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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Catholics Cannot Be Zionists

(The Hindu) - In a July 24, 2002 meeting, U.S. Acting Deputy Chief of Mission George Frowick and Archbishop Antonio Veglio, Secretary of the Congregation for Eastern Churches, shared worries that “the Eastern Churches — the 22 Christian Rites that are not Roman Catholic but are in communion with Rome — face a number of challenges that cast long shadows over their future” (3387: confidential, dated July 26).

According to the [WikiLeaks] cable, Archbishop Veglio told Mr. Frowick that his “congregation, as elsewhere in the Holy See is deeply troubled by Israeli policies vis-à-vis the Palestinians,” which they viewed as a potential threat to Catholics in West Asia.

“The congregation will remain active in seeking to support the Palestinians as a means of preserving the remnants of the Catholic presence in the region,” the cable says....

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(The Times) - Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Israel yesterday to make an appeal for peace in the Middle East, calling for the creation of a Palestinian homeland alongside the Jewish state.

In his address after stepping off an aircraft from Jordan, the Pope — on his first trip to the Holy Land — made the first of a series of speeches calling for peace, justice and security.

He has tried to avoid politics in what he says is a spiritual pilgrimage, but his call for a Palestinian homeland set him at odds with the right-wing Israeli Government, which has refused to back a two-state solution...

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(CNN) - Roman Catholic bishops for the Middle East concluded a two-week conference with a call for the international community, especially the United Nations, to work "to put an end to the occupation" of Palestinian territories.

"The Palestinian people will thus have an independent and sovereign homeland where they can live with dignity and security," the group said in a statement Saturday at the end of a meeting headed by Pope Benedict XVI. "The State of Israel will be able to enjoy peace and security within their internationally recognized borders.

"The Holy City of Jerusalem will be able to acquire its proper status, which respects its particular character, its holiness and the religious patrimony of the three religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. We hope that the two-state-solution might become a reality and not a dream only."
The pope first publicly endorsed a two-state solution to the Middle East crisis during a visit to the region in May 2009. At the time, he assured Palestinians of the Vatican's support of a sovereign Palestinian homeland. It was a concept that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resisted.....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Now this blog entry is going to upset a lot of people. Leave it to 'The Catholic Knight' to stir the pot a little. Let it never be said I'm a follower of a set political ideology. I attempt to conform my political views to something consistent with my religious beliefs. In other words, my religious beliefs don't "influence" my politics, they "define" them. We should all strive for this.

When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, President Barack Obama has received much flack for his recent policy stand. The president effectively "reversed" U.S. policy on the matter last week, siding with the Palestinians on return to the pre-1967 borders, much to the chagrin of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who met with Obama shortly after, and conservative ideologues across the United States. For decades, Israel has been considered America's closest ally in the Middle East, in spite of occasional clashes between the CIA and the Mussad, along with Israeli spies apprehended in the United States. This close relationship between our two governments has led to the sharing of vital intelligence information and untold billions of dollars in American foreign aid to the Israeli government. The alliance has been more than political. At times it has taken on a religious fervor. American Evangelicals have for decades supported Israel unconditionally. This is because of the purely Evangelical Protestant belief system called Dispensational Theology.

To summarize, Dispensationalism is the doctrine that God has two "chosen peoples" not one. His first chosen people are the Jews and this relationship to them is codified in the Old Testament. Therefore the Jewish people should have their home in the promised land of the Old Testament and should be permitted to occupy all of it (because God wills it) and rebuild their ancient civilization, including their religious temple for sacrificial purposes. God's second chosen people are the Christians, which is codified by the New Testament, who live within the spiritual entity called "the church" and this is entirely separate to the nation-state of Israel. The job of the church in these latter times, according to Dispensationalism, is to peach the gospel and support the nation-state of Israel. Since preaching the gospel and supporting the nation-state of Israel are virtually synonymous, according to Dispensationalism, they are really one in the same purpose. So as far as Evangelical Protestants are concerned, a good Jew migrates to Israel, while a good Christian supports him. This is God's plan for the latter times, as far as contemporary Evangelical Protestantism teaches today. For Christians, the motive is to await the "rapture" and Second Coming of Christ. For Dispensationalism teaches that once all the Jews have finally migrated back to the nation-state of Israel, settled all the land, and rebuilt their temple, then Jesus Christ will return to "rapture" the church and usher in the End Times. This is why Evangelical televangelists can be seen every Sunday morning expressing their unwavering support for the Zionist state and proclaiming that failure to do so is tantamount to a lack of Christian faith.

The Catholic Church teaches that Dispensationalism is heresy. I have explained this in detail in my article entitled "The Catholic Church IS Israel." Catholics would do well to ponder this deeply before reading on.

The Evangelical position on many doctrines clash with Catholic teaching, and in this case, the Evangelical doctrine of Dispensationalism is so much at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church that no Catholic can subscribe to it in good faith, and any political belief that might even remotely relate to it must be questioned. To build political policy based on a religious heresy is to set nations up for war, and it looks like that is exactly what has happened with America's unwavering support of Israel to the point of virtually giving them a blank check to do whatever they want.

Two political entities are at work here.

