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Monday, July 18, 2011

Catholic Democrat = Lost Soul

For my international readers -
The Donkey is the official symbol of the U.S. Democratic Party,
The U.S. Republican Party uses the Elephant as it's symbol.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I believe we have reached a point now, both in this nation and the U.S. Catholic Church, where the term "Catholic Democrat" means the equivalent of selling ones soul to the devil. Basically it works like this.  The Democratic Party is so anti-Catholic on every single social issue imaginable, from abortion to gay-marriage, to school-choice, to religious freedom, that in order for a Catholic to be a successful elected official in the Democratic Party, he basically has to ignore everything the Catholic Church teaches.

I challenge anyone to survey the U.S. political landscape today and prove me wrong.

That being said, this is not an endorsement of the Republican Party either.  While the Republican Party holds to many positions that oppose Catholic social teaching, there is at least a little wiggle room left for Catholics in that party to still be Catholics with good conscience -- for now.  Granted, that would entail not towing the party line on some issues, and even opposing the party on some issues, but nevertheless I would say it is still at least possible to be a Catholic and a Republican -- for now.

That being said, yours truly (The Catholic Knight) is a Distributist, so I'm basically unrepresented in American politics.  I'm forced to identify myself as an Independent.  When I do vote, I'm forced to choose between Republican and third party candidates, as I've come to the conclusion that voting Democrat in today's political environment is to sell my soul.  I believe it was Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Vatican's Apostolic Signatura, who recently said the U.S. Democratic Party is swiftly becoming the "Party of Death."