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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

England Riots Explained...

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I'm afraid Liberal Secularism has managed to gum up yet another Catholic Christian principle. You see, according to Catholicism, immigration is a good thing and a natural right. However, within that context, nation-states have a right to discern how much immigration they can handle, and create necessary regulations to safeguard their sovereignty and culture. This includes allowing time for a large number of immigrants to assimilate before admitting more large numbers. It includes mandating that a certain language be learned and mastered, and that basic knowledge be attained about the culture of the host country. It includes requiring immigrants to swear allegiance to the host country, and forfeit citizenship in a previous country. It includes regulations that prevent enclaving, forcing assimilation into the host country. In other words, nation-states have a right to protect themselves from being overrun and taken over by massive waves of immigration. They should allow immigration generously, but at the same time regulate it in such a way that immigrants fully assimilate and become virtually indistinguishable from native citizens. A good example of this is American immigration policy around the turn of the last century 1900s. Around this time some of my ancestors immigrated from Europe. They were required to learn English and swear allegiance to the USA and forfeit their previous citizenship in Europe. Lastly, if they failed to assimilate properly, they could be deported back to their country of origin, before citizenship was attained. This is the Catholic ideal of a generous immigration policy.

Now in contrast, Europe has abandoned it's Catholic roots and embraced Liberal Protestantism mixed together with Secular Humanism. So instead of common sense immigration policies, European nation-states have adopted ridiculous immigration free-for-all policies, combined with preferential treatment for ethnic minorities based on a politically correct ideology. Most of the immigrants that enter European counties these days are Muslims. They are not required to assimilate. Hence we now have a demographic crisis in Europe where based on the relative birthrates, Muslims threaten to outnumber Christians in Europe within about 50 to 60 years. They will reach a dominate minority status much sooner, probably within 20 years. Only a radical change in immigration policy, coupled with a rapid return to European Christendom, can save Europe from becoming an Islamic caliphate before the middle of the century. The frequent minority riots in France and England are symptomatic of this problem. Of course, from a historical perspective, Marxists have always sought to exploit the plight of minorities to effect Socialist/Communist takeovers. We can expect this to happen in Europe very soon, in what can only be described as a Marxist-Muslim Revolution.

Catholic prophecy forecasts this as well. There are four European nations that are central to these prophecies: England, France, Germany and Italy. Three of these nations (England, France and Italy) are forecast to fall into complete anarchy. The Vatican in Rome will be overrun and the pope will be forced to flee to Germany. Germany will be the battleground state, according the the prophecies. Great battles will ensue there. The nature of these battles are not specified. We do not know if they will be strategic or riotous. What we do know is that in the course of these battles the pope will be assassinated, a new pope will be elected in exile and a man of the French royal family will be coronated as the king of the new Holy Roman Empire. From this European Christendom will be restored. The Marxists will be put down and Muslims will either convert or leave the continent. Islam itself will begin to implode as a worldwide religion, loosing adherents to Christianity over the course of just a few decades.

This however, is a chain of events we have yet to see. Right now, all we are seeing is the beginning of trouble in France and England. Like France, England will likely put down these riots but they will soon return, with much greater intensity, until eventually they overcome the governments of these nations. Italy will also fall into turmoil at around the same time this happens.

As for the United States of America, all we know from Catholic prophecy is a great big question mark. The only prophecies that give us a clue are those from "Our Lady of America" wherein Americans are urged to repent of their sexual immorality and return to purity in heart and body, or else face certain misery. That "misery" is not defined, but it is clear from these prophecies that God "wants" America to survive and "desires" our repentance to make this happen. The approved apparition site of "Our Lady of Good Help" in Champion Wisconsin, outside of Green Bay, also has a message for Americans. In the mists of complete disaster, we can only be saved by turning to Our Lady and seeking refuge under her mantle. The one and only command Our Lady of Good Help gave was to pray for the conversion of the sinners in this land and teach them the Catholic faith.

As for England, there has been a resurgence of devotion to "Our Lady of Walsingham" and we know from Catholic prophecy that all of these things concerning the coming Chastisement of God will begin to occur when the power of England weakens. This began politically around the time of World War II, and religiously immediately after that. The Church of England is no longer a moral force on the island, and the Anglican Communion is crumbling worldwide. With the emergence of widespread riots, we are beginning to see civil authority erode in England as well. All of this is a sign of the beginning of the end for our present era. However, Catholic prophecy also tells us that England will emerge from the coming anarchy as a totally Catholic nation, stronger than ever before. This will happen at around the same time France emerges from anarchy. There is an active campaign to plant the seeds of revival within the British Isles going on right now. It's called the Walsingham Project, and you can participate by CLICKING HERE.

We are certainly at the beginning of some very remarkable times. 'The Catholic Knight' sets no dates or time tables, but I do think it's reasonable to assume these things will likely take place within the next 30 years. That's just private speculation on my part, but I do think it's well grounded.