The first political entity is Zionism, and the second is the Republican Party. Neither has the best interest of Evangelical Christians in mind, but both use the Evangelical doctrine of Dispensationalism to their advantage. Zionism is a worldwide political movement. Zionism and Judaism are not the same. Judaism is just a religion. While as Zionism is the political mindset that Jews (both religious and non-religious) should have the right to retake their ancestral homeland and rebuild the glory that once was Zion (ancient Israel). Zionists have been at work to accomplish this goal for about a hundred years, and initially this was against the teachings of their most prominent Jewish rabbis, who had always previously taught that the promised Messiah must come first. The bulk of their dreams were realized in 1948 when Israel was declared a "Jewish nation." Prior to that, Jews living in the region, were at peace with their Arab neighbors. Conflicts between Jews and Muslims were minimal and insignificant. After the creation of the State of Israel, immediate war followed. Israel has been in a state of perpetual war ever since with no end in sight. A few Jewish rabbis have remained faithful to their ancient teachings regarding the Messiah and their ancestral homeland, and they say the reason why Israel is in a state of perpetual war is because Zionists have thwarted the will of God. They say God does not want the Jewish people to retake their ancestral homeland until AFTER the Messiah comes, and that the Messiah will lead them back to their ancestral homeland without conflict and strife. These Jewish rabbis say the reason why the nation-state of Israel suffers so much conflict today is because it does not have the blessing of God and that Jews in the region should work toward dismantling the "Jewish state" in favor of creating a secular state that is more hospitable to Jews, Muslims and Christians. Of course these few remaining faithful rabbis are virtually ignored by the Zionists, who rely heavily on American support in the Republican Party.

The second political entity of the Republican Party is heavily supported by the oil industry, freemasons and Western globalists. To understand this relationship we need to understand just a bit about "peak oil." When it comes to the Republican Party it all comes back to money. You see "peak oil" is defined as the time when consumption of oil matches and surpasses the amount of oil that can be extracted from oil reserves. This is not to say the oil reserves are exhausted -- far from it. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that these oil reserves are not "fossil fuels" but are in actuality a byproduct of continental plate tectonics. Thus oil may very well be a renewable energy. However, in spite of that, it can only be extracted from the earth so fast, due to limitations in technology. That being said, the United States hit it's "peak oil" production for American soil back in the 1970s. This is when we heavily shifted to foreign oil consumption, and it is also why we refuse to explore new oil reserves in Alaska. We are saving Alaskan oil reserves for when we hit the worldwide "peak oil" production. When that happens, gasoline will quickly jump to $10/gallon and our politicians hope our Alaskan oil reserves will keep our military operational while the world seeks another source of energy. In the mean time, we hope to exhaust everyone else's oil reserves. The only problem here is that Russia, Europe and China are competing with us on this. Our close alliance with Europe causes us to help each other in opposition to Russia and China. This explains our foreign policy in the Middle East. It really is all about oil. You see, our corporations in the United States and Europe try to make business deals with Middle Eastern regimes. If they cooperate with us, we make them rich. If they decide to do business with Russia or China instead, we send in CIA operatives to stir up a revolution against that regime. If it works, we deal with the new regime that takes over. If it doesn't work, then we send in our military under the pretense of "fighting terrorism" and "defending democracy." We erect a new regime using our military and then cut oil deals with them. It really has little to do with either terrorism or democracy. But it does have everything to do with positioning ourselves for the coming worldwide "peak oil" economy. Now don't blame the Republicans for this entirely. The Democratic Party plays this game too, as is evidenced by the actions of President Bill Clinton in the 1990s and President Barack Obama today. However, the Republicans are the architects to be sure, as they are mostly aligned with the oil companies. The Bush father-son presidential duo is a perfect example of this. Now if you want to understand American foreign policy in the Middle East, you only need to look at the list of nations we have intervened in either covertly or militarily. For example; Syria is now guilty of all the same human rights violations as Libya, yet it is Libya we bomb with our NATO partners. Why is this? The answer is simple. Syria produces almost nothing in regards to oil, but Libya supplies large quantities of oil to Europe. So the United States helps Europe secure it's oil supply by helping to orchestrate regime change in Libya, meanwhile Syria slaughters it's own people left and right, for the exact same reasons as Libya, while the United States does nothing. Again, oil is the reason. Syria doesn't produce hardly any oil and doesn't sell a drop to Europe or America anyway. So strategically speaking, it's useless. Now, all that being said, where does Israel fit into all of this. For nearly four decades Israeli geologists have been telling the United States that a vast oil reserve lies somewhere deep beneath Israeli soil. The massive level of geologic activity in this region seems to confirm this. We know for certain there are large deposits of natural gas in Israel, based on historical accounts of "fireballs" erupting from the Temple Mount when the Jews tried to rebuild the Temple under the reign of Caesar Julian (the apostate) back in the 4th century AD. Where there is natural gas, oil usually follows. Likewise, the Israeli geologists swear it's there, but getting to it is the trick. We are told Israel may actually have the largest oil reserve in the entire Middle East, and so you can begin to see why American politicians, particularly the Republican Party, back Israel unconditionally. However, when it comes to politics, oil is the last thing American politicians want to talk about. It doesn't look good you see, when certain groups of Muslim and Christian Arabs are being forced out of their homeland so Israeli Zionists can plunder their land and potential oil reserves. So both the Zionists and the Republican Party turn to religious fervor among Evangelicals, promoting their Dispensationalist theology for the purpose of supporting the Israeli government unconditionally.

