the West had free reign to implement the imperial aspirations of the Servile State.  Former President George H. Bush referred to this new Western hegemony as the "New World Order."  The video above covers the emergence of this "New World Order" onto the public scene twenty years ago, when it was discussed openly by the President of the United States and his administration, along with the Congress, Pentagon, Western allied nations, NATO and the UN.  It was at that time we learned that the unification of Europe was part of a much broader plan.  Later, under the administration of George W. Bush, we would discover that unification of North America was also on the agenda, as well as the unification of other regions around the world.  Again, China is intimately involved with this, and believe it or not, the United States of America serves at the behest of China, which owns most of the USA's national debt.  As China's economy begins to emerge in the years ahead, it's need for oil will grow exponentially, and so the United States will continue to use it's military to insure that this flow of "light crude" from the Arab world remains at a constant until it is completely and totally depleted.

The second power is the emerging Islamic Caliphate which is an alliance between Islamists and socialists.  Yes, ironically, socialism plays a role on both sides of the emerging global conflict.  On the Western side, socialism works together with large corporations to form the Servile State of the New World Order.  While on the Eastern side, socialism works together with radical Islam to form the emerging caliphate.  On both sides, Socialism (the brainchild of Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels), plays an intimate role.  Russia has always aligned more with the northern Arab states and Islamic powers, even since the days of the Soviet Union and the Cold War.  Since the end of the Cold War, the United States and NATO have consistently cut Russia out of any share in the New World Order.  So Russia has adopted a very hostile attitude toward the Servile State of the West.  The recent war in Georgia was one example of this, where the Russians cited the bogus charge of "ethnic cleansing" to seize an oil pipeline that spanned the northern frontier of Georgia.  Russia has also been working closely with Iran and Syria against Western influence in the Arab world.  This is why Western attempts to usurp Arab powers will likely backfire, as we are already beginning to see in Iraq and Egypt.  Likewise, Europe has seen a massive influx of Arab Muslims while hard-core Socialists (Marxist Russian style) have made inroads into European culture for years.  The alliance between hard Socialists and Islamic radicals is now playing out in the open for all the world to see.  The two are frequently seen protesting together throughout Europe, while emerging Islamist states in the Middle East are starting to implement hard Socialist policies.  The Russian Socialists and Islamic Arabs are working together AGAINST the Western centered Servile State in the New World Order.  Now the Russians probably have further plans to establish their own globalist power in the long run, while the Islamists clearly seek their own idea of a worldwide caliphate.  As far as the Islamists are concerned, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  They are willing to work together against the Western New World Order until it is destroyed, and then duke it out with the Russians once that conflict is settled.

In the middle of all of this is the Zionist nation-state of Israel.  So it would seem Israel has been playing the Western New World Order with it's political and economic alliance with the United States.  That relationship is now strained and Israel's future is now in question.  There are those who would like us to believe Zionism is behind all of this.  I'm not so sure of that right now.  For the time being, it looks like Zionists have been playing the system to their advantage, but that's not the same as controlling it.  In the end, Israel has served the purpose of the West, and so the West tolerates it's existence for now.

Right now we are living in the days just before the End Game, the time when nations are preparing for the final conflict between East and West.  The West has formulated the New World Order.  It is a form of soft-socialism. combined with corporate hegemony.  It is the Servile State and it seeks to dominate the world.  The East fancies a harder form of Socialism, and seeks it's own global power, but that cannot be realized until the Western New World Order is crushed and the Socialists and Islamists duke it out to see who will be in control.  The Middle East has become a tinderbox with it's access to light crude in a peak oil economy.  While Zionist Israel has become the fuse with it's Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The fuse will be ignited soon, and the whole region will go up in flames.  This is inevitable.

However, the flames will not stop in the Middle East.  The Socialist-Islamist alliance in Europe is very strong,  When the Middle East goes up in flames, Europe will likely follow, and with that we will begin to see the fulfillment of Catholic prophecy.  France, Italy and Britain will fall to social upheaval, on the order of that seen in Egypt and the Middle East.  What comes around goes around, so the saying goes, and as the West has orchestrated the failed attempts of "regime change" in the Arab world, so the East will orchestrate the same in the Western world.  Those of us who know Catholic prophecy know what will become of that.

For the time being, we are seeing calls to nationalism and patriotism.  This always precedes times of war.  The globalist agenda will likely enter into it's next phase the years ahead.  It will be precipitated by another global economic meltdown this year, or next year at the latest.  The underlying economic problems that prompted the crash of 2008 have not been addressed.  Therefore, another collapse is inevitable.  This collapse will be so deep, and so terrible, that it will likely prompt North Americans to choose between breadlines or economic unification.  Europe on the other hand will be plunged into a war for it's very existence.  This is when the best laid plans of the Western globalists and the Eastern anti-globalists will come to a head and begin to crumble for both sides.

It is prophesied, by the Saints of old, that God will use the wicked powers of the East to destroy the wicked plans of the West.  Then when the West has been brought to it's knees, facing total destruction, God will raise up a holy pope and a great monarch to defeat the powers of the East and restore order to Europe, and the world, under the reign of a vast Christian empire, unlike anything seen since the days of the Holy Roman Empire.  Somehow the nation of Russia plays into these prophecies.  Currently, Russia serves at the behest of the wicked socialist anti-globalists and is allied with Islamic radical powers.  But toward the end of the conflict, like in World War I, Russia will undergo a change that will cause it to withdraw from the arena of world affairs, and eventually bring it into alignment with the great monarch of the West.  Could this event be the reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church with Rome, (i.e. the "conversion of Russia") spurring the return of the czars?   Prior to World War I Russia was a Christian empire.  After World War I, Russia became a godless socialist republic.  Now as we approach World War III, Russia will enter the conflict as a godless socialist-fascist republic, but possibly emerge as a Christian empire again?  The prophecies, both Biblical and extra-Biblical seem to suggest some kind of cataclysmic event befalling Russia, prompting it's return to sanity.  This is the linchpin to the Catholic understanding of end-times prophecy.  Russia is the key.

Catholic prophecy also tells us of a period of peace that will follow this end game, whether it will last just one generation or many remains to be seen, and the prophecies themselves seem to leave this open ended.  After that period of peace however, man will return to his wicked ways.  Zionism will return with a new Messianic fervor, and the world will find itself in the clutches of the great and final Antichrist himself.  That day is coming, but it is not now.  Today we face the end of our current way of life, the clash and destruction of the globalist ambitions of Western secularist powers.  The likely fall of the Zionist regime in Israel, but not necessarily the end of Jews living in the Holy Land.  The terror of an Islamist-Socialist takeover of the world is upon us, followed by their own destruction through the intervention of God.

How does this relate to us right here and now?  First and foremost, don't fall for the propaganda.  The current world system cannot be saved.  The New World Order is destined for destruction.  Since the United States is so intimately involved in the New World Order, indeed the USA is mostly the catalyst behind it, the result of it's demise will be hard on America -- very hard.  Catholics should be aligning themselves with the pope and strongly relearning the catechism.  We should be careful not to let nationalist or globalist ideology cloud our judgement.  We should physically prepare ourselves by storing up some basic survival foods and necessities that will last us about a month.  Likewise, investing in hard currency, such as gold and silver, instead of soft currency (dollars, euros, etc.) would likely be prudent.  Finally, we must network with fellow Catholics and other Christians of good will toward us.  Beyond regular prayer and striving for personal holiness with charity, this is literally ALL we can do.  We can do no more but wait and watch it all unfold around us.