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Thursday, June 9, 2011

ACC Calls for Reforms ALREADY Realized !!!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The American Catholic Council (ACC), meeting in Detroit, will this weekend call for radical reforms to the U.S. Catholic Church that would in effect remake the U.S. Catholic Church into a mirror image of The Episcopal Church U.S.A.

Yes, that's right! Virtually everything the ACC is calling for this weekend has already been realized in The Episcopal Church. From this we can safely conclude that participants in the ACC, and it's sympathizers, are actually Episcopalian wannabees. To read the demands of the ACC click here. It is thoroughly Episcopalian. Highlights include the following...
  1. Transforming the governance of the Church into a democracy whereby laymen can vote for their clerical leaders and on various doctrinal and moral issues.
  2. The ordination of women to the priesthood.
  3. The ordination of known homosexuals to the priesthood.
  4. The elimination of clerical celibacy.
  5. The greater emphasis on a "social gospel" and "liberation theology."
Of course the question of 'The Catholic Knight" is simply this. If the members of the ACC want an Episcopalian form of governance so badly, why don't they just become Episcopalians? It certainly would save them a whole lot of trouble. Lord knows these policies have worked so well for The Episcopal Church they can use all the new members they can get.

To learn more about The Episcopal Church click here.