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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catholic Economics = Distributism

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: The social teaching of the Catholic Church opposes Libertarian economics (i.e. "Capitalism"). To understand this, one must read the social encyclicals of the popes in the context of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which I will provide links to below. Sadly today, Catholics are horribly uneducated about the teachings of the Church on the issue of economics. The overwhelming vast majority of Catholics in the Western world have sadly subscribed to Socialism, the idea that an all-powerful state should administer all (or most) goods and services, for the sake of the "common good." This popular attitude demonstrates not only a pitiful understanding of economics but also a heretical understanding of Catholic teaching. Sadly, I'm afraid a number of the clergy have subscribed to this as well. On the flip side there are those Catholics who rightly reject the socialist ideas of Catholic Modernists. However, in their righteous anger toward the Left, they swing so far to the Right that they abandon authentic Church teaching in the process. This is the move toward Libertarian Capitalism, otherwise known as laissez-faire economics. Ironically, a number of high-profile Catholics, as well as some conservative-leaning Catholic organizations, have endorsed this heretical notion in the same way Left-leaning Catholics have endorsed socialism. The teaching of the Church is plain and clear. There is simply no way whatsoever that one can read the social encyclicals of the Church and come up with a Libertarian Capitalist view of economics. It's just not possible! It's about as preposterous as coming up with a Liberal Socialist view. It really is time Catholics start taking ownership of our Church's own social teaching on economics, and let me say this, economics is just morality by another name. It is morality in the market place. Both the Socialist and Capitalist understanding of economics demonstrate a deficient moral code, and a fundamental failure to understand the teaching of the Church on this matter.

Below is a casual video interview with Christopher A. Ferrara, a devout Catholic, prolific author, journalist, Pro-Life activist, attorney at law and Chief Council of the American Catholic Lawyers Association. He gives a brief synopsis of the Catholic teaching on Distributism, along with a scorching criticism of Libertarian heresy. Below will follow a series of links designed to educate my readers on the social teachings of the Church...

Order Christopher A. Ferrara's book "The Church and the Libertarian."

Catholic Social Teaching
* Blue font indicates direct teaching on Catholic economics (i.e. Distributism)...

Boniface VIII
Unam Sanctam
Quum inter nonnullos
Eugene IV
Sicut Dudum
Nicholas V
Romanus Pontifex
Paul III
Sublimus Dei
Clement XIV
Decet Quam Maxime
Pius VII
Diu Satis
Quo Graiora
Traditi Humilitati

Gregory XVI

Cum Primum • Mirari Vos • Commissum Divinitus • In Supremo Apostolatus

Blessed Pius IX

Praedecessores Nostros • Nostis et Nobiscum • Apostolicae Nostrae Caritatis • Nullis Certe Verbis • Quanto Conficiamur Moerore • Quanta Cura • Incredibili • Maximae Quidem Respicientes • Etsi Multa • Quod Nunquam • Graves Ac Diuturnae

Blessed Leo XIII

Inscrutabili Dei Consilio • Quod Apostolici Muneris • Licet Multa • Diuturnum • Cum Multa • Humanum Genus • Nobilissima Gallorum Gens • Spectata Fides • Immortale Dei• Quod Multum • In Plurimis • Libertas • Saepe Nos • Quam Aerumnosa • Sapientiae Christianae • Dall’Alto dell’Apostolico Seggio • Catholicae Ecclesiae • Rerum Novarum• Au Milieu des Sollicitudes • Custodi di Quella Fede • Inimica Vis • Longinqua • Permoti Nos • Affari Vos • Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae • Graves de Communi Re

Pope St. Pius X

Il Fermo Proposito • Vehementer Nos • Gravissimo Officii Munere • Une Fois Encore Iamdudum • Singulari Quadam

Benedict XV

Paterno Iam Diu • Annus Iam Plenus

Pius XI

Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio • Iniquis Affictisque • Divini Illius Magistri • Rappresentanti In Terra • Casti Connubii • Quadragesimo Anno • Nova Impendet • Non Abbiamo Bisogno• Acerba Animi • Dilectissima Nobis • Vigilanti Cura • Mit Brennender Sorge • Divini Redemptoris • Nos Es Muy Conocida

Pius XII

Summi Pontificatus • Quemadmodum • Humani Generis • Ad Sinarum Gentem • Datis Nuperrime • Le Pèlerinage de Lourdes • Miranda Prorus • Ad Apostolorum Principis •Exsul Familia • On Rural Life

Blessed John XXIII

Mater et Magistra • Pacem in Terris

Paul VI

Mense Maio • Christi Matri • Populorum Progressio • Humanae Vitae • Octagesima Adveniens

John Paul II

Laborem Exercens • Solicitudo Rei Socialis • Centesimus Annus • Veritatis Splendor •Evangelium Vitae

Benedict XVI

Deus Caritas Est • Caritas in Veritate