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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Hypocricy of Europe

Legal Age of Consent
in Europe
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  And so it came to pass, in the latter days, that the priesthood of Christ was infiltrated by certain sodomite men, who lied and broke their vows of chastity, sexually abusing boys, and some corrupt bishops turned a blind eye to them, refusing to administer the justice that was due.  It was but a small fraction of the clergy who did this, less than a twentieth, but because of their sins the whole world was enraged.  Already hating the message of the gospel of Christ that convicted them of sin, the governors of the formerly Christian lands turned against the Church, demanding that priests break their sacramental vows under pain of imprisonment.  These same European governors however, also approved marriage between sodomites, and made legal the very thing they claimed to abhor, that is the sexual abuse of teenage boys.  To make matters worse, some of these same governors created literature urging parents to sexually abuse their young daughters, as early as the first year of life.  And so the once Christian leaders of Europe fell into the ultimate apostasy and hypocrisy, attacking the Church for the same sins that they themselves were guilty of on a much greater scale.