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Monday, June 27, 2011


Storm Clouds Gather Over the Vatican
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: A war is playing out within the city walls of the Vatican. Indeed it is a silent war, and it's been in play for decades now. Just recently, since 2005, it has become most intense.

Nobody was more acutely aware of the anti-papal forces within the Vatican than Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who watched his fellow cardinals quietly assail and undermine his beloved friend Pope John Paul II. So it was Cardinal Ratzinger who ratcheted up the battle when he became Pope Benedict XVI.
(DICI) - These are the words from the Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: “But you know, it’s the priests, it’s the bishops, it’s the Catholic universities: they are full of heresies!” That’s what the the Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith told us in June 2009!

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The source of this quote may at first give us pause, but when we consider all the evidence we have witnessed over the last decade, can anyone deny it sounds strikingly familiar to what we've seen? The bishop who gives us this quote may be many things, but one thing his is not is a liar. Therefore, we must take him for his word, as disturbing as that may be for now.

This quote comes in the greater context of intentional disruption and contradiction within the Vatican city walls, as various officers within the Curia have actively been working against this current pope since the beginning of his papacy. It's the pope and the CDF verses practically everyone else, and it's a quiet conflict, played out in secrecy and subtlety.

So it would seem that all of the prophecies from Fatima to Akita are in play already. The Great Chastisement is now upon us, we are still years away from it's completion, and the worst is yet to come.

So it is in times like these, what can we do, other than rally to the pope's side and demand of our local priests and bishops that the Holy Father's will be done! As for the Vatican, what more can we do but pray. May God have mercy on us all!