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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How To Restore Dixie

Southerners march in protest of efforts to remove
the Confederate Battle Flag from public sight.
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Okay, I promise this will be my last post on the South for a while. As I said in a previous entry, the summer is nearly over, the Vatican will soon be making some historic news, and my hillbilly musings will soon come to an end. However, I still have a couple days left in August, and so now, after my explanation of the currently occupied Nation of Dixie, and why the South should be restored to it's rightful place among the nations of the earth, I will give a brief formula for it's peaceful and effective restoration, perhaps within our lifetime. If Southerners will take my words here seriously, and implement them in their lives, I believe such an expectation is realistic. You will notice below that great attention is given to religion and culture. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Dixie cannot be restored, as a people and a nation, until we learn WHO WE ARE. Our identity is not found in NASCAR and BBQ (though these things are important and have their place), but it is found in something much MUCH deeper. The restoration of the South begins in the restoration of ourselves, our families and our communities. Once that happens, the rest will come naturally.

  1. Southerners of all colors and races must commit to Christian charity toward each other, and toward our Yankee neighbors. Jesus Christ would never condone such things as segregation, racial hatred, or dislike of someone just because of their regional origin (i.e. "the North"). That doesn't mean we have to agree with everybody on everything. In fact, we should speak up and disagree when our conscience spurs us to. In doing so however, we should always seek the image of Christ in our fellow man. Remember, every Yankee who killed our ancestors is long dead and buried now. Not a single one of them lives today. The folks in the North today may be their descendants, but they are not the same people. Many of them are God-fearing folks who are just as worried about the trends of America as we are. (Some of them even sympathize with us.) Case in point, my father is descended from Yankees who fought for the North. There is not a drop of Southern blood in him, yet today he will privately and quietly tell you he sympathizes with the Southern cause. "Don't tell your mother," he says to me, "or she'll never let me hear the end of it." (My mother is a Southerner through and through.) So we must not fault the Yankees for the sins of their fathers. Also remember this, the Northern occupation of the South is 99% psychological now. Most Southerners would vote to secede again if they honestly and truly thought they could get away with it, but in the wake of what happened in 1861 - 1865 most Southerners are afraid. That fear is deep, and that fear alone, is the only thing keeping Dixie hostage to the will of the Yankee empire centered in New York City and Washington DC. The way to conquer this mental occupation is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. White Southerners, Black Southerners, and Southerners of different ethnicity, have already made great strides following the insidious institutions of slavery and segregation. Again, we must rely on the teachings of Christ and his apostles to guide us into perfect racial harmony, integrating and assimilating into a fully Christian culture (Christendom) which is based primarily (though not totally) on our Anglo-Celtic (English, Irish & Scottish) heritage. Jesus Christ must be our guide, our light and our path forward. As we have seen from the racial integration failures of the North and West, no other method will do.

  2. Anglo-Celtic Christendom is centered around the dignity of men and respect for women. Women should be honored and made to feel comfortable in the presence of men This is done through men's clothing, gestures and manners of speech that demonstrate women's respectable character, as they are modeled in the image of Mary, the first Christian, and mother of Jesus Christ. Likewise, good Southern women should model themselves after Mary, the first Christian, to the best as possible according to their station in life. Study into the Biblical references of Mary will do much to aid this cause, as well as emulating her humility and manner of dress, as much as can be done with Southern styles.

  3. The cellular building block of Anglo-Celtic Christendom, like any other Christian culture, is the family. The Holy Family (Jesus, Joseph and Mary) should be our guide. They set the standard. They are the example for us all. Southern families should strive to emulate them in everything, studying every word of Scripture written on them. From this, our once great nation will be rebuilt. This is the key to our survival and restoration.

  4. Of all Southern observances, besides Christmas and Easter of course, none should be more revered than St. Andrews Day (November 30). It should be a Southern national holiday, perhaps replacing or combining it with Thanksgiving. In fact, should our independence ever be restored, we should target that date as it's beginning -- a Southern Independence Day! The life and virtues of St. Andrew should be remembered and celebrated. St. Andrew was the brother of St. Peter and the first disciple of Jesus Christ. He was a disciple of John the Baptist initially, and immediately recognized Jesus as the promised Messiah, introducing him to his brother (Peter) as such. As an apostle, he preached the gospel to Asia Minor, Russia and the Ukraine. Tradition states that he was martyred by crucifixion, wherein he was tied to a saltire (X-shaped cross), from which the Confederate battle flag is modeled. It is known as the St. Andrews cross, and it serves as the model for some Southern state flags as well, such as Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. The flag of Scotland follows a similar pattern. Appreciation for the life and virtues of St. Andrew is essential to the life of every Southerner.