The Zionists in Israel know the cat is out of the bag as far as the international community is concerned. They've lost the support of the world a long time ago. Only the United States remains as the sole stalwart of Israeli supremacy in the region. The Israeli government has played the race card for decades now, claiming that were it not for the Israeli government, the Jews in the Holy Land would have been driven into the sea. Historical analysis tells a completely different story though. Because Jews lived in peace with their Arab neighbors in the Holy Land for decades prior to 1948. It was only after 1948, when Israel declared independence as a "Jewish state" that Arab forces sought to drive them into the sea. It's a classic example of cause and effect. The cause was Israeli Zionist independence, the effect was Arab rage against the Israeli Zionists. It was not the other way around. Now, thanks to decades if Israeli actions against Palestinian Arabs, what they say may actually be true. If the Arab Muslims ever do get the upper hand again, they may very well drive the Jews into the sea. This is not because Arabs inherently hate Jews, as many Zionists would like us to believe, but because they have for decades been rallied against the Israeli government and everything the Zionist state represents. Prior to 1948 the Arabs were relatively pacified in the Middle East. After 1948 extremists have been able to rally Arab Muslims into a frenzy that threatens to become a regional caliphate.

So now what?

We know what the Zionists and the Republican Party want. The Republican Party believes there is oil beneath Israel, and they will support Israel unconditionally so long as they believe that. We know the Zionists just want to rebuild their ancestral homeland for idealogical reasons. What we don't know is if the Israeli Zionists are lying to the Republicans by giving them bogus geological data. We don't know if oil really exists there or not. Even if it does exist, we have to ask ourselves if our unconditional support of Israel justifies the Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian Arabs (both Muslims and Christians). The United States government has already demonstrated that it doesn't give a rat's tail about Christians in the Middle East, and would gladly sacrifice them for access to Arab oil. This is evidenced by the plight of Christians in Iraq and Egypt right now. America caused the regime change in Iraq under G.W. Bush, while it supported the regime change in Egypt under Barack Obama. In both cases, Christians are now being subjected to a bloodbath, while American and European corporations are securing their oil deals.

The position of the Vatican has consistently been one of Christian charity. Regardless of the "peak oil" situation, Western nations should act according to their Christian heritage, by dealing with the Israel-Palestinian problem with fairness and objectivity. This is why the Vatican supports the two-state solution. While it was initially supported by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (to their credit), the only point of contention has been the borders of this proposed division. The question remains as to whether the CIA had been working with terrorists in Israel to insure this agreement never really took place, and thus give the Zionists reason to take more land away from the Palestinian Arabs. That would be consistent with CIA actions in Egypt, Libya, and other Arab nations. We know that the United States would throw Israel under the bus just as soon as they cut an oil deal with the Palestinian Arabs. Maybe this explains Obama's recent actions of "switching sides" to favor the Palestinians' call for a return to the pre-1967 borders. There is no way to know what is really going on in the Whitehouse on this. I suspect the Whitehouse is growing impatient, however, on Israel's claim to a massive oil production that has not yet materialized.

What we as Catholic Americans should know is that we absolutely cannot trust our own government on this issue. Case in point, we were assured by the G.W. Bush administration that Christians would be safe in Iraq under American occupation and an Iraqi democracy. The opposite has proved to be true. We were given the same assurances by the Obama administration in regards to Egypt. Again, we were lied to. So when it comes to foreign policy in the Middle East, about the only thing Catholics (indeed all Christians) can really trust is the policy of the Vatican.

The Vatican's position is that in the name of Christian charity to both parties, there must be a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and this solution must be brokered soon. The issue of the borders will be settled by the parties involved, but naturally there is going to have to be some Israeli concession on illegal Jewish settlements. I'm not sure Obama's call to the pre-1967 borders is the right solution, but I do think he is trying to swing the pendulum in the other direction to compensate for previous American policy favoring Israel. One thing this does signal is that the Whitehouse will support whatever land for peace deal the disputing parties can agree on. That, ironically, puts the Whitehouse more in line with the Vatican's position than anything previously seen over the last four decades. Now readers of this blog know 'The Catholic Knight' is no fan of Obama, but regular readers should also know I always try to give credit where credit is due. On this one, I think Obama is leaning in the right direction, though his proposed pre-1967 solution is probably unrealistic.


Anonymous said...

Dear Catholic Knight,

This is a bold and honourable post!! I am a member of a Middle Eastern Rite, as you know (marounite) and my brothers and sisters, including INDIGENOUS PALESTINIAN CHRISTIANS who have been a presence in that part of the world SINCE THE TIME OF JESUS CHRIST'S EARTHLY MINISTRY OVER 2,000 YEARS AGO are hurting.

IT IS RECOGNIZED ISRAELI POLICY TO WEDGE THE POOR PALESTINIAN CHRISTIAN BETWEEN THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY ON ONE SIDE AND JEWISH/ISRAELI ON THE OTHER!! This HURTS GRAVELY the christian community in israel as we are the meat in a diabolical political sandwitch orchestrated by elements set upon driving us out altogether!!

In 1967, CHRISTIANS MADE UP A THIRD OF THE PALESTINIAN POPULATION!!! Now they could be flown out in just over half a dozen jumbo jets! There are members in my congregation who have heartbreakingly had to flee the homeland of their ancestors after holding out for years.

US Christian Zionist (evangelicals or Messianic Jews, for the mostpart) will allow the poor Marounite or Melchite congregation in the facinity of their 'mission' (I use this term very loosely) to be harrangued, members assaulted, church property destroyed and priests killed rather than stand beside their FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.

Catholic zionists, SHAME ON YOU!! you would allow your brothers and sisters in Christ's Church to be slain and abused for the sake of your political ideology!!

what would you say to a palestinian christian who has lost members of his family, or whose parish priest has been murdered?? What would you say to the Christian families in Bethlehem living in poverty because of your near sighted Mr. Netanyahu and his ilk??

