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Monday, May 23, 2011

WikiLeaks -- North American Union

(WND) - A document posted online by WikiLeaks reveals there were strategy discussions regarding the adoption of a "North American Union" – called the North American Initiative in this case – at the ambassadorial level in the United States government.

The concept of a North American Union largely has been ridiculed by many in government and media. The Wikipedia entry on North American Union calls it a "theoretical economic union" that has "been the subject of various conspiracy theories."

However, WND has built an extensive library of reports that document progress toward the idea, and best-selling author Jerome Corsi's book, "The Late Great USA," shows how the Security and Prosperity Partnership, an agreement signed in 2005 by President George W. Bush, threatens American sovereignty.

The WikiLeaks document was uncovered by investigators with Americans for Legal Immigration, and the organization reports they "appear to confirm an incremental and covert plan within the highest levels of the American and Canadian governments to accomplish deeper 'North American Integration,' while keeping most average citizens in the dark and bypassing the constitutions of the existing three sovereign nations of America, Canada and Mexico."

ALIPAC spokesman William Gheen told WND, "This is the smoking gun. This is not conjecture. This is a high-ranking member of the U.S. government who created this document....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  The "conspiracy theories" are not theories anymore.  There is a plan in the works to merge the United States, Canada and Mexico into a unified economic trading block much akin to the European Union.  The plan has been dubbed by many as the "North American Union" or NAU.   It is in the works.  BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington DC support it, as well as many politicians in Canada and Mexico.  IT WILL BECOME REALITY.  I guarantee it just as sure as I am writing this blog entry right now.  I don't know when it will happen, but I guarantee it WILL happen, and there is nothing any of us can do to stop it.

I'm sorry my readers, but this ship has already sailed.  The precursor conditions that will bring about the NAU are already in place.  They are playing out according to plan.  The economic crash of 2008 and 2009 was part of it.  The second dip of that crash will likely hit us within the next 12 to 18 months at the latest.  The nearly $15 trillion national debt America has amassed is also part of the plan.  The entitlement programs that are about to implode are also part of the plan.  The rampant illegal entry into the United States by Mexican nationals is also part of the plan.  All of this is designed to produce one specific result, and it's been in the works for the last twenty years my friends.  We are now approaching the end of the game plan, not the beginning.

Proposed designs for Amero coinage.
Who were the major players?  Well in the United States the following presidents contributed a significant role to this cause:  George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  Yes my friends, this plan has been in the works for at least 23 years, since 1988, and four U.S. presidents have been intimately involved in it.  The Bush's were the primary architects, but they received the full support and cooperation of presidents Clinton and Obama.  We've been had.  We were snookered.  Yes, my readers, our leaders did this right under our noses, and I'm afraid it's too late to stop it now.

The forces in play to finish the job are now unstoppable.  In a very short time we will see the second dip of the recession/depression started with the stock market crash of 2008.  This time there will be no money left to bail the banks out.  Simultaneously, we will likely witness runaway inflation, making the American dollar nearly worthless.  When this happens, radical changes will need to be made across the North American continent, or else we will face starvation and civil unrest throughout Mexico, the USA and Canada.  Fortunately for us, our leaders have already developed a "solution" to the "problem" they created.  In exchange for breadlines and abject poverty, our leaders will propose a monetary solution to fix all three nations and stabilize the continent.  The push will be to stabilize all three nations (US, Canada and Mexico) because of the vast borders shared by all three nations.  The argument will be put forward that if only the USA fixes it's currency problem, Canada will be plunged into third-world status and Mexico will erupt in total civil war causing a flood of illegal refugees from both nations to cross our borders.  So the push will be to stabilize all three economies simultaneously, to prevent this humanitarian crisis and thus create better stability for our borders.

The solution will be totally economic.  The proposal will be to fix the monetary and trade problems only.  The initial push will be for a North American Community or NAC, which will initially involve trade alone, along with a unified currency.  The national currencies may not even be eliminated at first, but the Amero will be put forward as an alternate currency which must be accepted as legal tender in all three nations.  The Amero will be backed by either gold or silver, and through the Amero the rest of the NAU will begin to take shape. The American people will for the most part embrace it, as will the Mexican people and the Canadian people as well.  This is because the economic situation will appear so grim that it will seem as if the end of the world has come upon us.  The proposed economic solution of the Amero will appear to be the only viable alternative to complete and total collapse.  Sadly, because of what the leaders of all three nations have already done over the last two decades, this general assumption will be for the most part accurate.   Failure to embrace the Amero will likely result in Mexican civil war, coupled with Canadian economic implosion and civil unrest within the United States.  The people will truly be faced with a choice between the Amero or anarchy.

US - Canadian Military Merger in 2008
What many people do not know is that other aspects of the NAU are already in place, namely the joint military merger between the United States and Canada.  This was done back in 2008, and the Knight covered the story here.  Likewise many more things are being done quietly, behind the scenes, with virtually no media fanfare.  All the pieces are in place, and sadly, any attempt to maintain American, Canadian or Mexican sovereignty will likely result in anarchy as soon as the final lever is pulled.  I hate to say this my friends, but I'm afraid that the 235 year American experiment is nearly over.  We will soon be subjected to the will of a government greater than our own.