  5. The Old South was a land steeped in tradition. This tradition comes from culture, and the word culture is derived from the Latin word cultus, meaning "religion." Religion is essential to the life of every true Southerner. If you're a Southerner who is not involved in a church, than go get involved in one! Lack of religious piety is an insult to our Southern Confederate fathers. During the Antebellum period, most Southerners (such as Jefferson Davis, and Robert E. Lee for example) were Episcopalians, but the Episcopal Church was considerably more conservative back then. The closest thing to that today are the Anglican churches in North America, or else the Anglican ordinariate within the Catholic Church. Of course, if one is already involved in a Baptist or Pentecostal church, there is no need to change churches to get in touch with one's Southern heritage, but it would be wise to incorporate some traditional Christian ceremonial practices into one's personal religious life. Such practices can be found in the Book of Common Prayer and various other Anglican or Celtic Christian family prayerbooks. If one is Catholic and does not prefer the Anglican ordinariate form of worship, than getting in touch with the traditional Latin mass will put one in direct connection to one's Catholic Confederate fathers. For this is the exact same liturgy they used. I cannot stress enough how important this is. In order for traditional Southern culture to reemerge, there must be a restoration of traditional Southern piety first, for culture cannot exist without first having a strong cultus (or religion). Bringing back the South begins first with us at an individual and family level, practicing our religion deeply and personally, but with ceremony and piety. After that, the rest will come naturally in time.

  6. Learn proper Southern English, well, if there really is such a thing. In fact, the South has more than a few dialects, but there are some common rules most of us go by, and a few we don't but probably should. Most of these rules are chronicled in eight easy lessons called "Verbal Independence" hosted by the League of the South website. Yours truly confesses to still be a novice at this. I was raised by a Southern woman in California, so I've got a nasty West Coast accent I haven't totally shaken yet. I'm afraid my spelling and grammar are totally Yankee, but hey, nobody's perfect. You can mash here to learn more about Southron English. Or if you prefer more of a crash course in Southern English, you can get one on the Southern Nationalist Website here.

  7. Celtic music serves as the foundation of all Southern music, from country to bluegrass, from jazz to rock n' roll. Gaining an appreciation for this ancient musical art form will go a long way toward reviving our nation's charm. Of course there are other Southern music styles as well.

  8. Once we have the first seven individual and family basics down, the next step is community centered. I'm talking about celebration of Dixie's culture. There is a tendency among Southerners to focus on the war period. While of course the war plays a huge role in the history of the South, the South was not defined by it. We should seek to look a little further back, into the 1820s through 1850s, to get a sense of what actual Dixie culture was, and it is this that should be expressed in community events, balls, fairs and cultural productions. Every culture has it's own form of traditional dress. Ours is the classical Southern Belle for women, and the complementary Southern Gentleman for men. While these are just costumes to us in modern times, they can and should be used whenever expressing our Southern identity is appropriate, just as we might see in Germany with traditional German attire, or any other nations for that matter. That being said, there is no reason why modern clothes couldn't be designed to reflect these traditional fashions in some small sense. That however, is probably something we should leave up to time and natural progression. When it comes to the issue of confederate flags and symbols, please do use them, but use them tastefully. We are not "redneck rebels." We are a sophisticated Christian people, and this is the image we should convey with our flags and symbols.

  9. Moving on from community, and after this is mastered throughout the Southland, we should move into the realm of politics. It begins with the states of course, and this is where we put the pressure on our STATE politicians, not the federal politicians. You have to understand that the federal government is pretty much worthless to us in achieving our goals. Everything must be done through the states. The pressure we should put on our state representatives is for them to assert our states rights on everything across the board.

  10. Finally, the last move is twofold, it involves both patiently waiting for the federal government to collapse and purposefully propagating our culture not only within the South of Dixie, but exporting it up North and out West. Everything should be done to nurture those small groups that pop up across the North and West, wherein good Christian people not only sympathize with our cause, but seek to emulate the culture of Dixie in their own states, though they are not historically Southern. We should make every effort to export Southern music to Yankeeland, along with out accents, Southern ideals, values, constitutional thinking and religious conviction, most especially our religious morals. This will produce a certain desired effect. It will put Southern sympathizers "behind enemy lines" (so to speak) and simultaneously cause the powers that be in Washington and New York City to want to get rid of us. Our Southern way of life will be obstructing the work of their North American Union (NAU). In the end, they may very well ask us to leave the Union, so they can limit our ability to export our culture to their states, and they can get back to the business of taking over the world. If they don't ask us to leave, than we just wait for the inevitable -- which will be the complete and total collapse of the United States federal government under it's own colossal weight and debt. Then we just pick up the pieces and start over with Dixie. I imagine a lot of pro-Southern good folks up North and out West would like to physically join us here when that happens.

That's it. It's a ten-point plan toward personal, family, community and political independence. I believe it will work, and if executed with care, there will be no need to worry about violent backlash like we had in 1861. This is not 1861. Things are considerably different now. Today, the America Empire is tired and broke. It is saddled with a debt it can never pay and a currency that is nearly worthless. With each passing day it is beginning to look more and more like the defeated Confederacy. It's current trajectory is unsustainable, and every politician in DC knows that, but none are wiling to do anything about it. The collapse is certain, the only unknown is time. We know the imperial republic will soon fall, but what we don't know is exactly when. What does "soon" mean? Is it next year? Is it in five years? Or ten years? We cannot say. What we do know is that this unknown time is a blessing in disguise, because it gives Dixie Southerners the precious time we need to repent, reform and revive our homeland.