What do you dare say to me in response?? that could even begin to justify this travesty committed against Christ's body??


This makes me cry every time, Sir Knight; we are being harrangued out of the Holy Land!! Our own parish has members whose family have been martyred for the sake of Christ in the past three years! We have exiles and refugees from all over the Holy Land who have had to make the heartbreaking decision to flee because there is NO OTHER CHOICE!!



Siobhan said...

One of the greatest accomplishments of the evil one was to divide Christians against each other. The same Fundamentalists leaders who mislead their flock about "the rapture" are the same ones who mislead them about “Israel”. They truly believe that the Israel in the bible is the nation of Israel in the Middle East, and as Sarah said, despite all the crimes the Israelis have committed against fellow Christians. They also do a great deal of harm to this country (USA) in shaping our foreign policy. May God remove their blindness and make all Christians one flock. Soon, we will need each other very badly.

Anonymous said...

Sir Knight:
Have you ever thought of collaborating with either Michael Voris or John Salza?

Anonymous said...

I am an Africa Catholic
I don't agree with the idea that Israeli action hurt the catholics in ME, If we tell ours the truth we see that Islam believes that no other religion should exist execept theirs, Check out what is happening in Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan it has not to with occuption.

Talk about occupation how did the borders change?, was it not lost by the Arabs each time they attack Israel as witnessed by 1947 and 1967 war by the arabs to wipe out the jews.

And for your information that agenda is still on the table and for any body that is no PC to see.

Catholic Knight I total disagree with you.

A proverb in my place says "He that is surrounded by enemies is always awake and on the guard"

scotju said...

Sir Knight, the Catholic and Protestant Zionists are usually also Judaizers as well. Most of them just restrict themselves to giving blind allegance to the Jews and Israel, but many of them will actually start keeping Jewish customs, claiming they want to get back to "Jewish roots". These sincere, but gulliable people fail to realize is Judaism in any form is anti-christian, the creation a of the Pharisees who rejected Christ. Even if Talmudism wasn't an issue, going back to Jewish roots via the Mosiac law is impossible, for there is no way that law can be kept since Christ sacrifice annulled it.
Sir Knight even though you say Zionism is asecular thing, I don't see how it can be compartmentalized from Jewish clture and religion.. The founders of it were Jews, and the main financial and policical backers of it were Jews. Most of the Christians involved in it, except for a few high ranking ones, are just simple minded dupes.
Finally Sir Knight, when the reaction to Zionism finally happens, as it must, the "Zionists are anti-God secularists" card isn't going to play in Peoria to defend the Jews from public outrage. The general public won't care about the divisions between the so-called Orthodox and the others, what they do know is that Zionism was created by Jews and run by them. You would be better off by just saying, "Zionism is just another crazy idea the Jews fostered since they lost the kingdom of God 2000 years ago by rejecting Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

I'm new here so I am going to temper my words accordingly. Thyis is my first post.

I am a Catholic through marriage. My wife is a cradle Catholic. I had to teach her many things about the Church as I went through Catechism. Prior to that I was an aethiest. I love the the Church. The "one truly Catholic and Apostolic Church" is the one true Church of Christ. On that I would bet my immortal soul. Enough said.

Even as an aetheist I abhorred abortion. Now as a Catholic I understand why. The Blessed Mother Theresa said it best: "You will never know peace or justice as long as you prey on the most innocent and vulnerable among you." She went on to adress mothers who could kill their babies and a society that could support that.

I have never, nor will I ever support a politician who supports abortion. I do not care about oil. I do not care about Zionists. I care about murder of the innocent. I think that anyone who votes for or supports a politician or political party that does not vote against abortion has blood on their hands. The blood of the innocent according to everything the Catholic Church teaches.

All the problems in the world start with abortion. Their is no defense or arguement for not defending the unborn innocent. If you don't defend them everything else is a mute point. There can be no moral rationalization for abortion or voting for and supporting those who support the murder of babies and the unborn. Nothing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Catholic Knight and Readers,

This is what zionist Christianity is destroying...

Aramaeic, people - the very voice of Christ Himself!! Remember this is the language our Lord spoke when incarnate on Earth.

This is the great and humblingly beautiful gift I am priveleged to be a part of every Sunday - any day, in fact, that I attend my local Marounite Church (though some of the English translations of Aramaeic chant are transposed into Western major or minor keys, about a third of the 'English' service is in Aramaeic.

Makes Megachurch pop-culture seem rather crass; a stain against the name of Christ.

Remember, Christianity is indigenous to the Middle East; it is second hand to Europe and third hand to the New World. yet from patagonia to China, evangelical etc churches sing Western pop church songs..; rather odd to say the least, if you ask me. Western rite Catholics, Protect your chant and musical patrimony also!!!!!!! (though the Aramaeic chant predates Gregorian Chant as much as 500 years).

This is our Christian patrimony, readers, the beautiful cries to, and praise of god, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, expressed in the Link above.

May all be richly and wonderfully blessed,


Anonymous said...

Dear African Correspondant,

have you ever met a Christian Palestinian whose church and home have been ruined or from which they have been evicted as a direct result of Israeli policy, or the turning of a blind eye to illegal Jewish settlements? Well, I have; I fellowship with them every Sunday!! You know not of what you speak.

Spend time with them and you will understand that Israel DOES hurt Christians!

