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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Hell There IS....

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: When we look back at the panorama of the 20th century, and most specifically the warning of the Blessed Virgin given at Fatima, it is the subject of Hell that is brought to the forefront. It seems that one of the greatest strategies of the Evil One in the last 100 years is to convince modern man that there is no Hell. This has perhaps been the precursor that has led to such rampant immorality in our Western world.

On the topic of Hell, Michael Voris does a good job here, pointing out that it is our understanding of Hell that needs revision, not the doctrine itself. When we think of hell, the vision of flames comes to mind. The Scriptures however, also use the analogy of thirst to describe the pains of Hell, and when we consider this it becomes obvious. Hell cannot be imagined by the human mind. It is a spiritual state of lost souls, a state that is opposed to God, and is apart from God, or at least "tries" to be apart from God. Since God is omnipresent however, that is not possible, so Hell is a state of existence that seeks to be apart from God, but cannot be, because that is impossible. Those souls in Hell find the presence of God repulsive but cannot escape Him. It is an experience that the human mind cannot fathom, but one that can only be compared to everlasting flames and eternal thirst.