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Monday, July 11, 2011

America's Chastisement

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: So naturally with the economic fall of the United States will follow the military decline of the nation as well, along with the loss of our place as a world superpower. The crisis will come to a head at the end of July 2011 as the U.S. Congress attempts to raise the debt ceiling to forestall a default on the national debt. Assuming the debt ceiling is raised, this will kick the crisis down the road a bit until the end of September, where it will likely be kicked down the road a little further, and so on. We've reached the end of our rope folks, and aside from some very draconian austerity measures, there will be no recovery. Doing what it takes to stop the deficit spending and reign in the debt, will inevitably cause a backlash on Wall Street, both prolonging and deepening the recession. Not doing what it takes will keep Wall Street and the economy afloat for a little while longer but make the crisis worse when the day of reckoning comes. So here we are, at the end of the world's greatest empire, and not a single shot was fired to bring it down. Let history record that the American Empire literally spent itself into oblivion.

As in all things, there is a moral lesson to be learned. America's two biggest sins against God and nature were avarice and sensuality. The two sins are linked together as manifestations of pride. Our avarice resulted in a crushing national debt that brought us to our collective knees. Our sensuality resulted in the abuse of our bodies, the destruction of our families, and the murder of our children. America is not alone in this economic chastisement. Europe will likewise pay a huge price. Together America and Europe exported sensual materialism to the world, and with this, our world will fall into crisis.

So what happens next? Is the whole thing going to explode into worldwide anarchy? I say no. The current world order will go out with nothing more than a whimper, as the New World Order sweeps in to solve all of our economic woes. The dollar will simply be replaced as a new IMF petrol-currency becomes the standard. Seemingly overnight, America's wealth will vanish, and Americans will be shocked to learn that while they still make enough money to barely survive in the United States, travel abroad, and the purchase of foreign goods, will be out of reach. Since America no longer produces hardly anything, except food, America will once again become a "poor nation of farmers" as it was back in the 1800s. Transition back into an agrarian economy will be slow and painful.

Is America over? Our days as a superpower are certainly over, without a doubt, but does that mean the United States of America is officially kaput? Not necessarily. America existed as a poor nation once before, and it can exist as such again. If the following things happen, the United States of America will survive, but if they do not happen, America will eventually be broken up and parceled out into smaller nation-states...
  1. Americans must repent of their avarice.
  2. Americans must repent of their sensuality.
  3. Americans must return to faith in Jesus Christ.
  4. Americans must learn to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  5. Catholic Americans must turn to "Our Lady of America" or "Our Lady of Good Help" and petition her intercession.
These things must be done concurrently.  While it may seem impossible for them to happen now (July of 2011), the months and years of crisis ahead will crush American pride and therefore soften American hearts.