What would you say to your Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters whose churches have been stolen, homes been robbed from them, priests been killed, lives been shattered?

Not much, I think...

I am finding myself deeply grieved at your response that, in my thinking, lacks compassion for your brothers and sisters in Christ. It also allows ideology to blind you to the lives that are being ruined - Christian lives - the lives of Christian Palestinians!



The Catholic Knight said...

Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. The way I understand Israeli law (as an outsider) is that even if Israel fixed everything tomorrow, made restitution to every Palestinian still in the country, returned every church and home to their rightful owners, and retreated from illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land; those Palestinian families who fled the violence years ago would not be allowed to go back. This is because, as I understand it, the Israeli "law of return" only applies to Jews -- even if they've never lived in Israel -- not Palestinian Christians or Muslims who may have lived their all their lives before fleeing the violence. Somebody help me out here. Is this really how it works? Sarah, maybe you could ask you Palestinian friends.

Anonymous said...

Dear Catholic Knight,

From what I understand, this is correct, and why though the numbers of Palestinian Christians are woefully slim at present, many are attempting to hold out as long as possible, because once they're gone, they're gone, with no going back. It is in Israel's interests to remove indigenous Christianity from its vicinity.

Pray for God's protection upon indigenous Christianity in the Holy land!! Please pray!!


I am blessed to attend the Catholic University that also has extended its support to the author.

I know The Knight (as do I to great extend) frowns somewhat upon liberation theology, but one can rather understand why Palestinian Christians are drawn to it...proper care of them by the International community along with an environment in which they can live in Christian dignity would allay the alure of LT; I would dearly love to see a Subsidiarist Christian response that offers genuine hope to our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Christ.

for what its worth, here's an interesting organisation...

And this sort of thing is what palestinian Christians have to deal with... It is so heartbreaking. Palestinian Christian brothers, PLEASE, comport yourselves in a manner that is above reproach so that you may remain utterly blameless without giving even one atom of potential for an attack upon you; your struggles are grim enough as it is and the evil one wants for nothing more than no Christians in this part of the world.

the population numbers for Palestinian Christians I had mentioned in a previous post (courtesy of a trusted source, in light of one of the articles I have linked to, are a little conservative - though the numbers quoted in the above article are dire enough...

This is a disgrace!!



Anonymous said...

Dear Catholic Knight.

God said that He is the great I AM. That means that He is the same yesterday and today as He is tomorrow. How can God be the I Am if his covenant to Abraham was made null and void by Christ? Christ said that He came to fulfill Jewish Law and not to replace it. If Christ said what He meant then the promise to Abraham is valid or we as Catholics should get rid of the Old Testament in our Bible. If what Christ and God is true and faithful then the Old and New Testaments are still God's law. If not then this conversation is pointless and there is no God and Christ was just a man.

The Catholic Church is not Israel and Palestine never existed before 70 AD when the Romans defeated Israel and destroyed the Temple. Palestine is a false invention created by man. Palestinians are pawns in a bloody Jihad against Israel by the Muslim countries that surround Israel and pray for it's destruction. I don't doubt there are Christian Palestians. They are probably Christians who were driven out of Lebanon by Muslim extremists in the 80's.

I am not Jewish, I just understand that our God told them that they were His chosen people in our Old Testament. That has not changed or God is a liar. I am not saying that all Jews are still part of that covenant. Those that reject Christ in the end will not be spared.

I also know that many thousands of Christians were slaughtered in Rwanda under Bill Clinton's watch. They were slaughtered by Muslims. We don't say boo about that though. Yet we scream holy hell when Israel may be keeping (not killing) some "palestinian" Christians out of Abrahams Covenant with God.

"An Adult faith does not follow the waves of fashion and the latest novelties." or alarming trends that are not. Alarming.
Enough Said!

The Catholic Knight said...

Dear anonymous Zionist, the Catholic Church IS Israel. God's plan for the Jews is the same plan he has for all mankind, which is salvation through Jesus Christ. The Jewish people will not find fulfillment until they find it in Christ. This is what the New Testament tells us. There is no other purpose beyond this. There is nothing in the New Testament that tells Jews to rebuild their judged nation of Israel. God destroyed it in 70 AD through 130s AD. He does not want them to rebuild Zion through their own Humanist means. Even some of their own rabbis have been telling them that. The way Jews return to Israel is through the Catholic Church. There is no other way.

Jesus fulfilled the Old Covenent. He did not nullify it, and if you understood the fullness of the way he fulfilled it, you would know his kingdom now resides in the Catholic Church. Read "The Crucified Rabbi" and see for yourself.

Now every time in history, after 70 AD, when the Jews have returned to the Holy Land to rebuild Zion, it has always ended in disaster for them. I suspect this time will be no different. God will not allow them to rebuild their judged nation until the Antichrist comes, who will be a Jew and mislead the Jewish nation. When that happens God is turning them over to their blindness for a time to show them where it will lead them. After the Antichrist is revealed then they will realize what they have done, but not until then.

Until that day comes, any Christian that helps the Zionist cause is working together with the spirit of Antichrist and leading Jews to their destruction, while simultaneously helping them commit attrocities against our own Christian brethren in the Holy Land. You are completely and totally blinded my friend. Wake up and smell he coffee. You're being used.

scotju said...

