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Friday, July 22, 2011

Never Forget Who We Are....

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Before there was Gregorian Chant, there was Roman Plain Chant. The following sounds in the embeded video below are some of the oldest Psalmodies in ancient Western history. This is who we are! It is our Roman Catholic heritage and culture. It is this very thing, along with our customs and sensibilities, that the Leftists outside of the Church seek to destroy through their legal means of cultural genocide. This is what Modernists inside the Church unwittingly undermine with their constant liturgical innovations and introduction of modern pop/folk music. The Modernists inside the Church I have pity for, because they have been dupped. They mistakenly believe that by "modernizing" the Church, and "bringing it into the 21st century" they will attract more people to her. Sadly, some forty years of "modernizing" has produced the exact opposite, yet for some reason they are unable to see that. When will they learn that there is nothing they can do to "change" the Church in such a way that people who already hate her will somehow come to like her? When will they learn that there is nothing more "dated" than a contemporary liturgy, and that traditional liturgy is TIMELESS......

Remember who you are, and return to your most ancient roots. This is the Roman Catholic way. This is our heritage and our identity. This is who we are as a people. Never, ever forget!

Special thanks to Sarah in Australia for this video Recommendation.


Anonymous said...

What fantastic chanting. It's too bad so many people haven't got the backbone to stand up for their faith in these dire times for the Church. Thanks for the video Sarah and Sir Knight.

Tito Edwards said...


By the way, I like your new favicon ico in the address bar. Very fitting, and it adds to your blog.

kpajem said...

Thank you Sir knight and Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Down to the isokratima (note held underneath the melody) and the introduction, this sounds very similar to Byzantine chant as practiced in the Greek Orthodox Church. It actually sounds very similar to the Plagal First mode. Very interesting. Thank you for this beautiful video.

Mary E said...

This sounds a lot like some of the Eastern Orthodox music I have heard-and also the indigenous music of the middle east-which makes sense, since Christianity comes from there...
Mary E

James K. Allen Jr. said...

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Alvin Froehlich said...

Thank you Sarah and Sir Knight!
This has always spoken to my soul!!! All my life I've only heard traces of it in profane and indigenous middle eastern music.
How can I purchase this for my home, my family?
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