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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Southern National Congress

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT is looking for intelligent and thoughtful feedback. Please take a look at the above video and link. Compare the message of this organization with that of Distributism, Subsidiarity and Chivalry. Post your comments below.

I am not interested in inane comments from pro-federal big-government apologists. I do not want to read ridiculous comments about "racist rednecks" and "backward hillbillies." These types of ad hominems serve no purpose other than to pacify the intolerance of those who post them. They will be deleted and never see the light of day on this blog. I do not allow racist comments on this blog, nor will I allow comments from those who race bait. I personally see no functional difference between a hardened Klansman, and a person who points the finger and cries "racism!" at the mere sight of pride in one's heritage and beliefs. They are both the same in my book -- people of intolerance who are beyond the pale of civil discussion. This will remain a civil discussion about real ideas and possible solutions to real problems. There are no less than half a dozen credible secessionist movements in the United States today. All of them are legitimate in my view, and the Southern secessionist movement is just one of them. They will all be treated equally here in this discussion.

As a practicing traditional Catholic, an American and a Southerner, I believe the empire called the United States of America has gotten too big, and the federal government is now beyond reform. Furthermore, I believe the federal government is controlled entirely by big-business and banking cartels. I do not believe the common people of the United States are represented by the United States government anymore, nor do I believe they have been represented for a very long time. I believe the entire system has become fraudulent and manipulated. I believe the best solution to this problem is to simply allow the inevitable collapse of the United States federal government, and then allow the various regional cultures of the United States to forge their own forms of government and assume their places among the nations of the earth.

In my opinion, the proposals now being put forth for the restoration of the Confederate States of America (Dixie) best reflect our traditional Catholic beliefs and sensibilities. I could be wrong about that, and I admit the possibility of error, but at this juncture I do not see it. So whether you are Catholic or not, I invite your thoughts here, keeping in mind the reasonable limitations I have spelled out above....