Sir Knight, your comments in your last post were, as usual, on target. Any attempt to rebuild a carnal Zion will end in disaster for the Jews and their gulliable shabbat goi supporters. Look what happened to Julian the Apostate.
What I don't understand about the Evangelicals and the so-called Messianic Jews is their lack of understanding about the basic anti-christian nature of Jewish culture. The Apostle John plainly teaches anti-christianism is rejecting Jesus is the Christ (IJno. 2:22-24) and his coming in the flesh (IIJno 7). The Jews (and the Muslims) have always rejected Christ's own claim of divinity in their Talmud and Koran. The rejection of Christ's claims to Godhood always leads to violence against Christ (see Jno. Chapter 8) and the Christian Church. (See the Book of Acts.) This violence, by Jews against Christians has continued since 33AD. One only needs to read Rabbi Louis Newman's "Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements" and Elliot Horowitz's "Reckless Rites" subtitled "Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence" to realize the hate Jews have in their hearts for Jesus Christ can and might explode into horrible violence against Christians when the opportunity arises.
Sarah, can you please give us referances to the "political sandwich" policy that the Isreali government uses against Christians? I'd like to see this for myself.

The Catholic Knight said...

Scotju, thank you for your comments. They were insightful and well written.

I have only one caveat to add to all of this. We must remember that we cannot paint all Jews in a uniform brush. They are not all the same. In fact, having Jewish members in my family, I would say that most Jews (especially those living in America) are indifferent to this stuff. Many of them have no particular affection for Zionism, nor do they hold any malice toward Christians. My point here is that the average Jew (religious or non-religious) is not necessarily a zealot toward any political mindset. It is just a small fraction of Jewish people who are the catalyst to all this stuff. Their motives are carnal and thy are backed by a whole lot of Evangelical and Messianic Christians in the United States.

Anonymous said...


I'll have to dig to give you a chapter and verse resource; over the years, i have paid attention to the reporting on this sort of thing upon ABC (Australia) television and radio; for the mostpart, the ABC is your garden variety 'middle class leftist' govt. media outlet, but from time to time, they have filed extraordinary reports dealing with this subject amongst others.

the situation that i have raised within previous posts responding to this TCK entry have come up in stories run on issues ranging from the tragedy re the Church of the nativity , the 'emptying of Bethlehem' re its Christian population, along with the standing by over the decades as Christians have been harassed and increasingly maltreated by their muslim counterparts - not to mention the murdur of an Orthodox priest some five or so years ago now in the occupied territories who has, along with his predacessors, attempted to erect a church in a mixed neighbourhood; it is half finished and the current priest of the time interviewed believed that MOSSAD was responsible for the demise of the fellow who held the post before him.

the ABC television programmes 'Four Corners' and 'foreign Correspondant' have covered the plight of Palestinian Christians over the years, as have various ABC Radio Programmes.

If this link does not work, search 'Palestinian Christians' in the search facility on either or itself.

This is a truly depressing business.

Despite the gloom, we have an inexhaustible hope in our Lord and Saviour jesus Christ, Our Lady, plus the promises of God as revealed to us through Holy Scripture (and dare I say, the private revelations - Church approved - that TCK has drawn attention to upon this blog).

We covered the power of prayer in RCIA yesterday (stemming of all things, from our coverage of the 6th Commandment, in which our instructor clarified to me that the promises attributed to the praying of the Rosary are legitimate, trustworthy and fully Church approved (a relief to me for certain).

What would be the effect if not only regular readers of this blog, but Catholic Christians everywhere dedicated themselves to praying a specific five decades of the Rosary, (150 beads) daily for the freedom of Palestinian (and by extent, the Middle Eastern( Indigenous Christians until such comes to pass without flagging or quiting their post re this endeavour?

All one can do is hope and trust in God, especially when confronted with such a grim situation as that of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in this part of the world



scotju said...

Sir Knight, I'm aware that it is only a small minority of the Jewish population that's actively involved in this stuff. However this small minority, because they're extremely well organized, has power beyond their small numbers. They have embedded themselves in the financial, political, and media sections of our culture, this and their group cohesivness, gives them their power. The Jews that don't go along with this, even if they outnumber this group, are intimidated and marginalized by them as self-hating Jews, not real Jews, wanna be goi's, if they dare raise their voices to oppose the distructive elements in Zionism and Judaism. The Catholic Church, instead of sucking up to the Zionist and Jewish establishments, needs to teach that Zionism is a false hope, and the Church is the true, real Israel. I don't see any other way the stranglehold the Zionist fanatics have on the Jewish community can be broken. Any Jew or Jewish group that tries to do it from within the Jewish community will be dammned, marginalized or God forbid, killed if they try to do it.

The Catholic Knight said...

Scotju, I have just two words to say in response to your last comment...

Yitzhak Rabin

He was a good Jew and an honorable man of peace. God rest his soul.

scotju said...

Yes, from what I've heard, he was a good man. The fanatics murdered him in cold blood and wreacked the peace process. The Zionist establishment won't allow anyone with a workable solution to live. Any solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem will have to come from outside Arab or israeli establishment. The two sides have too much emotional and spiritual capital invested in their views to change. The only possible way that I can see any hope of change is to involve the Pope and some future European ruler who can offer protection for the Jews and native Christians, and neutralize the Zionist and Muslim threat once and for all. I pray that it will happen soon.

The Catholic Knight said...

...So enters the Great Monarch, his twelve kings, and the future Kingdom of Jerusalem. But that's another story.

F V Mansour said...

Dear Catholic Knight...

