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Friday, July 22, 2011

Now Bishops Will HAVE TO Do Their Jobs

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The following is not a total victory, but it is good news. Think of it as a shot across the bow of the Canadian Catholic Church. The artillery shell missed the ship, but made a huge splash off the port bow, giving her a good rock and roll in the waters....
(The Catholic Register) - The Ontario Liberal government's equity and inclusive education policy will not mandate Catholic schools to teach students anti-Catholic views on marriage and sexuality or force them to establish gay-straight alliances, says Education Minister Leona Dombrowsky.

“There's no question that in Catholic schools, they have the constitutional right to to teach their faith in their schools and that has not changed,” Dombrowsky told The Catholic Register...

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Sadly, Catholic schools in Canada will be required to host "gay support groups" to emotionally assist students dealing with homosexual temptations, but there is no word yet on what requirements those support groups will entail.

The moral to this story is that Canadian Catholic bishops (and priests) now have no choice but to enforce the teachings of the Church rigorously in regards to the area of homosexuality. If they don't, than the Canadian government will see that the Church has "changed" it's teachings on homosexuality, and no longer needs an exception to the law. So the word to Canadian Catholic bishops (and priests) is this. You better start doing your job, and enforcing the Church's teaching on homosexuality, or else the Canadian government will eventually eliminate your exception to the current law.