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Thursday, June 16, 2011

China Flips For Russia - New World Order Backfires!!!!

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The New World Oder, created by George H. Bush, Henry Kissinger and company, has just backfired and blown up in the face of the United States and Europe.

China has, in the course of just one week, declared the United States in default of our national debt, and turned to Russia as it's new partner for the 21st century. Where does this leave the United States? Good question. Where DOES this leave the United States? China owns the majority of American debt. Russia doesn't like American involvement in the Middle East. China is now entering into a partnership with Russia. Hmmm. Could Russia coax China to use it's holdings on US debt as leverage to force the United States out of the Middle East? With China and Russia no longer trading oil in US dollars, the United States would be up the proverbial creek if it loses it's influence in the Middle East too.

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