Thank you for your brave stand. As a Palestinian Catholic who has lost so much, it is important to find people who support us. The Israeli government doesn't want Christians to know that Christians are fighting against them, struggle within their apartheid system, and indeed have died at the hands of their evil system. It is sad that Americans are happy to see that the Palestinian Muslims are tortured and abused and discarded...they often become confused when they find out that I am Catholic.
Keep the truth coming out. We need your support.
And Catholics, don't believe the propaganda that Israelis put out. My family owned their land in a primarily Muslim area for centuries. And many of my family only survived because of our Muslim neighbors who helped us, during Nakba and while living in the refugee camps. And yes, Palestinian Christians lived in the same refugee camps as the Palestinian Muslims.
Stop listening to their lies. They stole my home. THat will never be OK.

scotju said...

FW, could you please recommend some good books and articles about the plight of the Palestinian Christians at the hands of the Israeli government?

Anonymous said...

Dear Non- Catholic Non-Knight, Yes, The "New Isreal" is the church. No,the modern state of Isreal does not warrent unquestioning support. But the suggestion that the Israelis are responsible for the horrendous religious cleansing going on in the middle east is just bizarre. You give moslem extremists a pass, dispite the horrors they inflict on christians every day in the ME and Africa. You also fail to mention that the only country in the ME where the population of christians is increasing is Isreal. You are very simply an anti-semetic bigot who is willing to look the other way at moslem atrocities because they don't fit your biased view.

The Catholic Knight said...

Dear Anonymous, the Christian population of Israel proper is about 2%. While the overall number of Christians in Israel proper has increased, the percentage of Christians in the Israeli population has steadily declined due to the immigration of Jews from all over the world. That however, isn't the point, and your comment is a typical pro-Zionist tactic of smoke and mirrors.

The issue at hand is the treatment of Palestinian Christians at the hands of the supposedly pro-western Zionist Israel, and if you're saying that the increasing number of Christians in Israel proper makes that "okay" than you've got a warped sense of morality.

As for the Arab Muslims, who have been most cruel in their treatment of Christians in the Middle East, had you been a regular reader of this blog you would know I've shown them no mercy. In article after article I have pointed out their savagery against the indigenous Christian populations of the Arab world. Yet in one article, this one, I point out their suffering at the hands of Zionists, and for this I am called an anti-Semite? Interesting.

It is common practice for Zionists to call their political opponents anti-Semites. Zionists play on the guilt of Europe for the Holocaust, a sad event we Americans had nothing to do with. The race card works, most of the time, but it won't work with me or my readers. I'll ignore the rest of your silly accusations.

My dear anonymous, Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. In a comment above I praised the late Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin for his work toward peace and justice in the region. For this he died at the hands of an Israeli Zionist. I actually happen to love Jewish people and Jewish culture. Perhaps that's why I wish European Jews had come to America after World War II, instead of that disputed real estate in the Middle East. Rather odd that a supposed "anti-Semite" (as you say) would want to be surrounded by Jews eh? Unless, perhaps anti-Semitism has nothing to do with it.

For your information anonymous, most Zionists are Christians and they live in the United States of America. Where it not for them, the Israeli government wouldn't have gotten away with so much for so long.

Dan said...

Dear Catholic Knight:

I'm very much afraid that efforts to convince a pro-Israel Catholic or Evangelical are going to be wasted, to a large extent. That's a terrible thing to contemplate, but it is true. They have so completely swallowed the Israel party line, and are so intimidated by the constant World War II suffering stories (suffering about Jews only; never about anyone else!), that they will just tune out anything that contradicts the rubbish that has been crammed into their heads for sixty years.

One poster wanted to know where he could find information on the forgotten sufferings of the Palestinians. He can find it at a website called "If Americans Knew" by Alison Weir. I read it myself, though I must admit it is hard to read some of these things without making your blood boil and literally reducing you to tears. It is awful what the Israel government has been doing. They are worse than Nazis...and, yes, you read that correctly.

I think, my friend, that even though you overemphasize the oil issue when it comes to US/Israel relations you have marshalled your facts well. Oil is undoubtedly a secondary interest (though I confess I've never heard of any massive oil reserve in Palestine) but the main interest is support for the Jews, a support constantly created by that most powerful lobby in the world, AIPAC. Put very simply, our government, all three branches of it, are terrified of AIPAC and will do everything it can to stay on that Lobby's good side. Politicians know that if they cross that Lobby even once there will be a well-financed opponent in their next political race, and he will know that he will be given a media crucifixion in short order. So, while oil is an issue here in the USA it is by far secondary to the main issue which, when stated in Biblical terms, is "fear of the Jews."

Our one-sided Middle East policy has so outraged the Arabs that some have retaliated by the use of terrorism. Our pro-Israel policies have brought these tragedies upon us, and the wars of aggression we are now fighting against peoples who have never done us any harm have all been done at the behest of the Israelis (and oil, too). We will reap even more evil because of this. Look at what has become of our civil liberties.

Can we support these suffering Palestinians in Palestine? Yes. Pray for them. Buy their products (Holy Land olive oil, olives, etc.), send money to reputable Catholic organizations helping them. Never, not ever, buy anything that is
Israeli" made. Boycott all Israeli products. If you have a 401K speak to your broker about steering any investments you have there away from any Israeli-owned company. But always support the people suffering under the Israeli government.

