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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Global Warming Nonsense !!!

Four-Thousand Years of Global Temperature Analysis
Reveals that the Earth is actually entering a Long-Term
Deep Cooling Stage, and that Temperatures in the
Middle Ages were actually much warmer than today.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: For about a decade now, NASA has been trying to tell the public that the whole Global Warming Climate Change mantra espoused by Western politicians is a crock. However, every time NASA officials have come out with a statement of some kind, the U.S. Congress threatened to pull its funding. Well, now that Congress has pulled it's funding anyway, leaving no replacement for the Space Shuttle program, NASA has finally gone ahead and released all it's data on global warming climate change. Guess what! It's the same message NASA has been telling us all along. Man-made Global Warming Climate Change is a complete and total crock -- an absolute lie -- embraced by Western politicians for the purpose of scaring common citizens into enacting Socialist solutions to a fictional problem. You can read the study for yourself here in pdf download.

Likewise, The Catholic Knight has been saying the exact same thing on this blog for the past six years. While I'm not NASA, I do have enough scientific training to know the whole theory was a crock from the beginning. The fact that NASA was agreeing with my own assumptions, or vice versa, only validated my opinion. In 2005 I announced "The Greens are Red," communist red that is, and I've not backed down from that position. Recently some Catholic figures have derided the Greens as "watermelons" which are green on the outside and red on the inside. It's a perfect analogy if you ask me.

For Catholics the issue is a bit more complex. Recently, Pope Benedict XVI wrote on the issue of environmental responsibility. Conservation and careful stewardship of nature is a very Catholic concept.  It comes to us as part of the first Biblical mandate to our first parents -- "God blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.'" -- Genesis 1: 28.  The command to "rule" and "subdue" the earth is a command of stewardship, like that of a skilled gardener. Notice however, the command to subdue the earth is linked with the command to fill (populate) it. Conservationism from a Catholic perspective is fundamentally different from the ecological Marxism espoused by Western environmentalist groups and politicians. To the latter, mankind is an aberration on planet earth, a scourge or a cancer, that must be contained and even eradicated when possible. Their solution to ecological recklessness is self-extermination of the human race -- a type of self inflicted genocide through population control and forced sterilization. It's as unCatholic as it is Antichrist.

In comparison, a proper Catholic understanding of environmental conservation is humanity focused.  Mankind is viewed as a necessary part of the earth, like a force of nature, which is designed by God for the Earth's benefit.  It is only our fallen sinful nature that leads to it's pollution.  So conservation of the environment is a really good idea except when doing so brings harm upon our fellow man. For example, preventing undeveloped third-world nations from industrialization for the purpose of "preventing man-made global warming" causes people to remain in poverty and thus does harm to the human condition. Of course the Marxist environmental solution is to provide these third-world people with condoms so they can self-eradicate their population. But the Catholic solution would be to let their nation develop so that when they have eradicated their widespread poverty, they will be in a better position to deal with environmental conservation. Meanwhile, those nations that are already industrialized in Europe and North America, are in a much better position to deal with environmental conservation, provided that by doing so they do not bring unnecessary financial hardship on families and lower-income individuals.

In other words, the Catholic approach to environmental conservation is the sane and rational approach.