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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obama For 2012

Former President Jimmy Carter
The Worst President In Recent Memory
Until Now!
THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT:  Former President Jimmy Carter now has cause to celebrate.  He is no longer the worst president in recent memory.  That distinguished honor is now given to the current occupant of the Whitehouse -- President Barack H. Obama.

The similarities between these two presidents are uncanny.  Both campaigned for their initial election under the mantra of "change."  Both entered the Whitehouse during an energy crisis and recession.  Both made the energy crisis and recession markedly worse.  Both advocated big government spending and growth as the solution to the problem.  Both saw remarkable failures in Middle East policy.  When national problems reached their peak, both men shrugged their shoulders and blamed Americans for the problems.  Neither men were leaders, and both were content to let their advisers shape their policies.

In the end, Jimmy Carter resorted to scare tactics in an attempt to destroy his political opponent (Ronald Reagan), which ultimately failed resulting in Carter's political defeat in 1980.  It is reasonable to expect Barack Obama's reelection campaign to attempt a similar strategy.

If you're a Catholic, it would be nothing short of a sin to vote for Barack Obama's reelection.  Here are the reasons why.  First, Barack Obama supports abortion, and it is a sin for Catholics to vote for politicians who support abortion.  Second, Barack Obama's fiscal policies are hurting the nation's economy and thus bringing harm to the poor families.  The Catholic Church plainly teaches that we must help the poor, and the most effective way to do that is to improve the economy.  Third, like his predecessor, Barack Obama supports preemptive wars against third-world nations.  He has launched bombing campaigns against Libya without congressional approval.  He has continued to keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan despite his previous promises to withdraw from those regions.  His administration has also supported riotous uprisings in Egypt, Yemen, and the other Arab nations via CIA operatives.  The Catholic Church plainly teaches that preemptive warfare does not meet the standards of "Just War" and is therefore sinful.  Good Catholics need to look elsewhere for a candidate to vote for in 2012.