As Catholics we must pray that our leaders, especially the Pope, cease these pro-Jewish policies they have been engaging in for too many decades now. There must be no more visits to synagogues, no more sitting silently while impudent rabbis scold the Vicar of Christ on earth, no more "dialog" sessions that only undermine Catholic teaching to make it more palatable to Abe Foxman, no more "apologies" to Jews for alleged crimes against them (though they might apologize for 2,000 years of anti-Christian hatreds), no more changing prayers for their conversion simply because these obstinate people want to die in the unbelief. We must pray for a Pope with a backbone to withstand these arrogant assaults on the Church.

And the Arabas, both Christian and Muslim, must be on guard against being used by the Left. If Leftists and homosexuals are touched by their plight...fine. Thank them for their (quiet) support if it is sincere, but don't let them co-opt your sufferings and graft them onto their own twisted agendas.

Sarah's words are heart-breaking. The only thing I can say that may offer some comfort is that one day there will be a return of her people to Palestine. God will not allow this outrage to last indefinitely.

basilian said...

It is great to find Catholics being intelligently political. This is almost devoid in local churches who remain silent(complicit) on the evil around us. I really like everything I hear but would take issue with calling the Syrian government a murdering regime, this has been found not to be the case so I question your sources. I also would like to see a discussion regarding central banking as this is the fuel source for all the evil no matter who is doing it. Take away the power to issue money and you take away the power to commit crime and fraud and those same founds can be used to power good. I applaud the meaningful forum you have founded.

basilian said...

I went on to the Vatican website and there you can find that the Holy Se stated his position on anti zionism as being a new form of anti semitism. This is very sad to me and makes me lose a lot of faith in the Catholic church. I know there are many many Jews who also do not believe in the policies of zionism and they are even on mass protest in Israel now. If you stand against the Jews who stand against zionism are you still being anti semitic? I prefer the Catholic Knight's stance but to say that his is the Catholic stance unfortunately is wrong.

The Catholic Knight said...

Basilian, please provide a link to this information you found. Thank you.

basilian said...

If this does not work try this one and in the search area type in zionism and two articles come up.

The Catholic Knight said...

FOR THE RECORD: This is all I could find insofar as a Vatican statement on anti-Zionism...

Titled "The Church and Racism," the document called anti-Semitism "the most tragic form that racist ideology has assumed in our century." After distinguishing anti-Zionism, which "questions the state of Israel and its policies," from anti-Semitism, the document warned that anti-Zionism "serves at times as a screen for anti-Semitism."
This was the Vatican's first statement on anti-Zionism, said Eugene Fisher, director of the Office for Catholic-Jewish Relations of the United States Catholic Bishops. -- source

The Vatican did not condemn anti-Zionism outright. It simply said that while it can be a legitimate political opinion, it can also "at times" serve as a cover for anti-Semitism. I agree.

I have witnessed anti-Semites use anti-Zionism as a "cover." But the same could said of patriotism in regards to being used as a "cover" for racism in general. Truth be told, bigots will use just about anything as a cover.

Just to dispel all doubt here and now, THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT condemns anti-Semitism. I have no problem with Jews. I have no problem with Judaism. I don't agree with Judaism, naturally, because I am a Christian, but I have no problem with people wanting to practice that religion if that is their free choice. I believe Jews and Christians should be treated equally under the law, and we should always strive to treat Jews with charity and justice, just as we would any other people. If that doesn't set the record straight, then there is nothing I can say that will.

Having said that, I oppose Zionism on a purely political level. I think the policies of the Israeli government are supremacist in nature, and as a result of this, Israel has set itself on a collision course with Armageddon. That being said, I think it is a great sin for Christians (of any type) to throw their unconditional support behind the Israeli government, as it is a cooperation with evil and an Antichrist agenda. I do not favour the Arab Muslims either, as they often resort to terrorism, for two wrongs don't make a right.

I fear for the safety of everyone in the Holy Land: Christians, Muslims and Jews. Because of America's unconditional support of Israel's supremacist policies in the past, I believe America is morally obligated to absorb the lion's share of Israeli refugees when the inevitable apocalypse comes from this. I personally believe American Zionist Evangelicals should be the first to open their doors to these refugees, since they are largely responsible for the conditions that will likely make them refugees.

Also for the record, I know the majority of Zionists are not Jews, especially in the United States. Here in America, the majority of Zionists are Evangelicals. You can't call me an anti-Semite, when the majority of people I'm opposing (on a purely political level) are my fellow non-Jewish Christians.

I am absolutely convinced here that my views are 100% consistent with the Church's teaching on racism and bigotry, and I defy anyone, using official Church documents, to prove me wrong.

The Catholic Knight said...

Basilian, my above statement was more of a general statement for everyone, and was not directed specifically at you.

That is a very interesting source you provided. When you read that by itself, it looks like a blanket condemnation of anti-Zionism. HOWEVER, when you compare that within context, using the source I cited, it becomes clear that either it is not a blanket condemnation of anti-Zionsim, or else the Vatican is contradicting itself.

I think when you read the document you cited from 2004, it has to be put into context with the document I cited from 1989. (Both under the same pontificate of John Paul II.) Without this context, we would be forced to conclude that the Vatican is telling us we must all be Zionists and support the Israeli government unconditionally. That would mean the Evangelicals are right, and the Catholic Church has been historically wrong for 2,000 years! I'm not willing to go down that road.

The Catholic Knight said...

To be a Zionist is to say that "theft is okay," so long as you're and Israeli and the people you're stealing from are Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

In other words, Zionism is a violation of the 7th Commandment.

Chris P. said...

Zionists have represented pure evil from day-one. Thanks for opening my eyes about the role of oil in all of this. Really a great post.